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Holiday Headaches.. How far ahead do you book yours??

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Mo2 · 16/02/2004 11:44

DS1 will be starting school in Sept and we've suddenly realised that after this summer we're now destined to fight for the best places in school holidays and pay 3 times as much.

Was further depressed to read a report in the Sunday Times yesterday which said that the best ski chalet holidays for 2005 were already all booked up...

DH and I have always booked things fairly late - we're REALLY going to have to change our style
How far ahead do you book your hols - particularly if you have schoolkids??

OP posts:
Galaxy · 16/02/2004 11:45

message withdrawn

LadyCodworth · 16/02/2004 11:46

a year ahead - much to dhs annoyance.

Hulababy · 16/02/2004 11:48

As a teahcer we always have to go in summer holidays so generally book in the September - December the year before. Some places are more quickly booked than others. . I find thtat the last minute savings for summer holidays are normally rubbish and you can actually get some better savings if you book early instead. You may struggle with free child places though for holidays

This year we are going to Florida - booked in November online; already by then many of the villas ahd gone
Last year went to Italy, booked late September and struggled to get our first choices

Next year mybe off to Australia - not sure when to book for that but no doubt as soon as we are back from Florida.

LadyCodworth · 16/02/2004 11:50

hey Hula do you sense a scrap on this htread???? (watch out Mo as hols are a very heated subject!!)

Mo2 · 16/02/2004 12:07

Oh god - how can holidays be controversial! I'm not planning to take him out of school - that's the whole point!
What have I missed on threads elsewhere?

OP posts:
hmb · 16/02/2004 12:10

Me thinks m'lady is having a bit of fun

But anyhing can get heated on Mumsnet. I'm still shaking from the grapes thread IKYN!

LadyCodworth · 16/02/2004 12:10

no i know you arent but someone wil pipe up about the cost and then we are off!!

hmb · 16/02/2004 12:12

And to answer you thread, if we have a particular holiday in mind we book it in the previous summer. We go to camp sites on the continent with Keycamp/canvas and specific sites can get booked up early especialy if you are a poooooor overworked much put upon teacher who has to take holidays in the school holidays (dons asbestos knickers and makes a run for it )

Beccarollover · 16/02/2004 12:14

I havent been on holiday since I was 15 - me thinks I need to book one

Ailsa · 16/02/2004 12:22

We're going on holiday at the end of July 2004 and booked it april 2003.

Mo2 · 16/02/2004 12:24

OMG - we haven't booked THIS summer's holiday yet!!

OP posts:
Ailsa · 16/02/2004 12:54

family honeymoon Becca?

twiglett · 16/02/2004 12:58

message withdrawn

Slinky · 16/02/2004 13:25

12 months in advance - usually I book the day I come back from holiday

Hulababy · 16/02/2004 14:09

LOL LadtCodworth! I am not saying anything!!!

Crunchie · 16/02/2004 14:13

Hey I'm a last minute booker too!!

Dh's work was all over the place so we never knew when he would have time off. However we are planning a holiday in Whitsun week, but I thibk we will wait to see what weather we will have. If good camping in this country, if bad camping in France! Booked about the Wednesday before we go

stripey · 17/02/2004 10:59

Hulababy, just a quick point to watch out for if you are booking a holiday in Australia next Summer, remember it is winter over there. It depends on which part you are going to of course but Sydney is not pleasant in July/Aug (used to live there). Most likely you'll find it is harder to book around winter there. Of course there are other parts that are more pleasant July/Aug than the would be in the Austrailan Summer.

yamamoto · 19/02/2004 15:25

We run a Cumbrian holiday business, Self catering is full for the school hols, tourers will be full 6 weeks before, tents a bit more weather dependent but whit is always full as is last 2 weeks in July and first two in Aug. Best pitches are let first.

Hulababy · 19/02/2004 17:20

Thanks Stripey but we have no choice but to go in August, their winter. I am teacher and can only get that length of time of then

We are actually going to visit BIL and his girlfriend anyway in Sydney, but will be spending at least 7 days of the holiday somewhere a bit warmer in Oz too. BIL was over there last August (went in April for up to 4 years) and he felt it might be better for DD then too.

DD will still be quite young too - 3 years - so the cooler weather really isn't an issue, infact it is preferable for us than the weather they are having at the moment - nearly 40 today apparantly; PIL are over there at moment and keeping us up to date

Hulababy · 19/02/2004 17:21

Forgot to add - whilst in Sydney we don't need accomodation anyway, and when we got elsewhere BIL will book it for us in Australia as he's found this the cheapest way so far.

CountessDracula · 19/02/2004 17:27

Booked house in S of France for last week July a couple of weeks ago

Bloody BA flights doubled in price in the course of a week grrrrr. So having to go from Stansted which is MILES away!

Thinking about Sept holiday in Minorca/Corsica - dh had the nerve last night to say that he wasn't very enthusiastic about another flop in the sun holiday I mean WHAT is his problem!

What other sort of holiday can you do with a 2 year old ffs? Can't really see her enjoying the Amazonian rainforest or hiking in Himalayas.

Sorry feeling v grumpy about holidays at the mo.

Issymum · 19/02/2004 17:38

Simply can't be bothered to go on holiday. With a one year old, a two year old, a DH in a wheelchair and a large garden, I genuinely think it would be easier to stay at home. DH and I travelled massively in the decade of so before the kids arrived, so we're not missing out.

We're thinking of using the money we saved on paying for a holiday to recruit somebody to come in every day for a week and do some of the chores and cook us an evening meal. Think about it, doesn't relaxing in the garden with a glass of wine while contemplating a clean kitchen, pre-cooked dinner in oven, washing neatly folded and clean bed linen sound much more relaxing than agonising over the choice, booking your fourth choice because nothing else is available, packing enough to support a small invasion of Italy, scrumming down in Stanstead, 'transferring' and arriving only to find that neither child will sleep in an unfamiliar bed and you can't get the bl**dy oven to work.

Failing that, we'll book in at PPH Towers


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Kayleigh · 19/02/2004 19:05

We are going to Menorca in June. I booked beginning of Jan. I find the looking forward is almost the best part of the holiday.
(And ds1 is nearly 6 and we take him out of school with the heads permission)

CountessDracula · 19/02/2004 20:18

What a good idea. May decide on a holiday at home after all!

bossykate · 19/02/2004 22:44

god, issymum, you've been on our post-child holidays! i'm sold on your idea...

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