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codswallop · 01/01/2004 18:46

PIL thinking of going with Kuoni in March

any good tips?(Hotels etc)

OP posts:
sunchowder · 01/01/2004 19:17

Let me go look that up Coddy! Happy New Year to you. How is your DH? Job App?? Everything going well I hope. XX Sunny

CountessDingDongDrac · 01/01/2004 19:18

I'm going in 3 weeks, we stay in an amazing little hideaway in a very quiet village but you can only book direct. Don't know what hotels kuoni offer, have stayed at the Kariwak Village which is v nice but not on a beach, handy for the airport for the first night.

Coco Reef is the posh one prob a bit soulless. Grafton Beach Hotel supposed to be v nice.

What are they into? If golf then there is a hotel with a golf course.

The nastiest hotel I saw was the Arnos Grove, looks lovely in the pics but is dismal and full of twats.

CountessDingDongDrac · 01/01/2004 19:21

Oh and for god's sake don't stay at the Rex, it looks like the south bank complex and is huge!

princessinapeartree · 01/01/2004 19:21

stayed at coco reef - not at all soulless (but not particularly posh) - certainly the nicest in tobago and completely brilliant for kids (very sheltered bay with gently sloping sand, great food, all staff completely kid friendly and lovely etc). I think the Tobago Hilton is the nightmare soulless one. Give me a ring and we shall discuss!

CountessDingDongDrac · 01/01/2004 19:23

Princess it isn't the nicest hotel I promise you!!!

CountessDingDongDrac · 01/01/2004 19:25

My PILs said they found it souless btw, not me, I've not stayed there

princessinapeartree · 01/01/2004 19:35

sorry I meant the nicest that kuoni do.

coco reef would be a complete nightmare if you DIDN'T have children, I'd grant you that! Doesn't have kids clubs or anything but is so kid friendly and overrun with them you'd go mad if you went there without them. Coddy are your PIL taking you lot or going alone?

dingdong, where are you thinking of? That very nice restaurant with rooms (can't remember its name?

codswallop · 01/01/2004 19:36

theya rent quite in your price league guys and are a litttle mistrutful of Jonny foreigner - altho liked antigua last year

OP posts:
codswallop · 01/01/2004 19:37

alone of course!

jhow she wil cope without you know who I dunno....

OP posts:
princessinapeartree · 01/01/2004 19:41

maybe he will be staying in the same hotel at the same time...!
if they liked antigua they should like tobago - people meant to be friendlier and island itself prettier. tobago also generally cheaper than antigua for hotels I think.

codswallop · 01/01/2004 19:44

brother went there pre babies and liked it and they are rather terrified of meeting anyone whose kid isnt privately educated!!!

OP posts:
StressyHead · 01/01/2004 20:06

message withdrawn

princessinapeartree · 01/01/2004 22:13

we were there in 2001 as well... sorry to hear it has gone downhill. heard good things about blue haven as well

StressyHead · 02/01/2004 09:06

message withdrawn

CountessDingDongDrac · 02/01/2004 09:30

There's a company who specialise in Tobago,, they may be a better bet than Kuoni?

StressyHead · 02/01/2004 09:55

message withdrawn

StressyHead · 02/01/2004 09:56

message withdrawn

StressyHead · 02/01/2004 09:56

message withdrawn

prufrock · 02/01/2004 12:24

We stayed at Blue Waters Inn (chose it because of the diving) No facilities (just one TV), no pool but the friendliest people (DH was v. excited to be invited to play football with the man who discovered Dwight Yorke) and the most wonderful location.
It would suit them if they like v. quiet places and birdwatching.
If tehy do go to that end of the island they must go over to Charlottewille and eat at a restuarant called "sharon and somebodies" No menu - you just get asked if you want chicken, meat or fish, but a great place.

Metrobaby · 07/01/2004 16:32

We stayed at the Grafton Beach Hotel and went with Virgin holidays last October. They were fantastic with dd, food was lovely too. The kitchen staff there even used to make dd a hot dinner separately on our request at 6pm! The rooms were fine - basic and clean. I'd definately recommend it. Also if you can get around by car I'd recommend going to Englishman's Bay beach and checking out some of the other beaches around Tobago if you more secluded beaches. Check out for more info.

codswallop · 10/01/2004 18:45

ok so they want all inclusive - too scared to try other food!!

are intereste in turtle cove - tried to warn them off that(beibg very vague as to my source)

or le grand courlan

OP posts:
CountessDracula · 11/01/2004 23:46

No comment Coddy...

Anyone stayed at the Blue Haven since it re-opened?

codswallop · 12/01/2004 11:02

any ideas nt he trpoikist?

OP posts:
helenmh · 12/01/2004 11:15

we are going to tobago in april. we have booked direct with the owners of lodges that look very nice.www.tobago-retreats. the family live in england and have been very helpful. They are quite new but the feedback I have read seems to be very good. They are in castara - a village on the west coast. I would also recommend using the my tobago website- lots of useful info. This will be our first visit so any tips on the island from anyone who has been would be appreciated

StressyHead · 12/01/2004 11:28

message withdrawn

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