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Should I go to Bali?

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Dophus · 04/10/2005 08:01

I have paid a deposit for a two week holiday in Bali at the beginning of December. We were really looking forward to the holiday with our 10 month old son.

Since the bombings at the weekend we can't decide what to do. On the one hand I believe that we shouldn't cancel - the terrorists have won and also that is the worse thing for the Balinese. I also believe that even if there are to be bombings in the future - the chances of them happening whilst we are there, in the town we are in, in the restaurant that we are eating in are still negligable and no higher than in London.

However... if this did happen and something happened to my baby I could never live with myself having exposed him to unnecessary risks (but I do get into a car every day). I also have my Mum on my back that I would even consider still going there.

What would you do?

OP posts:

pindy · 04/10/2005 08:59

I think I would still go - but if you are going to be worried the whole time then it might be best if you cancelled. When do you have to pay the rest? Give the idea a while to sink in about going/not going and take a view in about a weeks time. You may feel completely different.

Hope that helps, but I doubt it - sorry!


Frizbe · 04/10/2005 09:23

Personally I would still go, like you say, the risk is no greater where ever you are in the world these days, Bali is I understand from many friends who have been there, and some who have lived there, a wonderful place, it'd be a shame to miss out on such a fantastic life experience, when you could be hit by a bus tomorrow.


Dophus · 04/10/2005 09:29

If someone else had posted the question I would say - go definitely! If it were just me and DP I would also go without hesitation I just worry about DS. I also don't want to look at everyone with a back pack suspiciously.

The travel operator have said that we can transfer our deposit to another holiday but that we have to do it asap. they are ABTA bonded such that if the FO gives advice not to go we could switch last minute. However if they leave their advice as is (caution) we could not change our minds nearer the time. The Australian FO advises against all but essential travel as it thinks more attacks against tourists are likely.

OP posts:

expatinscotland · 04/10/2005 09:38

If you'd already planned it, by all means go! Don't let these terrorists creeps stop you from enjoying your life to the max!


Mum2girls · 04/10/2005 09:48



Dophus · 04/10/2005 09:48

I know I know I know but.... would you go and take your children?

OP posts:

foxinsocks · 04/10/2005 09:49

what's the foreign office advice?


scaryman · 04/10/2005 09:50

Well I wouldn't go, but I am a complete baby about these things.


hocuspocusdiplodocus · 04/10/2005 09:51

I honestly don't know, Dophus, and I feel funny saying that because normally I'm really gung ho about these things. Sorry, that's no help at all.


oliveoil · 04/10/2005 09:53

I wouldn't go because I would spend the holiday worrying.

(and I didn't like Bali when I went!)

What does your dh think?


Dophus · 04/10/2005 09:53

FO has not changed its advice -


which I think says 'be alert'

The Australian Fo gives much stronger advice against travel to the area:
australian fo

OP posts:

foxinsocks · 04/10/2005 09:55

I would wait and see - there's still loads of time. Can you get your deposit back?


Dophus · 04/10/2005 09:55

Hocu pocus - I'm normally gung ho as well (I have travelled in some dodgy countries at some dodgy time (E turkey,Iran, Pakistan) so it is unusual for me to worry.

OliveOil - DP is less keen on travelling than I am but recognises the whole knocked over by a bus argument.

OP posts:

Dophus · 04/10/2005 10:07

olivoil -

why didn't you like Bali?

OP posts:

oliveoil · 04/10/2005 10:11

Hmmmm. I stayed mainly in Kuta (and travelled about from there as a base) and was harrassed continually by traders and, and I mean continually, on the beach or walking about, it got v tiring. But we were staying in backpacker places so maybe were more of a target.

Beach was ok though but v crowded and touristy.

Where is your accomodation?


Dophus · 04/10/2005 10:12


OP posts:

foxinsocks · 04/10/2005 10:14

is money an issue (re deposit)?

reading those advice links, it seems like Ramadan (coming up) could be a focus for alot of problems.

do you need to make a decision now?


oliveoil · 04/10/2005 10:14

is that right down at the bottom, quite southern? Is it an all inclusive place? I think they have a lot of 5* places round there, not sure.

Don't let me put you off, I think I am in a minority, most people I know loved it there! I had come straight from Thailand and was spoilt I think.


BaronessJewelsofToochester · 04/10/2005 10:16

I wouldn't but then I'm not one for taking risks.


Dophus · 04/10/2005 10:18

Oliveoil - it is on the east coast adjacent to Kuta, north of the 5 * enclave. It is also full of big hotels but not as exclusive of teh bit on the southern peninsula.

we would prfer not to lose our deposit so need to make a decision asap. I will see how long we can out them off for.

OP posts:

Prettybird · 04/10/2005 10:24

We stayed in Sanur Beach Hotel about 11 years ago. It was fantastic - not crowded or backpack-y and we didn't get too hassled. it was before ds - but we would love to go back.

Seriously thought about going there last year when I was exploring options for holidays - and would still consder going there (using the same arguments as you about the realtive risks comapred to eg bus crossing the street).

So if I were you, I would stil go. My gut feel is that because Sanur so much less crowded and touristy, it is less of a target anyway.


hocuspocusdiplodocus · 04/10/2005 11:05

I've been to Bali three times and avoided Kuta each time. I have stayed in Sanur and it's lovely.


Dophus · 04/10/2005 11:08

decisions decisions

OP posts:

suedonim · 04/10/2005 15:53

Dophus, I'd go! We lived in Indonesia at the time of the first (how sad it makes me to have to write that ) Bali bomb and subsequently had two holidays on Bali, in Sanur. Imo, Sanur is a good choice. It's less sterile than the gated hotel enclaves of Nusa Dua but without the raucousness of the 'in yer face-ness' of Kuta. If I'd only been to Kuta, I'd hate it too! Many of the hotels in Sanur are situated right on the beach, with just a footpath between the two, and then the hotel drive leads to the village itself. The village isn't as westernised as Kuta and has what we call 'pokey-roundy' shops and some upmarket ones as well as nice restaurants and a spa. You can also go into other hotels for drinks, snacks etc as you walk along the beach path. You will be approached by people but in Sanur a polite 'No' thank you' is usually enough for them to back off. Cab and minibus drivers will stop as you're walking along to ask if you want to be taken somewhere but either keep walking and ignore them or again say No thanks. Bali is so beautiful and serene, Hindu offerings decorate the place and the people can't do enough for you. Have a wonderful holiday!


Dophus · 05/10/2005 07:49

Thanks Suedonim - that's really helpful.
I think we have decided that we will go assuming that there are no more problems in the meantime. Also assuming thatt he Fo doesn't change its level of advice.

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