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Should I go to Bali?

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Dophus · 04/10/2005 08:01

I have paid a deposit for a two week holiday in Bali at the beginning of December. We were really looking forward to the holiday with our 10 month old son.

Since the bombings at the weekend we can't decide what to do. On the one hand I believe that we shouldn't cancel - the terrorists have won and also that is the worse thing for the Balinese. I also believe that even if there are to be bombings in the future - the chances of them happening whilst we are there, in the town we are in, in the restaurant that we are eating in are still negligable and no higher than in London.

However... if this did happen and something happened to my baby I could never live with myself having exposed him to unnecessary risks (but I do get into a car every day). I also have my Mum on my back that I would even consider still going there.

What would you do?

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suedonim · 05/10/2005 17:26

If you want any more info, Dophus, I'm happy to try and help.

Dophus · 06/10/2005 07:53

Ooooh - help!

We will be travelling with a 10 month old baby. How child-friendly is the the area? Will be able to find highchairs?

We would also prefer not to take baby food with us and encourage DS to eat the local food. Is local hygiene sufficiently good (with the obvious caveats)?

We are also can't decide what to take in the way of baby transpotation. Our options being a big three wheeler, a back pack carrier or a lightweight stroller.

Any advice you can give would be much appreciated.

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