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take off or landing?

38 replies

AlmostAnAngel · 05/09/2005 12:25

which do you prefer?
i hate both! lol but with landing at least your closer to being back on terra firma!

OP posts:
RTKangaMummy · 05/09/2005 12:27

love both but the take off is deffo brill, as it gets faster and faster then lifts up

AlmostAnAngel · 05/09/2005 12:29

hmmmmm i agree its fun that power surge bit but ..oh dear everytime we took off i burst into tears [quietly] and the first landing i wanted to clap [ didnt though]

OP posts:
RTKangaMummy · 05/09/2005 12:31

oh dear

I love flying

AlmostAnAngel · 05/09/2005 12:38

hated it ! but worth it ,,really was worth it

OP posts:
RTKangaMummy · 05/09/2005 12:40

are you going to show us some piccys

handlemecarefully · 05/09/2005 12:44

loathe flying. Landing is better as it denotes the end of godforsaken flying experience for a while.

bettythebuilder · 05/09/2005 13:04

And once you have landed why does everyone take seatbelts off straight away and then stand up in the aisle for 10 minutes with their heads squashed against the overhead lockers?

AlmostAnAngel · 05/09/2005 14:40

lol agree with you both..............and why do they say the seatbelt sign is now off but please keep your seatbelt on whilst seated?

OP posts:
AlmostAnAngel · 05/09/2005 14:41

am still laughing at thought of myself clapping whistling and screaming when landing[well in head any way!]

OP posts:
AlmostAnAngel · 05/09/2005 14:42

rt will do when dh gets home need to resize pics

OP posts:
ediemay · 05/09/2005 14:43

like the feeling of the engines slamming into reverse for landing

flamesparrow · 05/09/2005 14:44

I hate both with a passion - to the extent of having got off the last plane, telling DH that we are only going on car holidays in future.

BUT... prefer take off, my ears don't hurt half as much on take off, so its only nerves. Landing leaves me as a sobbing, rocking wreck.

Can anyone tell me... why do the window cover thingies need to be open to land? Is there a reason, or just so the plane looks pretty to the watching people?

NotQuiteCockney · 05/09/2005 14:44

They do sometimes have accidents while taxi-ing.

My current bugbear is, why, before boarding, does everyone have to crowd around the desk? On our last flight home, the airline staff told them to go away and leave room for people to get through, and they still just stood there.

I mean, if you need preboarding (we were travelling with a nearly-1 and a nearly-4), you're going to be having a hard time getting about the airport in general, never mind wiggling your way through crowds of morons!

(And it was a flight with assigned seating. Do people think they'll get home quicker if they get on the plane before everyone else?)

AlmostAnAngel · 05/09/2005 14:44

how about the drop down bit like stairs when landing ?

OP posts:
AlmostAnAngel · 05/09/2005 14:46

flamesparrow! the window blinds being open are so people can see your face squashed up against the window sobbing lol! i cried every take off!

OP posts:
PrettyCandles · 05/09/2005 14:46

I was on a flight once that was hit by lightning as we made our landing approach. Very weird, especially as I was looking out of the window at exactly the right moment, and actually saw the lightning hit the wing. When the wheels touched ground the whole plane burst into handclapping applause.

I like both take-off and landing it means I'm on holiday .

NotQuiteCockney · 05/09/2005 14:47

Oh, and I like take-off and landing both ... I just hate any time spent in an airport.

flamesparrow · 05/09/2005 14:47

I was thinking it was so the sadistic hostesses could see people getting more hysterical as they are forced to see the earth speeding towards em!

I wanted to block it out and pretend it wasn't happening

AlmostAnAngel · 05/09/2005 14:49

ooh customs really make you feel guilty dont they lol .my dh got picked on everytime! hay and why if you make the machine bells ring to they do you with the handheld thing and still let you though when it beeps!

OP posts:
AlmostAnAngel · 05/09/2005 14:50

also ,why why why would you choose to do that for a job??......we got the hostess from hell! on the way back she was tea ,coffee...face would break if she smiled ........and dont get me started on the long haul picnic!! [ba strike]packed lunch!

OP posts:
NotQuiteCockney · 05/09/2005 15:01

They do you with the handheld thing to work out why the first machine is bleeping. If they can see what's setting it off (e.g. belt buckle), then all is fine.

gingerbear · 05/09/2005 15:13

AAA after many hours flying, grubby, stinky, tired, at customs desk in Perth, a wet nose up my bum and a very dry 'Welcome to Australia' in thick Aussie accent. Turned round to see uniformed officer with labrador sniffer dog wagging tail and the whole queue in uproar!

NotQuiteCockney · 05/09/2005 15:18

Oh, we had a very good experience with Immigration, our last trip. We arrived in Canada with two very sleepy upset kids, loads of carry-on. We were each carrying a kid and hauling loads of stuff (no pram of course). So an immigration guy spotted us in the queue, and pulled us out into a special queue, and we got straight through.

I would be surprised if anyone ahead of us minded actually, the horror of the queue wasn't much improved by two miserable kids.

swedishmum · 05/09/2005 21:54

I'm terrified of flying even though I do it on a regular basis. I always try to act grown up in front of the kids though.
I do love travelling and somehow forget about how much I hate flying till I'm actually on the plane!

bettythebuilder · 05/09/2005 22:29

This won't help any nervous flyers out there, but the window blinds are kept open for landing so that the cabin crew or able bodied passengers can see if there is anything dangerous outside the aircraft that might affect an evacuation on landing.

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