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foot problem, please can anyone help!

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fairycakes · 19/03/2005 13:55

please can anyone give me any advice about this?

i had a spot in the middle of the sole of my foot a few days ago that was really itchy, it then got bigger and at first i thought t was a blister, but then by kast night it was very hard and didnt really look like a blister anymore, its about the size of a smartie is hard and got a slight green tinge to it (yuk, sorry!)

i thought it was a veruca (but never had one before so dont know why i thought that) and i have put first of all some bazucca on it and then this morning dh got me some scholl veruca removal system which is like a pad that you put over it.

the thing is it really hurts, and has done all day constantly, not just when i walk on it, its stinging and my foot has really swollen and i cant actaully walk.

does this sound like a verucca? should i take the pad thing off? what should i do!! sorry please help!!

thanks! xx

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fairycakes · 19/03/2005 14:13


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Newbarnsleygirl · 19/03/2005 14:15

It could be Athletes foot.

Theres loads of treatments you can buy over the counter for it but I would go to your gp and get something prescribed for it.

Have you been swimming recently, worn new shoes?

Pinotmum · 19/03/2005 14:24

Could some insect have bitten you and with all the scratching it's become a bit infected?

fairycakes · 19/03/2005 14:24

no to both those questions!! isnt atheletes foot flaky and white? do you think i should be concerned about my foot swelling? thanks x

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fairycakes · 19/03/2005 14:28

i dont think its an insect bite either, i just looked on the nhs website and apparently veruccas dont stick out of the surface of your foot, they go in, so i dont think it can be a verucca.

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Pinotmum · 19/03/2005 14:28

Is your foot hot to the touch?

Newbarnsleygirl · 19/03/2005 14:29

If your foot is swelling then it could be a bite like Pintomum said.

I thought you could get different types of athletes foot because it's a fungus? I'm not 100% though.

Get it checked out, especially if it's painful and swelling.

Newbarnsleygirl · 19/03/2005 14:29

No verrucas are normally quite small and have little black bits on the head of it.

fairycakes · 19/03/2005 14:31

no its not hot to touch

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fairycakes · 19/03/2005 14:32

because its not a verucca, do you think i shoud take this pad off it as that could be making it worse?

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Pinotmum · 19/03/2005 14:32

If it could be a bite I'd get some antihistimine tablets and see if the swelling goes down. I was bitten by a horse fly once and had to go to A&E as my ankle was so swollen. They just prescribed antibiotices and antihistimine - felt a bit of a fool afterwards as it wasn't life and death but frightening at the time

Newbarnsleygirl · 19/03/2005 14:33

Yeah I would. Soak your foot in some salt water.

Pinotmum · 19/03/2005 14:33

Yes take the pad off.

fairycakes · 19/03/2005 14:36

yeah think i will soak it. just taken the pad off, cant really see what the thing looks like becaus ethe stupid bazucca stuff is still on it, do you know how to get it off? it goes white like tipex when you put it on, to form a shell arouns it

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Pinotmum · 19/03/2005 14:37

Can you peel it off?

Newbarnsleygirl · 19/03/2005 14:40

I think your supposed to rub at it with a pumice or something similar if it's a verucca but I wouldn't do that just pick it off.

fairycakes · 19/03/2005 14:40

no, its really strange, the area around it is really sore as well so i dont want to be too rough, but i actually got some of the bazucca on my leg when i was putting it on and i have been tying to scratch that off and it wont come off.

why do these things always happen at the weekdn when you cant see the doctor!!

thanks for replying to this thread both of you xx

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Newbarnsleygirl · 19/03/2005 14:42

No probs.

Hope it gets better.

fairycakes · 19/03/2005 14:43

thanks, so do i! i started a new job on wednesday so the last thing i need to do is call in sick, but if i cant walk/fit my shoe on i will have to!! still tryingto work out how i am going to carry dd upstairs tonight to put her to bed (dh works nights and got no one to help!!)

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Pinotmum · 19/03/2005 14:43

Let us know how what is was when you eventually find out

fairycakes · 19/03/2005 14:44

i will do, i will post it on monday as i will go to the doctors if i can get an appointment! that is unless my foot drops off by then!! thank s xx

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tiny01 · 20/03/2005 08:16

hi fairycakes, I use to be a beauty therapist so I am used to seeing all sorts on feet. I dont think its a verrucca as they normally start off small and not painful with black seeds in it and the skin is normally paler around it. I dont think it normal fungus as this normally covers more than just one spot and wouldnt make your foot swell I think. I think it is either a bite or something you may have stepped on that is infected especially as the skin is sore and pink around it and has a green tinge.n Have you tried to soak it and maybe lance the spot or is it too painful, as this may relieve the pressure if its infected. Anti-histamine is good idea too. If you soak it in heavily salted water and then pierce it with a sterlised needle you might get some pus out but be very careful. I did this with my mother in law on holidays when she had a bite on her leg and it worked. Although I am not a professional so its just a idea. Good luck. Also some painkillers.

bathmummy · 20/03/2005 08:24

Fairy cakes, you don?t think you may have stood on something do you? I stood on a drawing pin in my first year teaching and had taken my shoes off to climb up on a table to do a display. It went from a small spot, got infected, hard lump then got bigger like a small penny and more painful, I went to GP for it cleaned and ended up having a couple of days off work and a dose of antibiotics as by then my whole foot was very sore and puffy, couldn?t walk properly. Got ribbed at work for ages about that one!

I reckon you should get a GP to look at it, esp if you are having trouble walking on it. The longer you leave a possible infection, the worse it could get.

fairycakes · 20/03/2005 10:38

i cant think that i have stood on something or been bitten, but at the moment it seems that those could be likely! its still painful today, and so i am going o ring the gp first thing in the morning for an appointment. its really stinging!

too much of a coward to pierce it myself i think!! xx

OP posts:
KathH · 20/03/2005 10:43

my mum had a swelling on her foot called a ganglion or something - dont know if it was green tho - i know when we went to spain it had a nice little suntan of its own!

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