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foot problem, please can anyone help!

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fairycakes · 19/03/2005 13:55

please can anyone give me any advice about this?

i had a spot in the middle of the sole of my foot a few days ago that was really itchy, it then got bigger and at first i thought t was a blister, but then by kast night it was very hard and didnt really look like a blister anymore, its about the size of a smartie is hard and got a slight green tinge to it (yuk, sorry!)

i thought it was a veruca (but never had one before so dont know why i thought that) and i have put first of all some bazucca on it and then this morning dh got me some scholl veruca removal system which is like a pad that you put over it.

the thing is it really hurts, and has done all day constantly, not just when i walk on it, its stinging and my foot has really swollen and i cant actaully walk.

does this sound like a verucca? should i take the pad thing off? what should i do!! sorry please help!!

thanks! xx

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fairycakes · 20/03/2005 10:49


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tiny01 · 20/03/2005 18:50

A ganglion is a lump of grizzle that grows over time, its not an infection and the only way to get rid of it it an opperation to cut it out if its bad enough although it sometime goes up and down depending shoes or movement. You can get it on the top of your wrist as well. I have one on my foot and beautiful pointy boots are a killer.

fairycakes · 21/03/2005 10:41

right well, just been to the doctors! it was nothing exciting - it turned out to be a blister that has become badly infected! i am surprised though as like i said it started off as a small spot, nothing like any blister i have seen before!

the doctor lanced it and got all the pus (yuk!) out then gave me some antibiotics and a sick not for a week off work! but as long as i can stand by tomorrow i will be going in to work as i start a new job this week and it involves standing up - but i can hardly ring in sick, how nad would that look?!

anyway thanks for all your advice on the matter!!

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