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ds2 crying after pooing

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codswallop · 22/11/2004 14:37

hold on this was mine!

OP posts:
codswallop · 22/11/2004 18:44

ds2 says his bum is itchy and cries after he poos
y could it be the dreaded thread worms?

OP posts:
codswallop · 22/11/2004 18:46

hold on hva read the nhs link and he isnt itching ti at all apart form moaning its tichy after pooing

OP posts:
Wallace · 22/11/2004 19:18

anal fissure??? or something like that? how oold is he?

codswallop · 22/11/2004 19:22

4, whats an anal fissure?

OP posts:
daisy50 · 22/11/2004 19:25

Is he constipated? If he is having hard stools could be hurting his bottom.

codswallop · 22/11/2004 19:26

well no thery are soemtimes
ti s after he moans really about 5 mins after

OP posts:
Wallace · 22/11/2004 19:27

where their bum has torn a bit when they are a bit constipated (i think the correct term is anal fissure), and then every time he poos it would stretch it, and it might hurt a bit...
come on -you know i am crap at explaining things...I'll see if i can finf a link

codswallop · 22/11/2004 19:28

are you crap at it?! hadnt noticed

thanst a good idea though

OP posts:
gingernut · 22/11/2004 19:32

Anal fissure sounds quite likely to hurts when you poo and itches afterwards. You need to make sure his poo is soft. May be worth trying to lubricate before a poo (e.g. with vaseline). I'd probably take him to the docs to see if it is a fissure, and they may give you a local anaesthetic cream to apply just before a poo.

gingernut · 22/11/2004 19:33

and here is a link to a factsheet.

Wallace · 22/11/2004 19:37

Was that a sarcastic hadn't noticed ;) But honestly when I am trying to describe something in a post, I always wish I could just draw a quick diagram. That would make it so much easier to get across what I am trying to say.
Anyway gingernut has said what I needed to say...

gingernut · 22/11/2004 19:40

It did make me lol wallace.

I know about this subject from personal experience unfortunately .

codswallop · 22/11/2004 19:40

no it wasnt
(i wa s accused fo ebing sarky somwhere else too about the sn cinema thing!)
thanks all of you really heloful

OP posts:
codswallop · 22/11/2004 19:41

so trip to docs then?

OP posts:
gingernut · 22/11/2004 19:52

Well, it depends how distressed he is I suppose. How long has it been going on? Are his poos soft? If not, you might need to get him some lactulose in which case you might as well go to GP for prescription (although you can buy it OTC). Personally I'd go as I know a fissure can be extremely painful and at least you'd know if it was a fissure or something else.

Wallace · 22/11/2004 20:00

maybe leave it a couple of days to see if he stops complaining, and if not, off to the docs. Meanwhile feed him lots of grapes and kiwi fruit

What happened to my italics?

motherinferior · 22/11/2004 20:01

Ooooh, poor little love. Hurty bottoms are horrid.

codswallop · 22/11/2004 20:25

he cried out the ohter evening that his bum hurt as he was going to bed.
woudl it hurt i f he farted?

OP posts:
gingernut · 22/11/2004 20:32

It might do. Pain on pooing is described as being like having cut glass pressed into you. I can't confirm this because I've never had cut glass pressed into me! But at its worst it is excruciating....usually it's not that bad though, I am sure he would be really screaming if it was as bad as it was for me at its worst (in fact, he would choose to hold his poo in if really bad). But if only a small tear, probably not that painful and worth trying to get it healed up quickly.

codswallop · 22/11/2004 20:33

I know.. had piles

OP posts:
codswallop · 22/11/2004 20:33

thought it was s like shitting drawing pins

OP posts:
codswallop · 22/11/2004 20:34

he was hwoling after wards and when I wipe it

OP posts:
gingernut · 22/11/2004 20:34
codswallop · 22/11/2004 20:36

more like < insert wah wah wha . emoticon>

OP posts:
gingernut · 22/11/2004 20:36

oh yes, wiping hurts.

Try cleaning with water...gets it clean better and won't hurt like wiping. Can be sore if you use Kandoo or similar.

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