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ds2 crying after pooing

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codswallop · 22/11/2004 14:37

hold on this was mine!

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mummytummy · 22/11/2004 20:39

My DD1 (age 2.7) has this at the moment, its been going on for over a week now. We have been prescribed a medicine called Docusol, but it really hasn't helped much. We've had to put her back in nappies, because she is getting hysterical whenever she needs to poo, and we thought this might comfort her a little bit. Its like she's giving birth every time she poos, poor little mite [sad. Am going to ring the GP again tomorrow and see if we can have something else. Doesn't help that she's hardly drinking anything at the mo.

codswallop · 23/11/2004 13:01

I have mad an apptointment fro thursday
thank you all

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codswallop · 25/11/2004 19:33

well we have htreadworm medicine!

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gingernut · 25/11/2004 19:37

Oh dear. Glad you got something out of docs at least.

Read that as threadworm `machine' at first. So used to seeing typos in your posts, just kind of assumed there would be one I suppose .

codswallop · 25/11/2004 19:39

yes and ds3 had not only a chest infec but also an ear one
we go for glory here!

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codswallop · 25/11/2004 20:30

uiuuuuuuuuuuuuuuur have jsut been up and looked att he threadworms with a torch] digusting

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