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came home now i feel really dizzy

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nikcola · 13/10/2004 18:09

came home from today bout 1 and i fell asleep for about half hour ever since i woke up i feel very dizy i cant even see straight if i bend down i feel like im going to fait anyone one whats up with me x

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Yorkiegirl · 13/10/2004 18:10

Message withdrawn

Branster · 13/10/2004 18:10

have you eaten aything today?

MummyToSteven · 13/10/2004 18:10

god nik what a nightmare. honestly dunno. have you got a headache - sounds a bit like the start of a migraine? or could just be some weird virus but best to get it checked out. i would give NHS Direct a call and see what they advise

Branster · 13/10/2004 18:11


nikcola · 13/10/2004 18:11

i had lunch at 1.30 a jacket potato

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MummyToSteven · 13/10/2004 18:11

or just possibly a touch of anaemia? your GP can do a blood test for that.

nikcola · 13/10/2004 18:12

i hate my gp he allways thinks im liying ill try and go and see him tomorw,

i need to study but i cant

OP posts:
MummyToSteven · 13/10/2004 18:13

is there another one you can see at the practice - if you don't want to say you don't like him you can just pretend you would really prefer a woman doctor? could you change practice?

jampot · 13/10/2004 18:14

do you have earache or a head cold nikcola? as the balance mechanism is in your ears and can make you feel dizzy/off balance. Check your pulse rate too - if its steady and strong then chances are its just your ears playing up (which is a bit of a pig but at least you should be okay). Also don't move from one position to another - either stay upright or stay lying down. The fluid in your ears normally is balanced and so if you lie down both ears' fluid are balanced, if one ear is out then one lot of nerves sends a message to your brain to say your upright and the other sends a message to your brain to say you're lying down. Hence it all gets jumbled. HRH

jampot · 13/10/2004 18:14


expatkat · 13/10/2004 18:14

Nikcola, a long time ago you posted about having to wee constantly. Then I was off mumsnet for a few months and didn't get the follow up. Did you see your gp about the possibilitiy of diabetes? Or has that whole thing cleared up?

Otherwise, it could be a bit of vertigo--a littlel virus, or perhaps one of your ears is a bit blocked. Has happened to me on occasion. Dh, too. Probably nothing serious, but if it persists, do get it checked out! (Also pls let me know what happened with the wee thing, too.)

bundle · 13/10/2004 18:16

have a little something to eat/drink

nikcola · 13/10/2004 18:22

oh the wee thing that cleared up allthought im still dinking like a fish,

it is worse when i move wich is a pain cause ive got so much to do, my pulse is fine i think (im no nurse yet )!!!! but i do feel very hot and thirsty

OP posts:
nikcola · 13/10/2004 18:23

i just had a bannana and im going to make a cup of tea npw im not a hypocndriact honestly

OP posts:
jampot · 13/10/2004 18:29

are you stressed about anything nikcola?

bundle · 13/10/2004 18:29

did you get tested for diabetes?

nikcola · 13/10/2004 18:33

no no more stressed than usual !
no ive only been tested for diabities when i was pg three years ago, i feel funny about going to the docs and asking him to test me for diabities allthough he should cause i drink like a fish

OP posts:
efmach · 13/10/2004 18:38

I had something similiar. It might be labyrinthitis. A viral infection that affects your inner ear. Loss of balance, dizziness and nausea are the main symptoms.

bundle · 13/10/2004 18:38

get it done nik, then you won't have worries at the back of your mind, after all it's only weeing on a stick

nikcola · 13/10/2004 18:45

ok, god i hate the doctors really bloody haTE IT

OP posts:
bundle · 13/10/2004 18:48

mind over matter,nik, just think of something nice while you're there..alternatively just write things down so you don't forget them and remember they're only allocated 7 mins per consultation, so it's not going to go on for that long.

bundle · 13/10/2004 18:50

(sounding like your mother, i've just realised!)

nikcola · 13/10/2004 19:03

i no , if dd is ill i go in there and refuse to leave till they have sorted her out but when it comes to me i allways think im waisting there time

OP posts:
expatkat · 14/10/2004 00:16

Nikcola, I remember now. . .it was that you were always thirsty.

GO TO THE GP. The GP might even be impressed with you, because it's rather clever to say, "I'm always thirsty and sometimes I feel a bit dizzy. . .do you think it's worth checking for diabetes?" YOU ARE NOT WASTING HIS TIME.

And won't it be a relief to find out nothing's wrong?

I am going to annoy you until you say you've gone to the gp!

By the way, if you don't like your gp practice, switch!!! ( If you can, that is.) I've done it and we're SO much better off.

nikcola · 14/10/2004 11:24

ive got an appointment for tomorow thank you xxx

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