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came home now i feel really dizzy

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nikcola · 13/10/2004 18:09

came home from today bout 1 and i fell asleep for about half hour ever since i woke up i feel very dizy i cant even see straight if i bend down i feel like im going to fait anyone one whats up with me x

OP posts:
motherinferior · 14/10/2004 11:57

Diabetes might explain the weight gain too, babe. Good luck!

bundle · 19/10/2004 15:50

nickola, did you go?

JuniperDewdrop · 19/10/2004 16:37

How are you nikcola? I've had dizziness for a couple of weeks but I think it's sinusitis? I've had anti bs for it and today hasn't been so bad. There's a bug going round here that seems to be affecting peoples ears and sinuses. Lots of adults are getting ear infections.

Hope it goes ok at the docs for you and don't feel silly asking about diabetes, you need to look after yourself.

Cll · 19/10/2004 17:00

Just reading this cos I've been dizzy for the past few days too - just feel really dizzy and a bit sick, but not in a I'm going to be sick way. If I wasn't using a coil and hadn't had a period v recently I'd say I was pregnant - that kind of sick. I also pee about three times a night but I've always done that. I was thinking of getting checked for anaemia - maybe thyroid, hadn't thought about diabetes. Interested that it could also be a virus......Know what you mean tho nikcola , it's a bit scary

JuniperDewdrop · 19/10/2004 17:33

Cll I'd definitely get checked out, especially re weeing through the night so much. How long has that been going on for? Do you feel really tired?

nikcola · 19/10/2004 17:54

dont shout at me but i dodnt go i feel silly i will go soon thougb cause i feel so rough and am allways hungry im putting on too much weight and i hate it

OP posts:
motherinferior · 19/10/2004 18:49

Sweetie, I'm not shouting but I am TELLING you to go. In stern Mummy mode. It is horrid, but please do, please.

nikcola · 19/10/2004 21:43

i will i promise i think im going to change gp,s too xx

OP posts:
bundle · 20/10/2004 10:40

she's right nickola, GO! or there'll be lots of mummies raising their voices at you on here...(in a friendly way )

JuniperDewdrop · 20/10/2004 13:30

Have you made that appointment yet? Can't you see another GP at your surgery? What about a lady doc?

nikcola · 20/10/2004 21:27

no i havent yet but will do i feel like shit and its really doing my head in xxx

OP posts:
Branster · 20/10/2004 21:29

can you be pregnant?

kalex · 20/10/2004 21:32

FORS GODS SAKE I hope U r not pregnant. BUT please please please go get this checked out, Nikola, Please do this

nikcola · 20/10/2004 21:39

no im not pregnant no way xxx

OP posts:
nikcola · 20/10/2004 21:41

i just feel realy tired(and thats prob from college) and im tirsty all the time and hubgry and very faint somtimes i will go tomorow though after ive been to the libary i will go to the docs

OP posts:
sassy · 21/10/2004 07:34

Nik, just thought, if your college has a medical centre why not join there? They'll be used to young people and their problems (much more so than a normal GP who spends most of their time with elderly patients) and will prob be a lot friendlier, so you'll feel better about going.

Cll · 22/10/2004 20:09

JD I've been tired all my life - it's something of a family joke and have v low blood pressure - dh says I'm practically dead - in a nice sort of way....... Have also always weed thro night but my mum did same so thought it was genetic. Might go for an MOT tho - thanks for your concern.

fionagib · 24/10/2004 18:46

Nikcola, I've been feeling really dizzy too & fainted recently, doc did blood test and says it's a vit b12 deficiency which can also cause dihorrea (spelling???!), have just started a thread asking for advice on best vit supplements to take, and also any tips on diet - do you think you might have a similar deficiency?

bundle · 26/10/2004 11:32

Nickola, how did the appointment go??

nikcola · 26/10/2004 11:35

err il tell you after ive been

OP posts:
KateandtheGirls · 26/10/2004 11:45

Nikcols, you come here telling us your symptoms. When everyone very wisely says you should go see your doctor you don't go. Why are you asking for advice if you're not going to take it?

nikcola · 26/10/2004 11:46

dd has been ill , i have just made an appointment for tomoow morning at 10 am sorry i have a fear of doctors

OP posts:
bundle · 26/10/2004 12:20

nickola, dd2 has been ill too and I caught the nasty virus she had but you do need to look after yourself too, i was feeling like s**t until i managed to get some sleep myself (she was waking up 4 times a night & distraught with a hi temp, so I was more worried about her than me, but the little ones need us mummies to be healthy too )

nikcola · 26/10/2004 12:26

i will let you no what he said tomoorw but i bet its nothing xx

OP posts:
bundle · 26/10/2004 12:49

hope so, x

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