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white spots on lips

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prefernot · 26/09/2004 20:49

Dd, almost 2, has been a bit run down and lethargic lately though has been getting over a cold and cough. Today I noticed a white spot / ulcer (?) on the crease at the corner of her mouth but didn't think any more of it until tonight when I was brushing her teeth and noticed they have spread over her top and bottom lips. They are quite small (except for the one in the corner which is bigger) and don't look red round the edges like ulcers. They're very white and slightly raised. She's got no fever but is off her food, seems to have a bit of diarrhea and as I said seems a bit lethargic, a bit clingy and very easily frustrated.

Any ideas?

OP posts:
EvesMama · 26/09/2004 20:51

prefernot, id ring nhs direct, at first thought maybe coldsaws?? but maybe a reaction to something? something she's eat or put to her face recently?

childmindersam · 26/09/2004 20:51

go to NHS DIRECT web site. follow body key and ansa questions then it will tell you whether to ring doc or not

prefernot · 26/09/2004 21:01

Thanks. EvesMama (does that mean you've got an Eve? I've got an Eva ) I don't think they're coldsores and they don't look like allergic spots as she's had those before.

childmindersam, I'll do that, thanks.

OP posts:
childmindersam · 26/09/2004 21:05

Gald to help, nhs direct web site is always my first port of call even with a cold!

EvesMama · 26/09/2004 21:05

yes, she's a little Eve, priest performing christening wasnt happy, kept asking me if i was sure as Eve (not mine!)was first woman to comit sin!! hope you get some joy with nhs direct, let me know

cab · 26/09/2004 21:06

Could try googling hand foot and mouth disease - don't want to worry you - and it's not as bad as the name suggests if that is it??

cab · 26/09/2004 21:12

Just googled it myself and looks like should be red round about - so ignore last post please. Sorry.

prefernot · 26/09/2004 21:41

Thanks cab, she's had hand, foot and mouth before so I know what that looks like and in fact the spots on her lips do look a bit like it though there's nothing on her hands and feet and I think they can only get it once?

I tried NHSdirect but didn't find anything except that it might be cold sores though it doesn't really look like that to me.

OP posts:
EvesMama · 26/09/2004 21:45

i'd take her to gp tomorrow, they cant diagnose something like that when they cant actually see it can they? they just to check it out especially as off her food. she hasnt got them anywhere else has she?

childmindersam · 26/09/2004 21:46

i agree with evesmama!
take her to gp first thing just to be sure!

prefernot · 26/09/2004 21:55

EvesMum, she's got one on her cheek, I noticed it as soon as she got up this morning. It may be a sign that she's generally run down do you think? As she's just had a cold and cough and seems tired and off her food? I looked over her body in the bath and couldn't see them anywhere else as they vaguely looked like chickenpox spots to me but I'd be surprised if she only really had them on her lips, plus she doesn't have a fever. She's not herself though, very low key and kind of introverted with no energy.

OP posts:
prefernot · 26/09/2004 21:56

Sorry, got your name wrong Evesmama. How old is your Eve by the way?

I think I'll get dp to take her to the GP in the morning if she's still unwell as I'm working tomorrow and he's on duty.

OP posts:
EvesMama · 26/09/2004 22:07

i thought chicken pox too but if only really on face??, coldsaws in adults are a sign of being run down so this might be your dd toddler version?
poor lamb, let me know how she is tomorrow and what doc says. take care

TraceyP · 26/09/2004 22:09

Could it be molluscum? They are often white.

prefernot · 26/09/2004 22:16

I don't know. What are they?
Am going to bed now but will check again in the morning. Thanks for all your help everyone .

OP posts:
EvesMama · 26/09/2004 22:22

im off too, hope everything clears up.

night all!

prefernot · 27/09/2004 09:58

I'm back after a pretty lousy night and no appointments (even emergency ones) at GP so going to have to do a bit of research myself into this. This morning dd's 'spots' don't seem worse but neither are they better and she's had a restless sleep and is exhausted again this morning.

Anyone know what these molluscum things are that Tracy mentioned?

OP posts:
littlemissbossy · 27/09/2004 10:02

you could look at the nhs direct website for info on molluscum, which is a viral skin infection that clears up after a few months, sorry can't do links but copy and paste this for further info:
HTH and she feels better soon.

berries · 27/09/2004 10:08

In young children coldsores can often first present inside the mouth. I had this with my dd2. I would check it out with the gp bacause I can't remember what we had to do for dd. They don't last as long as in adults though (luckily). You may find she only wants soft food while there still there though - poor thing.

doziduck · 27/09/2004 10:28

it's not thrush is it? just a suggesetion

prefernot · 27/09/2004 11:23

I don't know doziduck. We both had that when she was tiny and I remember her tongue looking very white which it doesn't now.

I guess I'm going to have to fight for a GP appointment. It's such a pain as they're booked up until the end of the week and I can only phone for emergency appointments first thing in the morning for the whole day and I'm not sure dd is an emergency with this. I'm sure I don't remember getting GP appointments as being as hard as this when I was younger ...

OP posts:
EvesMama · 27/09/2004 22:16

hows you're DD? did you kick the gp surgery into touch?

prefernot · 28/09/2004 22:23

Thanks to everyone who responded to this one I thought I'd post a conclusion in case anyone else comes across this problem.

So, I took dd to the GP this morning, begged for an emergency appointment as yesterday she really wasn't well and had an awful night last night. It turns out that she has something called gingivitis stomatitis which is a 'rare' condition and can be very nasty. She's been given a very strong medication to take for 5 days. Since I wrote yesterday the 'blisters' started to open and are quite raw and sore and she can barely eat or drink anything. She's a very sorry little soul. The GP said it also gives them a continual low-grade fever which explains her lethargy and crankiness.

Here's hoping she gets better soon .

OP posts:
prefernot · 28/09/2004 22:25

Also meant to say to anyone who comes across the same problem to take it seriously as it can spread down their oesophagus and into the stomach and result in hospitalisation. So I'm really glad I took her when I did, the medication's supposed to make a big difference within 36 hours.

OP posts:
goosey · 28/09/2004 22:29

Oh prefernot I do sympathise with poor dd. My ds was the same age when he got gingivastomatitis and he suffered dreadfully too. It really is horrid isn't it. Lots of calpol and mummy cuddles needed. take care.

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