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Want to quit smoking - HELP!

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minkmama · 15/07/2004 14:13

Hi guys,

Need moral support - am trying to quit (again)! Managed really well before, I stopped when trying to conceive DS1 who is now 20mths. Now I've got DS2, I've fallen into the trap of stress relief and 'nostalgia'. Have bought lozenges and used those tablets before which they don't seem to sell anymore Also used good old Allen Carr and it's all still in my head, but nothing is working!!

Only smoking 5 a day at most so it's even harder...

OP posts:
DelGirl · 15/07/2004 14:17

Are you able to have an Allen Carr session. I gave up 4 years ago after having just one session. Unfortunately put on weight which i've not managed to shift yet but it has to be better than vile, smelly, bad for your health smoking. Remember there is not one good reason for smoking and it doesn't relieve stress and tension, it adds to it. It is the nicotine craving that causes the stress, remember that. Just repeat, you can do it, you can do it! (after all that, I still crave now and again but after what it did to my late husband, I will never smoke again) Best of luck

DelGirl · 15/07/2004 14:20

Sorry, I sound awful in that last post. Believe my I have every sympathy for you. I found giving up quite easy because I was hoping (still am) to have a child and that was my main reason for giving up. Try and apply the same reasoning to yourself as you did for your DD.

minkmama · 15/07/2004 14:23

Thanks Delgirl, I'm trying to think of the kids, but as you know, it's all too easy to give in to the craving I think it's a case of taking each 1/2 day as it comes

OP posts:
DelGirl · 15/07/2004 14:27

Thats a good way to look at it. You will succeed. Think of all the benefits to you and your family. Sorry, you've probably heard it all before.

Jollymum · 15/07/2004 19:18

Hey, I've given up and it will be one year in September. Went to a great lady hypnotist called Fiona and have had about two "half drags" when I was reaching breaking point with the kids. Was nearly divorced and then had a brain scan. Still didn't smokeso am very grateful to the woman! If you want her phone number, let me know. Good luck, keep trying.!

shrub · 15/07/2004 20:45

minkmama - found sipping cold water helped whenever i got the cravings or stressed plus someone who had given up before me explained that we think the cigerette is helping us relax when really its the deep breaths we are taking to smoke the cigerette is the relaxtion feeling. once i understood this it was much easier. so when you get the panicky feeling apply the breathing - hope it makes sense

strangerthanfiction · 15/07/2004 21:25

minkmama, me too. I was a heavy smoker til I got pregnant then managed to stop and stayed off the white sticks until dd was about 13 months and slowly but surely started again. Like you I only smoke about 5 a day, sometimes less, sometimes a bit more. But I desperately want to stop. It really bugs me that I still smoke. I live in constant fear that I'll die of something smoking related and will be entirely to blame for it! I'm going away for the weekend but if you fancy some moral / emotional support, maybe we could help each other?

Jollymum · 15/07/2004 21:33

The other thing I did, which sounds really weird typing it, was to stand near my Dh when he smoked, because the hypnosis tells you you don't care if the whole world smokes but you don't and "smoke" a felt pen end when I was craving. That way I was ":sucking" (Pardon the language) and inhaling the smoke although I could only really smell it because I was inside and he was outside. After a copule of "drags" I felt a bit daft, much better and felt I had sort of cheated myself, although I hadn't smoked. Don't get me wrong, days like today I could kill a fag but I know that I really don't want one and that if I did, I would taste horrible, smell stinky and disappoint my kids. Keep trying and best of luck!XX

babysteffee · 15/07/2004 22:17 for the strict approach.

Those two worked for me. I stopped on 17th April this year and read and read and read until I understood and believed everything on those two sites (Allen Carr type principles), so effectively I brainwashed myself, but hey, as long as it works.

I've tried and failed so many times I can really sympathise with people who are trying really hard, but this time has been so simple, because I truly believed that I didn't want to smoke, which I think now must be the secret to it.

Not only do you have to want to quit, but you have to not want to smoke too.

Sorry to sound so smug, and good luck!

minkmama · 16/07/2004 00:22

Thanks for all your messages everyone

I haven't had one since this lunchtime so half a day gone. It's so much harder this time as it's almost as if there's less incentive because I'm not trying to get pregnant. Silly I know

Strangerthanfiction, have a good weekend and keep me posted on your progress and I'll do the same!

OP posts:
fionagib · 18/07/2004 21:28

am in exact same position minkmama. quit for 6 months (billionth attempt) then went on hol 2 weeks ago - just back - and smoked like fury as i suspected I would (France!).

Am gonna set myself a stop date and re read allen carr - youlve done it before and can do it again but I do know how desp you feel cos I feel the same. I had a thread on this and someone said JUST DON'T BLOODY WELL LIGHT UP and I think maybe the tough thing is better... good luck! Am gonna quite (again) v soon...

sportyspice · 18/07/2004 21:48

You have my full sympathy. I stopped smoking both pregnancies and re-started again each time through tiredness, stress and all that usual stuff but gave up about 4 months ago. Not a day goes by whereby i don't miss it, my dh has just started again which makes it even harder........sorry!! not really helping am i?! Although you might only be smoking 5 a day you probably find their a crucial time in your day so try to do other things at these times preferably away from the environment whereby you normally smoke. Giving up is even harder when you actually enjoy smoking so perhaps write a list of things you hate about it and pin it up somewhere to remind you?! Good luck - just remember chocolate makes a good substitute.

mitzi · 18/07/2004 22:00

I am giving up tomorrow,got my patches ready, wish me luck.

charliecat · 18/07/2004 22:07

Good Luck Mitzi!

fionagib · 19/07/2004 16:30

I've had no fags today, been drinking lots of cold water as someone suggested and actually feel okay. Will be harder when dh comes home as he has lapsed too - but am so SICK of smoking that I just wanna quit this time.

Mink, am sure you can do it & you'll be so proud of yourself. Hope that doesn't sound patronising. I did feel myself getting tetchy with the kids but just put on the grinch vid to get some time to myself.

To my shame, my ds (aged 7) cried in france when he found me having a sneaky fag, as I'd promised that I'd given up. I felt totally crap. Wouldn't it be great to feel free of the guilt and sneakiness and hassle!

mitzi · 19/07/2004 21:50

Well done fiona.
I have not smoked today and feel quite ok, I would like a ciggie but that is more out of habbit as i am definately not craving one,well one day at a time.

sportyspice · 19/07/2004 21:53

Well done, just remember one day at a time and if you do feel you want to give in to a craving just ask yourself why tomorrow is going to be any easier to give up than today?! It worked for me.

charliecat · 19/07/2004 22:00

Ill be joining the wagon tommorow. Using patches. Well done to you folks who managed today, I had some baccy left and knew I couldnt just put it in the bin! I have a gungy chest infection, caused by the fags and am looking forward to being able to breathe again!

charliecat · 20/07/2004 10:50

Well todays started ok, hows everyone else getting on?

gloworm · 20/07/2004 11:19

i think i mentioned this on another smoking there but cant remember. Anyway if any of you are interested in trying herbal remedies there are a few that can really help...lots of my customers can vouch for this!

Bioforce Avena sativa can help support the nervous system and control cravings and make you more calm. it has been used to treat addictions of all sorts for centuries, in olden times it was used to treat opium addicts!

Jan de Vries Craving Essence does exactly what it says...helps prevent cravings.

Bioforce Ivy-Thyme helps clear out all that gunk (for want of a better word!) lying on the chest, and gets rid of any lingering cough. we have had people discover this years after they quit and have said they noticed a difference in the chest as soon as they started taking it. Its one of our best seling products.

These are all available in a health shop and come in drops you add to water/juice and take 3 times a day.

I have recently read that because the tomato plant and the tobacco plant are from the same family, that if you cut out tomatoes from your diet you will have less cravings for tobacco. many people continue to have cig craving if they have a lot of tomato based products in their diets. There is a new range of food out calles "nomato" which includes nomato sauce, nomato soup, tins of nomatos and others...they taste just like the real thing but without the tomato. can get from health shop...although I havent tried them or even seen them yet. who knows maybe there is something to it!

fionagib · 20/07/2004 12:40

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

fionagib · 20/07/2004 12:50

Meant to add that I have disgusting breath, had nightsweats last night, and have already gained 17 stone xx

charliecat · 20/07/2004 13:29

I had a big fry up for lunch and nearly went into a panic about the fact that there would be no fag after it, emptyed all available ashtrays after having a sniff at them (rot) and remembered what someone had said earlier on in the thread, What makes you think tommorow will be any easier, so Thank You for that! Although this is my 3rd posting on this thread today I am determined not to let fags become my main source of thinking...Honest!

mitzi · 21/07/2004 19:59

Well done Fiona and charliecat,we are doing great.Day 3 for me and feeling fine no cravings the patches are working a treat.I thought I may have had a sneaky one in work yesterday but I NEVER, work is the hardest time for me but there are quite a few girls who have given up recentley so they are helping me.How are you getting on minkmama?
Keep up the good work we are all brilliant

charliecat · 21/07/2004 20:23

Sitting here feeling calm as a cucumber and feeling really chuffed with myself, are you doing the full course of patches Mitzi? Im hoping to just have a few days on each step and then be done with the whole thing. You can buy them cheap on Ebay BTW. Minkmama, how you doing? And fionagib hows you doing too?

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