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Want to quit smoking - HELP!

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minkmama · 15/07/2004 14:13

Hi guys,

Need moral support - am trying to quit (again)! Managed really well before, I stopped when trying to conceive DS1 who is now 20mths. Now I've got DS2, I've fallen into the trap of stress relief and 'nostalgia'. Have bought lozenges and used those tablets before which they don't seem to sell anymore Also used good old Allen Carr and it's all still in my head, but nothing is working!!

Only smoking 5 a day at most so it's even harder...

OP posts:
fionagib · 21/07/2004 20:33

fine thank you charlie c - mild cravings but nothing worth getting out of my pram about. You know you can get patches free on precrip from gp don't you - I think that's right - am going cold turkey here and it's really not too bad, having a glass of wine right now which is still v pleasurable....

Nice to have this contact with fellow quitters! Esp as DH is out in back yard right now, puffing away....

charliecat · 21/07/2004 22:29

Congrats you Fiona, I nearly had a nervous breakdown cold turkrying it once, crying down the phone to my mum that i needed a fag, sob sob, think Nadia from Big Brother!
My doc said to me you could only get 3 months worth of patches from him and I had those a couple of years ago. Feel so guilty about starting again (and again) that I dont think ive saw him since!
Ive managed to stay off the wine (or vodka in my case) but tommorows Friday so ill treat myself then! Keep it up!

johno · 21/07/2004 22:33

my partner did ever so well quiting, i told him i was pregnant and out went the fags, not had one since and my son is now 14 months old, no patches used or anything, he had smoked for 8 years, which i suppose isnt that long if ur in your thirtys and smoked since you were 18

charliecat · 22/07/2004 10:22

Well dont your partner! Ive smoked for about 12 years, and been trying to stop for at least 2 of those. It consumes my brain entirely. Some folk find it easy some folks, like me, struggle on!
Saying that, found some baccy of my other halfs and have disposed of it, no interest in it at all. Must have been the cramming of Allen Carr I did yesterday!

charliecat · 22/07/2004 10:22

Er Well DONE that was meant to be Duh!

charliecat · 22/07/2004 12:41

And its Thursday today, goodness me, I must have thrown my brain out with the baccy!

WideWebWitch · 22/07/2004 20:28

Well done all you stoppers! Just wanted to say that it's nearly a year and a half on for me and I'm still so glad I stopped. The absence of the 'black shadows in your mind' Carr talks about is the best thing for me (and I feel better of course too!).

babysteffee · 22/07/2004 22:07

Has anyone quit from the book, restarted, then attended a session of his and stopped again?

Really desperate as started again two days ago (despite being so smugonly five hours before saying I can't believe I ever smoked!!). Keep running over the principles in my head but the weight thing is really bugging me. I'm now two stone heavier than when I was nine months pregnant seven months ago, and while I agree with him when he says you don't need to substitute food for the cigarettes, just to carry on, I realise that I do the opposite - if I want a biscuit/crisps or whatever, I can smoke instead, and it is working, and I can't get that idea out of my mind no matter what Mr Carr says.

Sorry for being pessimistic about it all, and well done all you quitters.

charliecat · 22/07/2004 22:36

Babysteffe,I have stopped and restarted at least 15 times in the past two years. The only constant thought ive had is im never going to stop trying to give up and one of these days I will. If you dont feel up to it give it a week.
When your all bunged up with gunge you will start thinking WHY am I doing this...and then maybe youll pick up his book again.
Drink water instead of eating, or juice or coffee, anything.
I have put on about a stone with my stopping/starting but I dont really mind. Id rather be podgy and able to breathe than skinny and choking myself to death.
Join us when you feel up to it!

Staceyk · 23/07/2004 07:36

Morning just discovered this thread, and boy do I need to join in. Had a scan last Friday, and found out I was 8 wks pg, and since then not had a single fag. Finding it very hard going, DH is still smoking, but has not smoked in house since last Friday. I really really want one, I enjoyed it, and I feel like I've lost a friend, rather than having actual physical cravings, I have read all these web site, that you don't enjoy it, and I think Crap I did and I do, and I would love one. I'm still very impressed with myself over a week and gone from 30-40 fags a day to none, no patches completely cold turkey! The only way I can do it, is just say to myself (if I smoke my baby will die) I know it's a bit OTT, but after ttc for 18 mths it's the only thing thats getting me through. Think other hard bit is that, obviously no-one knows I am pg and I can't let on I've stopped smoking as everyone will guess, So I keep my fags out/with me, so people don't guess, which makes it even harder, that and the fact no-one is saying congrats or well done cos they don't know! Sorry gone on a bit, but needed to vent a bit, and say yes I do enjoy smoking it's not just in my mind, and yes I do desperately want one, but not as much as I want a baby.

charliecat · 23/07/2004 10:50

OOOhhh poor you Staceyk and Congratulations on both things! You are doing so so so so well. I recommend the Allen Carr Book, its a sort of self hypnosis and it changes the way you think about fags completely.
I promise you, if you had a fag today, it would taste absoultly revolting, it would make you cough and within 30 mins you would need another dose of nicotine.
And you would be sos so so dissapointed with yourself, if not today in a week or two.
You are now free of nicotine, so your baby is too. You are doing brilliantly, and if you can get you mind thinking that your not missing out on anything, thats its not a pleasure, you will sail through and feel brillintly at the end of it.
And when your little baba is here, he/she wont want a mummy smelling of stale tobacco, and then the guilt really will kick in.
Youll be a mummy KNOWING you risking killing yourself over that stupid smelly fag.
Dont do it!!!!!
And once again Congratulations!

strangerthanfiction · 23/07/2004 11:20

minkmama and everyone else. Alas, I am failing dismally. I managed to 'cut down' leading up to last weekend but the weekend away at MIL was hellish so I cut back up again and since then dd has been waking very early in the mornings and I've felt knackered and stressed and unable to face quitting.

All these excuses. I know I know I know. There'll always be something won't there? I'm very encouraged to hear your stories though.

Poppy1978 · 23/07/2004 11:57


I gave up a year ago and the things I found helped were lollipops and promising myself a fag in the distant future.

Cutting down really does not work. I tried it so many times, but it just makes the craving worse, cos you are already denying yourself. If you are already suffering cravings it makes it even harder to think about stopping it.

I set the date of the kids birthday to stop, as I knew I would be preoccuppied that day, and spent the previous couple of weeks getting into a frame of mind to stop.
I had a piece of paper and considered all the times I was really going to miss having one and found subsitutes. I actually gave up the day before their birthday.

I promised myself if i could go two weeks I could have one then. Like StaceyK I do enjoy smoking, and I couldn't face the thought of never having one again. It strange but it did feel a bit like a bereavement. I actually managed three weeks before I nicked one off a friend! I wouldn't recomend this to anyone who couldn't stop at one tho! I think I have had abt 20 in the past year, but none for months now, and I used to smoke 30 a day, so it hell of an improvement!

Lollipops really helped cos I had soemthing to suck and fiddle with. I missed fiddling with a ciggie.

Good luck to everyone trying to quit and well doen to those on the way!!

charliecat · 23/07/2004 18:16

I accidently killed the girls hamster today, squished the poor bloody thing under a door so ive had 3 which will probably be 5 by the end of the day but will be back on track tommorow, I know, no excuses etc but I did.

charliecat · 23/07/2004 18:52

Hamster? losing my mind. Gerbil.

mitzi · 24/07/2004 17:01

I am struggling today I really really really want a ciggie

mitzi · 24/07/2004 17:02

oh Charlie the poor girls are they ok?

charliecat · 24/07/2004 17:54

They are im not, we are trying to release a ballon for the gerby to go to gerby heaven, no wind! And dds painting a stone to put on his grave, read my turmoil on other subject, Accidently killed dds gerbil Had about 7 fags today, all revolting, will be back on wagon soon though promise.
Dont do it. Wish I hadnt.

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