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Gash on the head!!! What would you do????? HELP

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essbee · 28/03/2004 20:04

Message withdrawn

OP posts:
katzguk · 28/03/2004 20:09

hiya, just to reassure you heads bleed a lot!! far more than any other body part and swell up more. If your at all worried pop to a and e, i'm not a doctor though

essbee · 28/03/2004 20:14

Message withdrawn

OP posts:
JanHR · 28/03/2004 20:16

call NHS direct on 0845 46 46 or an ambulance NOW.

JanHR · 28/03/2004 20:16

that should say 0845 46 47

Jimjams · 28/03/2004 20:16

My son tripped and hit his head in front of a paediatrician when he was just 3. The HUGEST lump I have ever seen came up immediately and it bled a lot. The paediatrician barely looked at it and just muttered something like "if there's alumo you're OK it's when there isn't a lump you worry". then carried on reading ds1's notes whilst he screamed the place down.

However very hard to say without seeing what happened. If you are worried take her to a and e of course.

katzguk · 28/03/2004 20:17

have to agree 10mins of bleeding not good, ambulance or a and e

Hulababy · 28/03/2004 20:17

I would pop up to A&E just to be sure and to reassure yourself more than anything. Although, as katzguk says, heads do tend to belled way more than anything else.

Hope she is okay

JJ · 28/03/2004 20:18

Swelling is good.

I'm trying to measure out 1 cm.. I think it's going to be ok.

It's when you don't have a bump that you worry, I think

Please don't worry. We've had this with Fergs. Do you have frozen peas? They're good for this type of thing.

essbee · 28/03/2004 20:18

Message withdrawn

OP posts:
Hulababy · 28/03/2004 20:20

If getting to A&E is a pain, try phoning NHS Direct as Jan suggests. They can tell you your best course of action.

spacemonkey · 28/03/2004 20:21

sorry to hear this sb!

ring NHS Direct, they're really good

lou33 · 28/03/2004 20:21

Hope everything is ok Essbee. If it's any help, there are an incredible amount of blood vessels in the scalp. The tiniest nick can look like someone is being murdered.

essbee · 28/03/2004 20:25

Message withdrawn

OP posts:
katzguk · 28/03/2004 20:26

give her a big hug from me!!!

Hulababy · 28/03/2004 20:29

If she is being sick I would definitely get onto to NHS and try and get her checked out. Although, being sick could also just be the shock of it too.

JJ · 28/03/2004 20:36

What did he hit her with? Are you worried about a head injury?

Stupid question, I know.

Do you think she vomited from the injury?

essbee · 28/03/2004 20:37

Message withdrawn

OP posts:
lou33 · 28/03/2004 20:39

She might be concussed. Take her to a & e just to be sure.

My brother hit me on the head with an axe when I was 2.

katzguk · 28/03/2004 20:39

how is she now?

essbee · 28/03/2004 20:40

Message withdrawn

OP posts:
essbee · 28/03/2004 20:41

Message withdrawn

OP posts:
lou33 · 28/03/2004 20:41

Just take her down to hosp Essbee.

spacemonkey · 28/03/2004 20:43

did you get through to NHS Direct?

I think I would probably go to A&E - grim I know, but best to be on safe side

JJ · 28/03/2004 20:46

I have to say that I wouldn't take my son to the ER if this was me.

Of course, I underreact. But I think the hassle of going to the ER is not warrented.

PipBeckett · 28/03/2004 20:50

I had spent plenty of time in A&E with my ds1 and everytime he's been fine. But you can't take the risk. I took him when he got hit with a bat at pre-school and his head split open. Bruising and swelling is good because it means it's on the outside of the skull - or something like that. But if the same happened again - I'd take him. I'd rather sit for three hours and look stupid than do nothing and maybe regret it later.

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