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Worried Mears - tell me not to be so stupid!

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mears · 21/03/2004 22:24

Have has a sore back for longer than I care to remember - just one of those things. Have had 'burning feet' for a few months, sometimes worse in bed at night. For the past 2-3 weeks have had an incredibly painful right shoulder. Now have developed pain in my left hip - felt like the sciatica I had when pregnant. Took half an hour to negotiate my way out of bed 2 days ago. Also feel tired all the time. Have seen GP and started anti-inflammatory medication. Am getting blood samples taken tomorrow - have convinced myself that I have some kind of auto-immune disorder. Back is aching now sitting typing this. Am I over-reacting. Symptoms sound familiar to anyone? A case of a little knowledge is a dangerous thing?

OP posts:
suzywong · 21/03/2004 22:29

Wish I could advise, can only say that the mind is very powerful and can induce all kind of symptoms coupled with a little knowledge.
Could be frozen shoulder?
Hold out for the results and perhaps look at your diet, more fish oil or something.

sobernow · 21/03/2004 22:31

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

carlyb · 21/03/2004 22:34

mears - DONT PANIC!! wait for the blood samples to come back. I diagnose myself with all sorts - my dh throw away the 'family medical book'! You are putting 2 and 2 togther and predicting 5!
The body is all interlinked - I put my shoulder out and the way I was sleeping irritated it and this sent pains all over my body. SO dont worry, it is more than likely nothing to worry about, at least your results will be back tomorrow and you will know where you stand x

mears · 21/03/2004 22:34

Thanks you two. Just feeling sorry for myself. Backpain wears you down - probably need decent exercise to strengthen abdominal muscles. Feel as though my body is years older than my brain. Am off to bed with a hot water bottle. No doubt will feel better in the morning.

OP posts:
ScummyMummy · 21/03/2004 22:35

Oh poor you. Can't reassure as no medical knowledge but like Suzy am v capable of imagining horrid causes for real and psychosomatic symptoms and I do sympathise. Hope you feel much much better soon.

mears · 21/03/2004 22:35

Thanks carlyb - posts crossed there

OP posts:
mears · 21/03/2004 22:36

And you scummymummy and to anyone else whose posts cross

OP posts:
marthamoo · 21/03/2004 22:38

Something like sciatica/back pain can have a knock-on effect where you get pains in all sorts of peculiar places. My Mum used to get a terrible burning pain in her little fingers - would keep her awake at night. When she had an X-Ray (for something else) it turned out she has two extra mini ribs - and the doctor said it was probable that neurologically they were linked to her little finger tips.

I bet it is the back pain causing the other pains (referred pain) - the nervous system is a weird and wonderful thing.

But no you are not stupid, mears, it is natural to lie awake and imagine the worst. Good luck xx

cazzybabs · 21/03/2004 23:04

I get really bad shoulder pain when I am stressed. So go have a hot bath and a bot water bottle.

SueW · 21/03/2004 23:14

Mears is it poss it could be related to too much time sitting at the computer typing up those assignments you've been doing recently?

aloha · 21/03/2004 23:15

How's your thyroid? My mum had very similar symptoms when her thyroid basically packed up. Lots of joint pain, fatigue and WORRY! Thyroxine put her right very quickly.

aloha · 21/03/2004 23:15

My mum's main symptom was back pain. And she had a couple of falls due to weakness in her legs. All thyroid.

eddm · 21/03/2004 23:42

No helpful suggestions ? am sure you know much more about the human body than I do ? but just want to send you lots of sympathy. Burning feet are a pig when you want to sleep, aren't they?
You've really helped me and I'm sorry you are feeling awful. I hope it's something straightforward and you'll be feeling much better soon. Poor you.

robinw · 22/03/2004 06:19

message withdrawn

HAPPYFACE · 22/03/2004 07:25

I have had Rhematoid Arthritis since I was 20, 9 years now, and I've read and read through the years but there is apparently over 100 different types of 'Arthritis' so obviously its hard to know, even my doctors aren't convinced yet that I don't actually have Lupus, they still test me now and then. You'll only definately know if you have some sort of auto-immune problem when blood test results come back- your ESR count will be above normal. Sorry to hear of your problem hope it's good results. Oh and a positive note my rhematologist said to me once that you can't have Rhematoid Arthritis in your back, but I have read different before.

mears · 22/03/2004 09:16

Thanks for your posts. Will wait and see what blood results say before panicking. Probably bu**er all wrong with me. Thought about too much time at computer and bed (got new one a couple of years ago). Period starting now, goes from bad to worse! That probably is making the back pain worse. Will try and stop being so pathetic

OP posts:
twiglett · 22/03/2004 09:23

message withdrawn

twiglett · 22/03/2004 09:25

message withdrawn

2under2 · 22/03/2004 10:17

how about seeing a good osteopath? Living with constant backache is probably enough to make anyone feel tired . Hope the blood test comes back ok.

aloha · 22/03/2004 10:19

Mears, at about that time at night the other day began to panic that ds might have muscular dystrophy... I know how you feel!

aloha · 22/03/2004 10:20

Mears, at about that time at night the other day began to panic that ds might have muscular dystrophy... I know how you feel!

aloha · 22/03/2004 10:21

BTW burning feet is a very common symptom of an underactive thyroid - as is joint pain and fatigue. Make sure they test for it.

stace · 22/03/2004 10:29

Mears, do hope that you're feeling better soon, just wanted to add that i would recommend an osteopath asap if your in N. London i can recommend a really good one to you. Also unless i have a few threads muddled in my head are you not under huge pressure and stress at the moment??

Could it really be your body telling you take some time for you??

Balance being wonderful to everyone else with a bit of wonderful to yourself too, I'm told it works wonders

Also have to agree with making sure they test your thyroid acurately, you can also test your basal body temperature every morning before you get out of bed for 1 week and see what it reads, my homeopath told me that this can indicate a thyroid problem and guess what i found out that my basal temp is 34.5 now i know why i never get a tempreture!!!!

Hope you feel better soon and that some of these ideas help you along the way

CountessDracula · 22/03/2004 10:34

Mears sorry to hear about your worries - I am always telling dh that something is not worth worrying about until it happens (easy to say!). It could just be that you need a rest and a bit of osteopathy or something like that. Good luck with your results.

prufrock · 22/03/2004 10:34

Painful right shoulder - too much time spent using mouse to click on Mumsnet postings
Painful left hip - body has been held at wrong angle in compensation for right shoulder
Back aching - compensation for hip and shoulder
TATT - It's March. You're a working mother who's also doing a further degree.
Burning feet - your hot water bottle is too hot

Seriously,I'm sure you are overreacting - I'd do exactly the same (had a headache yesterday and convinced myself it was pre-eclampsia rather than the fact I'd been crying for hours after stupid hormonal row with dh). It is a good idea to get the blood tests done to rule out any big problems, but after that try alternative stuff like homeopathy and massage therapy. It can really make adifference to those "somethings just not quite right" conditions, and a homeopath will take into account all the different symptoms and probably find a link wheras your doctor may treat them seperately.

Hope you feel a bit better this morning

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