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Chickenpox - can I pop to shops?

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celandine · 12/03/2004 13:48

I suspect that ds 7 months has chickenpox as he has lots of spots developing over his torso and back. He doesn't seems unwell at all.

The thing is, I really need to nip down to the high street. Should I take him out or is it not advised in case it spreads to other people?

OP posts:
Twinkie · 12/03/2004 13:51

Think you have to wait till they scabbed over???

hercules · 12/03/2004 13:51

Go, better to go while you can iyswim

Northerner · 12/03/2004 13:52

If it were me then I'd take him. I don't think it's airbourne is it? I'm sure he'd have to be in close contact with others to infect them, so if he's wrapped up in his buggy I think you should be fine.

Please correct me if I'm wrong!

aloha · 12/03/2004 13:57

I'd go. It is airborne but I think if he's wrapped up and you don't go near other people it will be OK and needs must.

celandine · 12/03/2004 13:58

No, I didn't think it was airborne either. I'd hate to do it and end up standing next to a pregnant women in a queue. I reckon I'll risk it, just wrap him up well, as advised, and keep a look out for ladies with bumps!

OP posts:
celandine · 12/03/2004 13:59

Oops - so it is airborne. Will be super-duper quick

OP posts:
pollingfold · 12/03/2004 14:15


Am going through exactly the same thing. Been to doctors, and was rushed in and out like a leper - best service I've had in years. HAve been to shops to get camoline (? spelling) lotion - boots had run out - must be a break out it in my area.

HAve to say just kept my distance from other kids. Also had to take DS to hospital with me to get my blood taken as 13 weeks pregnant. So I think I must have given it to at least 10 people in the small waiting room!!!

Hope that your DS stays so happy


Posey · 12/03/2004 20:21

We've just had it with both kids, dd had spots for 2 weeks, went back to school the very same day as ds came out in spots. So we had to go out (couldn't stop in for 4 weeks), to take dd to school, to get food, to get some fresh air which seemed to take ds's mind off his itching.
Obviously we never went to any places with lots of children and if anyone came near the pram I told them quickly that ds had it (although it was very obvious!)
My hv gave me a list of all the infectious diseases and the government guidelines for exclusions (from school etc)
Chickenpox is 5 days from the spots appearing.
HTH and that your ds is feeling okay.

celandine · 13/03/2004 20:40

Following on from this, I'm really not sure if DS's spots are chickenpox.

How do I clarify it? The spots are smooth and all over his back and belly, a patch on his knee and some on his face. They aren't pus-filled though and he isn't scratching anything. He seems very content and happy during the day, though has a cold so is wakeful at night.

How do I know for sure it's chickenpox? I just assumed it was cos I knew it was going around.

OP posts:
CookieMonster · 13/03/2004 20:47

celandine, my dd has chickenpox at the moment. I took her to the doc (at nursery's insistence) on Thursday and the doc said it wan't chickenpox - none of the spots were blistery. But when she got up this morning loads more spots had come out and some of them are very definite blisters .... but only 3 or 4 out of some 40 odd spots.
Have another careful look and see if you can see any that have pus in them - they might only be small. If you're still in doubt why not take him along to the gp for a look, just to confirm or not for your sake?
My dd isn't unwell either although she is trying to scratch some of the larger spots - calamine at the ready!!

celandine · 13/03/2004 20:54

Thanks CookieMonster, from what you say the spots take a few days to get blistery so it's probably coming soon. He's gone to bed now so I can't check but there's definitely more spots appearing. He has eczema too so I've been smothering him all over with his aqueous cream 3 times a day. Maybe that's keeping the skin smoother than it would be otherwise...? Anyway, will look closely tomorrow for any blisters.

Typical it has to be Sunday tomorrow or I think I would have taken him to docs, or at least called the health visitor.

OP posts:
CookieMonster · 13/03/2004 21:09

oh dear, the poor little mite has eczema as well? And he's only 7 months ... at least my dd is just gone 3 so I can explain to her that if she scratches there will be marks left behind.
Best wishes to you and ds ... CM

celandine · 13/03/2004 21:24

I know, the poor thing has it all at the moment, a cold, chickenpox and eczema. And yet he's being a contented angel, bless'im.

OP posts:
littlerach · 13/03/2004 21:29

Just popping in quickly to say that Piriton Syrup is a godsend for chicken pox - and can be taken with calpol I believe.

CookieMonster · 14/03/2004 19:55

celandine, just wondering how your ds is today? My dd is definitely worse today - lots more spots, more turning into blisters and she's very definitely 'under the weather' ... been lying on the sofa most of the day. Having trouble stopping her scratching and having even more trouble getting calamine on her - 'it's cold Mummy!' Really hope it's peaked now.

Littlerach, thanks for the tip re Piriton - might try that ....

Posey · 14/03/2004 19:58

Yes Piriton can be taken with Calpol, but I have a feeling you can only use it from 1 year plus (can't check as its in ds's bedroom and he's asleep.
Something else that was recommended to me is bicarb of soda in the bath. About a tablespoon swished around seems to be really good for the itching. At his worst, ds had 3 baths a day, staying in for about 45 minutes each time! Yurned him all pruney but at least it stopped the discomfort

nutcracker · 14/03/2004 20:02

What about Phenergan, i used it when dd2 had chicken pox.

celandine · 14/03/2004 20:33

CookieMonster, nice of you to check in. Your poor ds, all poorly on the sofa. DS has more spots over torso, back and face but still no blisters to see. He's still not acting unwell though and has been happily playing with his toys all day. He has no temperature or loss of appetite, and isn't trying to scratch anything. Are 7 month olds capable of locating a irritating scratch though? Or do the spots not get itchy until they blister over?

He's waking a lot at night. We put him down at 6.45pm and he woke at 8, crying a heart wrenching hoarse cry cos of his cold. I had to rock him back to sleep and have only just put him back down. He's been sleeping with us for the past week or so cos he's been so unsettled.

My mum said to phone the doctor tomorrow to verify if I need to take him in to check the spots, although as he's not actually unwell in himself I doubt there's any need. I would just like to get the confirmation of chickenpox

Hope your dd recovers soon. Hopefully she'll be over the worst soon.

OP posts:
CookieMonster · 15/03/2004 07:46

Posey, yes I gave her a bicarb of soda bath yesterday evening - got her to 'swim' about in it for a good 20 minutes but it didn't stop her having an awful night.

Nutcracker, I gave her Phenergan last night about 9pm cos she just couldn't settle with the itching. Maybe I didn't give her enough because she still had a really disturbed night - dh took the brunt of it and is at home with her today - my turn tomorrow!

Celandine, I think the spots are only itchy once they've blistered but I'm not certain. Maybe your ds only has a mild dose so it's not making him unwell - might be as well to check it out with the doc though.

futurity · 15/03/2004 07:57

Sorry to read everyone else is suffering with chickenpox. My DS who is 2 has got it and (touch wood!) isn't effected by it too much so far aside from waking at night. However...what on earth can I do to stop him and me getting bored this week as we are basically stuck inside until it goes...any chickenpox entertainment ideas welcome!!

CookieMonster · 15/03/2004 08:02

futurity, yes I will be in a similar position but only for 2 days this week - dh is doing the rest! I went out yesterday and got a couple of 'activity' type books with stickers and a magazine that I know she likes and a kit for making some Tom and Jerry cakes (she's mad about T&J at the moment) and I plan to produce something new for her every so often to alleviate the boredom. Any more ideas are very welcome!

coppertop · 15/03/2004 08:21

I suppose a game of "Join-the-Spots" is out of the question! We're on 'Spot-Watch' at the moment. No sign of the little blighters yet but it's going round at playgroup so they're bound to get it sooner or later.

CookieMonster · 15/03/2004 08:28

dd made me laugh yesterday - she went to the shelf and pulled out the DVD of 101 Dalmations and said - Mummy spotty dogs look like me!

Posey · 15/03/2004 20:39

Futurity, I asked for some ideas a while back for dd who's 6, as she had spots all over her hands and couldn't hold her pens or anything. Anyway someone gave a great suggestion of handprints and finger painting using calamine lotion on black paper We had great fun doing that, also good for her itching hands, and stops you having half a bottle of lotion left over!
We did go out a bit, into the park when it was deserted (9am on a cold morning!)
Hope all those unwell are feeling better soon.

futurity · 15/03/2004 20:50

Posey - That's a good idea! We did finger painting today with normal paint but may give that one a go tomorrow. Saying that DS is making speedy recovery with 99% of spots now happily scabbed! His spots started on Thursday afternoon so his 5 days are up tomorrow so I think I will venture to Tesco's! (My life is so exciting!)

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