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Slimming World - a fresh start!

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lilibet · 17/09/2003 12:44

As the other thread seemsto have died, I thought that unless you are all super slim stick insects we could do with a bit of a fresh start. I managed to stay the same while I was away and have maintained since, and I now need encouragement to go with it again. I am trying for a stone before Christmas. so, where are you Girly, Kayleigh, Deegward, Kid, Crunchie, Lambchop,Furball, Boe and all the rest, Help me!!!

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Lambchops · 17/09/2003 12:50

Hi Lilibet. I'm still sticking with it. Weigh in tonight......eek!
Like you, I was waiting for the other thread to revive. When is your weigh in?
I've lost over half a stone in total in three weeks doing mostly green.
Lets keep trying to bolster one another!

Girly · 17/09/2003 13:21

Am here!!

Have slipped off the wagon, went to France last week for our anniversary and ate way to much french bread and croissants, put on 3ibs in 4 days, eek! I have not been an angel since coming home but have still lost what i put on quite quickly so am pleased about that!

It must be something about white bread, it really bloats me out, will have to lay off it.

Am a bit confused tho, it seems i cannot eat white bread but pasta, rice etc is ok? Does anyone else find this?

I prefer green days as it gives me energy, altho red must have less calories?

Thanks for reviving this thread lilibet!

Girly · 17/09/2003 13:22

well done lambchops!

kayleigh · 17/09/2003 13:25

lilibet HI! I was wondering where you had been. I hadn't posted on the other thread as I was so ashamed of myself. I had a really bad three or four weeks where I just ate everything in sight and obviously put on lbs.

Anyway to cut a long story short I have got myself back on track now (although not sure I should admit this on here) by doing (she whispers...)Atkins. A friend was going to do the induction two weeks so, needing some motivation, I said I'd join her.
My intention was only ever to do two weeks to give myself an initial weight loss and then go back to my SW plan. I am now half way through my second week and I am very pleased with the results. But I think the Atkins diet is awful - it is hard to maintain in the real world - and bloody unhealthy. So if it's OK with you I would love to join you again on Monday.

And lilibet if you still want those mags email your address and I'll get them off to you.

Kibby · 17/09/2003 16:28

can you tell me what slimmers world is about, does it work, is it hard to follow? Also I was wondering about the South Beach Diet, read about it in this month's She magazine but it didn't really say what it was. I need to lose a stone.

Lambchops · 18/09/2003 09:27

Well, I got weighed last night and lost another 2lbs. I'm really pleased.
How is everyone else doing?
Kibby, Slimming World is a slimming club which you really need to go to for the group support. It seems to be a very sensible diet with no faddy things or forbidden food. They don't actually call it a 'diet', they call it an 'eating' plan. One thing I particularly like is that you can have up to 300kcal/day of anything like cheese or wine or chocolate. So you can indulge a little without feeling all is lost.
I have found that it is the only one that works for me and believe me, I'm an absolute expert at losing weight.........but.....I'm also expert at putting it all back on again and some!

Girly · 18/09/2003 09:34

Lambchops, have you figured out a way to work out how many sins there are in something by looking at the fat content?

Is there a way as am having trouble finding the sin value of things online, come on expert!!!

Lambchops · 18/09/2003 09:47

Girly, a'sin' is more or less 20kcal but only for the 'sin' foods, ie you cannot apply that calculation to free foods or healthy extras.

lilibet · 18/09/2003 12:18

Well lovely to see everyone back. Missed you all. I was obviously tempting fate restarting this as I slipped badly lst night, but am shopping tonight with a set list and menus for every day. I have a freind coming round on Friday and am making the tortilla baskets that are featured on the website and the toffee apple puds that are in this months magazine.
Can anyone suggest the best low sin tinned soups now that its coming colder, or a good no sin recipie?

Kibby, for a better idea, have a look at our other old thread, by putting 'slimming world in as a search'or have a look on the slimming world website. You're more than welcome to join us!

OP posts:
lilibet · 18/09/2003 12:19

Kayleigh, thanks, can't get access to yahoo anymore at work as someone brought a bug in by an external e mail site so they are now banned. I will e mail you from home when I get chance.

OP posts:
Crunchie · 18/09/2003 14:23

I'm here too. I came back from hols 11lbs over target!! 1st week lost 2lbs, 2nd week lost 3lbs, but put on a lb in the third week. I am finding it such a stuggle. My consultant gave me an open diet sheet last night and I think this will guilt me back on track - I know what I need to do, I just seem to be losing the plot somewhat.

Right I am pledging 2lbs off before next wednesday, leaving me 5lbs to go. Does anyone else wantto pledge a realistic weight-loss before next weigh-in??

Lambchops · 18/09/2003 14:53

Yes! I'm pledging 2lbs by next wed 24th.
I think we should get some friendly rivalry going between this thread and the Weightwatchers one.

Crunchie · 19/09/2003 09:11

Any other pledges anyone???

We could see if our average weight loss per head is more than on the weight watchers thread!!

lilibet · 19/09/2003 12:24

I weighed in this morning and stayed the same, not really surprising as I am eating too much bread and butter. Why oh why do I do it?
Ok I pledge to loose 2lb by next Friday, and if I do I will buy myself a new lipstick and if I don't I will........... (can't think of anything! erm.......... was going to say not watch Fame Academy, but thats too much erm......... any suggestions?)

OP posts:
winnie1 · 19/09/2003 12:59

lilibet I too pledge to loose 2lbs by next friday. I have been so stuck and I too have been eating far too much bread. How many weeks is it until Xmas? Now there is an incentive!

Furball · 20/09/2003 22:33

Well, I too have been 'limping' along with this old chestnut for about a month, and last week went on holiday and wasn't too naughty, well OK maybe naughty for SW!!! I even rebelled at breakfast and had 3 slices of toast every morning, well, I was on holiday! I miss bread, 'Nimble' just isn't quite the same. Most of the food was average, a few excellent meals and unfortunately a few naff. I do find that SW meals don't leave you with that bloated, I can't move feeling that you get when eating a 'normal' menu. Even though with SW I do eat as much as I can. Strange - must be the chocolate and cream desserts. Ha Ha, dribble, dribble.

But I am really going to give it a good couple of weeks to thrust me back into losing again and will TRY (promise) to lose 2 lbs by this time next week.

Crunchie · 22/09/2003 12:06

OK How was everyone's weekend??

Mine was pretty good considering. We went for a picnic and I did Couscous salad - free!! Potato Salad - huge bowl 5 sins (2 tbsp low cal mayo and yoghurt as dressing). Veggie sticks, dips etc. I even managed to turn down bread and some amazing turkish filled pastries!! I sucommed to 2 glasses of wine and a home-made aplle muffin, and just one bite of Baclava. So 22 sins for the day

However over the week I am on 35 sins over 4 days so it's cool. I am on track for the 2lbs off by Wednesday.

Any good recipes, quick lunches etc, post here to make sure we all do well this week.

lilibet · 22/09/2003 12:18

Could have been worse, made the tortills on Friday and they were gorgeous. Not sure about the 2lb for Friday, I need to get some exercise, get the fat wobbling a bit! Going to have no alcohol now till Friday as weel? Have we not had a response from Weightwatchers? chickens !!

OP posts:
lilibet · 22/09/2003 16:25

Whispers "I hve had a pice of carrot cake" slips quietly out and hopes no-one has noticed

OP posts:
Furball · 22/09/2003 20:39

That Ok on a green day isn't it???

kid · 22/09/2003 21:42

I'm certain I posted a message on this thread yesterday but it seems to have vanished!!!
I am still here but not been a very good girl. Up until this morning I hadn't weighed myself for about 3 weeks. Well I checked this morning to see how much I have been over eating, and it could have been worse! I have put on about 3lb but I reckon I can loose that easily enough.
I am going to have a very good week this week (starting tomorrow as I've just eaten a cornetto!)

kid · 22/09/2003 21:52

I know this isn't anything to do with this thread but I wanted to share this email I received with some others! \{}
It is a photo of a table by a window and the story is that a widow waited everyday for her husband to return but he never did. If you look real hard at the photo you can see the ghost of the lady still waiting. It should take about 20 seconds for the image to appear, once you see it, it really leaps out at you. (warning, not recommended for the weak hearted!!!) also it works better with sound as some faint noises can be heard!

kid · 22/09/2003 21:54

sorry that link doesn't work!!!

The address is

Crunchie · 24/09/2003 14:20

OK, is everyone hiding??

Weigh in tonight, wish me luck

lilibet · 24/09/2003 16:06

Yes, I am hiding, and oh so glad that I didn't say what I would do if I hadn't lost the 2lb I pledged. Every morning I wake up and decide that its a fresh start and sometime during the day I break. Its the nibbles and the drink and one does tend to lead onto another. And I need more exercise (same old tale). I know that this works and I know that I need to loose weight, so what is wrong with me????? I have my first court hearing a week on Tuesday with my ex, and not one of my 'smart' outfits comes anywhere near me. And I so wanted to look good for that.
but so far, so good today, have had my 2 B choices and other than that all free food. Smash cakes for tea!
Good luck with the weigh in Crunchie, you are made of sterner stuff than me and you will have done it!

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