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how do I make a link to website?

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elliot3 · 20/02/2008 14:13

on an email I want to click on a website address like what do I have to do to make the address clickable - does that make any sense?

OP posts:
JingleyJen · 20/02/2008 14:14

if you want to write something then

love this link

hope that helps

JingleyJen · 20/02/2008 14:16

no it didn't help because

insertwebsite Loose spaces

if you want to add something

insertwebsite love this link

loose first space but not the ones after the website address.

elliot3 · 20/02/2008 14:16

can't get either of them to work if I just type out the web address can I do soemhting that means that you only have to click on the link? Thanks

OP posts:
JingleyJen · 20/02/2008 14:17

just realised that you said in an email you didn't mean how to link on here..

sorry can't help depends on your email software..

in our software as soon as you type it automatically turns into a link.

PortAndLemon · 20/02/2008 14:20

It does depend on your (and, crucially, the recipient's) email software. Many of them will do it automatically either at your end or theirs.

TheDevilWearsPrimark · 20/02/2008 15:16

if it doesn't happen automatically then copying and pasting isn't really that much trouble!

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