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How can I watch Netflix etc at Center Parcs please?

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Whatnamesareleft · 06/03/2021 13:04

We are going soon (hopefully they reopen when they expect to) and I know we will be limited on things we can do but need to get away and that’s ok. So at home I have sky, prime and Netflix. In CP they only have the basic channels. (I have an autistic DC so want to try to see if I can provide similar to home as best I can in terms of tv as this is his down time when he’s struggling) I do not want to take a laptop with us and that is crap for us all to watch tv on together.

I have been reading about fire sticks. I’m not sure what they are or how they work. They are about £40, is it as simple as sticking that into a CP tv and I can access my Netflix account?

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Newpuppymummy · 06/03/2021 13:06

Firestick with WiFi will work

SendMeHome · 06/03/2021 13:06

Theoretically yes, but the last time I went to CP, they’d blocked the TVs so they couldn’t be used - loads of hotels seem to do that now too. So it might be worth making sure that it’s still possible where you’re going, or taking the laptop as a back up.

The fireTV goes into the TVs USB port, so it’s not without risk for the TV owner.

MyCatLovesFish · 06/03/2021 13:07

I'd take your laptop as long as there is wifi

Whatnamesareleft · 06/03/2021 13:09

There’s always WiFi in the lodges, iv only ever struggled with Mobile signal. What do you mean @SendMeHome about the risk?

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Whatnamesareleft · 06/03/2021 13:09

Is a fire stick just like a dongle then?

OP posts:
halcyondays · 06/03/2021 13:10

They don’t even have all the normal channels you get on Freeview. I think it’s a cunnng plan to get you to buy expensive DVDs from the ParcMarket.

negomi90 · 06/03/2021 13:13

Do they have wifi? I have a chromecast which I love. You find things on your phone and then cast to the TV - youtube, netflix etc. It also has apps on it and a remote control to control it.
In order to work (and I think firesticks are similar) you need:
TV with HDMI port
Power near the TV to connect it to
Wifi - to connect the chromecast
Ask if they have smart TVs so you can log in on their TV with your accounts.

Different things which do similar - chromecast, roku, firestick

Whatnamesareleft · 06/03/2021 13:14

I’m going to take a few dvds but we don’t have many as we have sky cinema at home! What about sky, only way for that is to download stuff but then you can only watch on a laptop/tablet/phone which won’t work...

OP posts:
ATowelAndAPotato · 06/03/2021 13:14

I thought they blocked them because everyone streaming Netflix etc would be quite a strain on the WiFi?

ExcusesAndAccusations · 06/03/2021 13:14

I have a chromecast which sticks into the HDMI port of a modern telly and cast from my phone. It works on Airbnb/holiday cottage tellys but I can’t swear that it would work on a CentreParcs onez

ATowelAndAPotato · 06/03/2021 13:15

If you download to the laptop, can you plug it in to the tv/screen share so you can watch on the big screen?

Whatnamesareleft · 06/03/2021 13:17

How do you connect a laptop to a TV? (I’m clearly really not great with tech!)

I don’t want to take a laptop as dc will want it all the time and I want them to have break from it. What about my iPad? Can I download to my iPad and then watch that through the tv????

I have messaged CP to ask about smart tv but I don’t think they are...

OP posts:
ExcusesAndAccusations · 06/03/2021 13:21

Since you’re talking to them already it might be worth asking for an adjustment to the settings if necessary on the grounds of making the holiday more manageable for your disabled child.

Whatnamesareleft · 06/03/2021 13:25

@ExcusesAndAccusations would that physically be possible for them to do?

OP posts:
ExcusesAndAccusations · 06/03/2021 13:36

Dunno, but if you don’t ask you won’t find out.

Clymene · 06/03/2021 13:41

I'm sure I've taken a fire stick to CP. I've definitely taken a switch or other console and plugged it into the hdmi socket.

A fire stick plugs into hdmi, not usb.

Clymene · 06/03/2021 13:43

You can connect your iPad to your tv with a special dongle. You have to buy the Apple one or it doesn't work but that effectively puts your iPad screen onto your tv screen so you can steam Netflix that way.

You might want to check the wifi is good enough for that though. If it isn't, you could download a load of stuff I guess

Whatnamesareleft · 06/03/2021 14:02

How do I check if the WiFi is good enough though? I’m guessing not until I get there....?

OP posts:
Springingintospring · 06/03/2021 14:18

When we go we take our play station which has netflix on it. It worked fine.
You need a hdmi cable to attach to the tv. This is the cable you connect your game console, sky box etc to her tv with.

Whatnamesareleft · 06/03/2021 14:23

We have an Xbox and a switch @Springingintospring can I do that with either of them??

OP posts:
Clymene · 06/03/2021 14:27

You can't watch it on a switch but you can on an Xbox one

Twickerhun · 06/03/2021 14:28

We watch Netflix etc tv through our PlayStation, plus in easily via hdmi cable to most TVs - really easy

Iamsodonewith2020 · 06/03/2021 14:32

We watch Netflix movies on IPad when we go to CP

Springingintospring · 06/03/2021 14:57

I can't see why an xbox wouldn't work. Make sure you install netflix on it before you go.

Whatnamesareleft · 06/03/2021 15:12

I just checked and it’s an Xbox one dc have. So as long as I take the cable as well that just goes in our tv it will work? It does have Netflix on it.

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