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anyone on orange had problems receiving messages on their phone yesterday or today??

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nappyaddict · 08/10/2007 23:45

just wondering cos my phones been playing up big style and i wondered if there was a problem with orange.

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Debbiethemum · 08/10/2007 23:49

No, I have been OK

nappyaddict · 08/10/2007 23:53

do you know anyone with an o2 number thats text you today?

OP posts:
giraffeski · 08/10/2007 23:54

Message withdrawn

nappyaddict · 09/10/2007 00:01

wot happened when you tried to ring them were they switched off?

OP posts:
giraffeski · 09/10/2007 00:10

Message withdrawn

nappyaddict · 09/10/2007 00:15

ah i get welcome to the orange answerphone the person you have called is not available.

i thought it was just the standard answer phone message.

OP posts:
giraffeski · 09/10/2007 00:17

Message withdrawn

pneumalifenewname · 09/10/2007 00:18

my orange phone frequqntly has days where it appears to have no signal until i take the whole thing apart (i.e. battery and sim) and start afresh. Yesterday my texts arrived late to people...

nappyaddict · 09/10/2007 00:19

pneuma is what i got the standard answerphone message??

OP posts:
pneumalifenewname · 09/10/2007 00:21

I've had that when phoning Orange to Orange and Orange to o2 - just get the person's answerphone when their phone is on and has signal, etc. They say that they never heard the phonering and my mum has phoned me and it has gone straight to my voicemail without it ever ringing my end.

Am getting a little irritated by this with Orange tbh.

nappyaddict · 09/10/2007 00:22

that's what it is orange and o2. i'm on o2 and my boyfriends on orange. orange have caused a huge row lol.

OP posts:
nappyaddict · 09/10/2007 00:23

do you know if it ever happens the other way around - o2 to orange?

OP posts:
nappyaddict · 09/10/2007 00:24

what network is your mum on? lol should preview before i post and think of more things to say!!

OP posts:
pneumalifenewname · 09/10/2007 00:25

ok my mum is orange so when she gets my voicemail it's her calling my ornage from hers

I get it when calling xdp's 02 phone from my orange one if that makes sense?!

nappyaddict · 09/10/2007 00:28

does xdp ever get it when he calls you? so from his o2 to your orange.

OP posts:
pneumalifenewname · 09/10/2007 00:31

Now that I'm not sure on... I think he may have done but not as frequently as the aforementioned scenarios. Either that or he doesn't give a stuff and doesn't tell me about not being able to get hold of me

nappyaddict · 09/10/2007 00:32

lol. i think i should sue orange . i've been (rather pathetically) crying all day cos i thought my bf had decided to split up with me without telling me.

OP posts:
pneumalifenewname · 09/10/2007 00:34

oh dear and

Do you feel better now? Have I helped at all?

nappyaddict · 09/10/2007 00:36

semi. although he probably is just ignoring me but i like the fact i can kid myself and hope that he's had a problem with his phone.

OP posts:
nappyaddict · 09/10/2007 00:37

btw giraffeski what network are you on.

OP posts:
giraffeski · 09/10/2007 00:38

Message withdrawn

pneumalifenewname · 09/10/2007 00:43

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

nappyaddict · 09/10/2007 00:52

done it but can you delete that post now i don't want you to get stalked.

OP posts:
nappyaddict · 09/10/2007 00:54

whoops i just rang u by mistake sorry.

OP posts:
pneumalifenewname · 09/10/2007 00:56


don't worry I guessed it might be you!

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