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anyone on orange had problems receiving messages on their phone yesterday or today??

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nappyaddict · 08/10/2007 23:45

just wondering cos my phones been playing up big style and i wondered if there was a problem with orange.

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nappyaddict · 09/10/2007 00:56

did you get my message?

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pneumalifenewname · 09/10/2007 00:56

Have reported my post too but not too worried

nappyaddict · 09/10/2007 00:56

lol u replied twice

OP posts:
pneumalifenewname · 09/10/2007 00:57

Yes and U've texted you back

ooo deliver report just came through now so you should just ahve got it.

D o you have delivery reports turned on on your phone?

pneumalifenewname · 09/10/2007 00:58

Ahhh, see it is definitely up the spout! I only sent once, promise!

pneumalifenewname · 09/10/2007 00:58

given my typig you will be jsutified in disbelieving that.However, my phone doesn't have crumbs stuck inside it

nappyaddict · 09/10/2007 00:59

lol. i got yours at 0:57

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pneumalifenewname · 09/10/2007 01:02

Erm, is there more to your boyfriend dumping rationale btw or are you just being wildly pessimistic, as you do (or should I say as I do!)

nappyaddict · 09/10/2007 01:04

what do you mean is there more my rationale? i get confused easily

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pneumalifenewname · 09/10/2007 01:06

Well, do you reeeeeeally think he is going to split up with you or are you being a soppy thing? By the way, my phone just jammed when I got a new message in just now. Can't read it so am waiting for phone to 'recover'

nappyaddict · 09/10/2007 01:14

its not off me. i only text you the once.

maybe i am just being a soppy thing but why hasn't he bothered to get in contact with me all day?

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pneumalifenewname · 09/10/2007 01:20

got text now and is from my beauty salon bloke

I don't know about the ignoring you thing but men do get busy to the degree that they do not maintain any contact for some reason...

Today I had "I can't talk to you because I'm streamlining my music downlaods from phone to PC so msn me later" wtf?

nappyaddict · 09/10/2007 01:25

i know that and i don't normally care if he takes ages to reply but he doesn't normally not get in contact at all for the whole day. it has been (not that i'm counting) 25 hours and 22 minutes since i last spoke to him. normally i get maybe 1 message in the morning, always a phonecall at lunchtime then a few in the evening and phone call to ask me when he can see me.

yesterday i was meant to see him. i tried to contact him to see what we were gonna do. no answer. 6 hours later he finally comes on msn to say he's been in bed. no sorry or anything.

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nappyaddict · 09/10/2007 01:26

i just get the feeling that perhaps he is losing interest and doesn't know how to tell me. even though i have text him tonight to say if that's why he's been ignoring me i would much sooner know. he STILL didn't reply. arghhhhhhh. who wouldn't reply to a message like that?

OP posts:
pneumalifenewname · 09/10/2007 01:33

Hmm well that is a little shoddy regardless of whether he has called time on the relationship. why can't men just be up front? I hate being made all neurotic by their inability to face the truth.

I hope it isn't what you fear but if it is then just remember what you just said about him not even saying sorry. Remember you said that!

nappyaddict · 09/10/2007 01:35

am gonna go to bed now. let's hope i get some answers in the morning and get a better nights sleep than i did last night.

i kept waking up having dreamed that he had cheated on me numerous times in front of my face with a girl and then saw him dressed up like something out of grease cos he had the chance to cheat on me with a man cos he'd never get the oppurtunity again. wtf?? my brain was definitely on overload lol.

OP posts:
pneumalifenewname · 09/10/2007 01:38

Oh dear

Try and sleep and then tomorrow you decide where this is going. If he gets in touch with an explanation and apology then fine but if not then YOU put a stop to all this fucking you about malarkey.

You've got my number now so text if you want ot need.

nappyaddict · 09/10/2007 07:55

phone's still turned off this morning .... very bizarre

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