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Why does Hershey chocolate taste so vile ??

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Lilyloo · 21/01/2011 22:07

When i went to Chicago a few years ago we went to the Hershey store. The store was fab the choc not so.
Dp came home with a bar today , gift from work. The kids all had some and enjoyed it but again for me it had a horrid after taste.

OP posts:
Want2bSupermum · 21/01/2011 22:09

The stuff should not be called chocolate. Hersheys is an abomination (or however you spell it).

Suncottage · 21/01/2011 22:13

Hershey's 'Chocolate' Kisses have an after taste of vomit.

I kid you not. Chocolate does not really seem to feature much.


Lilyloo · 21/01/2011 22:15

That is exactly what i would say the aftertaste is (bleurrrrrrrrgh)

OP posts:
ChunkyPickle · 21/01/2011 22:17

Americans I know rave about these things, but I've yet to find an american sweet that doesn't have some horrible aftertaste.

I think my least favourite so far was looking forward to a big pack of what I thought were strawberry bootlaces, only to discover they seemed to just be red window putty.

atah · 21/01/2011 22:19 sick thts what Hersheys smell and taste like. Can't believe they get away with calling it chocolate!

BluddyMoFo · 21/01/2011 22:20

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ilythia · 21/01/2011 22:21

because Hersheys is made from pure evil.

Every so often Aldi sells Reese's peanut butter cups and I buy some as DH loves them. I won't go near him until he has brushed his teeht. bleurgh.

Grockle · 21/01/2011 22:21

They sour the milk to make American chocolate and it doesn't need as high a cocoa colid amount as british chocolate

Dropdeadfred · 21/01/2011 22:22

Those Hershey's kisses really do tase like vomit...BUT WHY????

Grockle · 21/01/2011 22:22

Which is why it tastes like vomit

Grockle · 21/01/2011 22:23

You can buy 'Cadbury's' chocolate in the US but you have to check the label carefully - stuff made in Ireland is fine but the stuff manufactured in the US is made under licence by Hershite.

Lilyloo · 21/01/2011 22:25

Thats it sour milk yeuuuuch !!!!!!

OP posts:
ChildofIsis · 21/01/2011 22:26

Our first taste of hersheys was when late fil gave us some he'd had in his pocket.
DH didn't tell me that until after though. Darling fil was a little incontinent!It was crap. (ha ha)

Soon after we went to new york and thought we'd try again.
It was even worse than we'd remembered. I was 6mth pg at the time and thought it was my hormones.
It wasn't, bar went in the bin.

RumourOfAHurricane · 22/01/2011 11:16

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

taffetasplat · 22/01/2011 11:35

its all relative.

the French think Cadbury's/ Galaxy/Mars etc chocolate is like vomit compared to their intense "proper" dark stuff

LetThereBeRock · 22/01/2011 17:03

Hershey's is vile,though I love the peanut butter cups,and the Nutrageous.

Sour Patch Kids are good too.

GeorgeEliot · 22/01/2011 18:58

Because it is American.

Enough said.

Lilyloo · 22/01/2011 20:30

Now whilst i prefer cadbury to green and black i can appreciate the difference in taste but Hershey tastes like something gone off it really does

OP posts:
ilovemydogandMrObama · 22/01/2011 20:32

Matter of taste. As an American, find Cadbury's revolting.

Love hershey's though Smile

tethersend · 22/01/2011 20:34

I would kill a man for a bag of Hershey's kisses.

onepieceoflollipop · 22/01/2011 20:36

The Hershey kisses are better than the bars in the brown wrapper though imo.

bebemoohatessnot · 22/01/2011 20:45

Hershey's chocolate is 'matured' which gives it it's unique flavor. It is certainly not milk chocolate like Cadbury's and you should not expect it to be so. The other thing to remember is that the different sweeteners make things taste different. (Coke in the US is different than Coke here...if you want a more similar taste in the States you'll want to drink Pepsi)

Starbursts, Snickers, Skittles, Mars (or Milky Way in America), Bounty, M&Ms all are similar in taste.
Things are different in different countries and what you get used to growing up is often what you love/crave when you get older.

...I could go on about your lack of tasty cookies Wink but I shall not...


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Eglu · 22/01/2011 20:49

It is as Grockle says beacuse they make it from soured milk. I think it was all they could use to make it in wartime and they got used to the taste so continue that way. It is completely vile. We used to go to the Irish stores when we lived in New York and buy cadburys.

taffetasplat · 22/01/2011 21:49

bebe - have a look at what Hugh FeranleyWearnley says about cookies in today's Grauniad - here

lots of faux swearing for him, he must be pissed orf

PerryandGilbert · 28/01/2011 11:57

Some friends went to LA and brought some back for us... yuckk!! They said that apparently it has that bitter taste as they have a chemical added to it that stops it from melting so quickly as its hotter out there!! Dont know how true that is, but have you ever looked at the ingredients and chemicals on the side of the pack!! Shock

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