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Films that gave you nightmares

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MrsSnape · 17/08/2008 09:04

Or just really scared you (sorry if its been done before).

The worst one for me was "IT", god that film gave me nightmares for years.

The Sixth Sense gets me when the ghosts come in.

The shinning (the twins scene)

The ring got to me a bit

House on Haunted Hill (again, the ghost scenes!)

OP posts:
3andnomore · 24/08/2008 10:52

Jules, I am like that with really scary ones.

Candyman-scared the pants of me

and then I watched a movie a few years ago, can't remember the title, but it effected me for a very long time....was about this weird guy, who filed his teeth sharp and was into pircing, and he abducted a girl and pirced her.. and sew her lips together...and he did that with several other was just dark and terrifying....

hazeyjane · 24/08/2008 11:28

Theatre of Blood - Vincent Price dressed as a hippy hairdresser, saw the film when i was about 12 and have had nightmares about it ever since.

And (yes, I know it's not a film, but it is the stuff of nightmares) The Wiggles

MKG · 24/08/2008 12:02

Chitty-Chitty-Bang bang. I had nightmares for a week when I was little.

Majorca · 24/08/2008 12:37

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

themoon66 · 24/08/2008 12:40

Hostel really disturbed me. Its ages since I saw it and even now I feel disturbed just remembering it.

And Candyman... shudder.

PopUpElton · 24/08/2008 16:52

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

muggglewump · 24/08/2008 22:10

Blair Witch Project.
I love horror films, I think the Saw films are fab and can't wait for the next one but that scared me so much I'll never watch it again.
It was too real looking for me

spugs · 07/09/2008 21:08

i totally freaked myself out last night! the film that has given me nightmares fo the last 14 years (might be slightly over exagerating there but i have often thought about how horrible it was ) was on last night! So i thought to myself that it couldnt have been that bad and that ive made it seem worse over the years and how bad could a 14+ yr old film be? Right! So i stuck it on just to see, right at the bloody bit that gave me nightmares when i was 14. i managed maybe less then 10 seconds and had to turn it off as i felt sick! it was soo much worse then i remembered. makes me feel sick now just thinking about it, yuck!
it was the people under the stairs btw i reckon its wes craven films as freddie does exactly the same (thats green for sick)

naturalblonde · 07/09/2008 21:11

Nightmare on Elm Street - watched it when I was about 12, and didn't sleep for weeks.

And embarrassngly, Roald Dahl's 'The Witches'. Hid behind the sofa.

annoyingdevil · 07/09/2008 21:25

The first Nightmare on Elm Street gave me nightmares for weeks (I was only a teenager). The Grudge, Blair Witch and The Shining are really scary

midlandsmumof4 · 22/09/2008 01:43

The original 'Excorcist' cos I saw it at the pictures when it was first released. Can remember sitting on the door step after my BF at the time dropped me off. My parents weren't in. These days-Hostel really freaked me out. I am 52 now and have always loved a good horror film. This one and also SAW and its sequels are sick.

Monkeytrousers · 22/09/2008 01:53

I ^loved* Lady Veng SEA. Can't remember what was scary about it.

But The Exorist - watching it at 13 nightmares were inevtable. maybe exorsist 3 after and nearly Sadako in Ring

The stuff about kids being hurt on the 'in the news' board would keep me awake more than any film these days.

AbstractMouse · 24/09/2008 01:02

OOh I love a good gory/scary film. I watched the Japanese version of the ring on my own after dp had gone to bed, thought I had turned off both the Tv and the dvd player. As I walked out of the room the Tv came on by itself with just static (I obviously hadn't turned the Tv off properly). I almost shit myself and screamed lol dp wasn't amused at 2am, although he does still laugh at me.

Apparently when I was about 8 I saw a nightmare on elm street at a neighbours house and had nightmares for ages, and wouldn't get in the bath??? I remember it being really scary, but watched it lately and it was a bit shit.

I thought the descent was great, really scary, also the one about the werewolves in the highlands.

Halloween gave me proper nightmares, especially the bit where he just walks slowly across the street.

The more gory ones tend to be jumpy rather than disturbing, although I did like Hostel, saw Saw at the cinema, and I did enjoy it aprt from the overacting at the end which spoiled it a bit (haven't seen the sequels).

My sister went to see Wolf Creek at the cinema and had to leave, but I was a bit meh about it, although it was a good film.

I tend to find more of the odd films really disturbing, like someone said Blue Velvet, and a japanese/chinese?? one about women eating foetuses for eternal youth ick.

I loved poltergeist when I was young, although IT and the shining were a bit of a let down after reading the books. I saw a few hammer horrors that gave mo nightmares as a kid. And also read a book (amytiville horror? or something like that) where bees went after a priest lol, that was a scary book.

Sorry for the mammothness.

thumbwitch · 24/09/2008 01:10

The childcatcher in ChittyChittyBangBang caused me a few sleepless nights;
the Fog was a definite;
Freddy Kruger ;
some film I saw aaaages ago, no idea what it was about or called, where there was a firing squad shooting dead some prisoners (that's the bit I remember)

Sadly, an old episode of Dr. Who called Seeds of Doom - no idea why this one particularly, but it really had me going..

I don't usually watch horror films now if I can help it cos they do tend to stay with me - I had to work quite hard to stop the Ring from affecting me and don't need to see the sequel.

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