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Films that gave you nightmares

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MrsSnape · 17/08/2008 09:04

Or just really scared you (sorry if its been done before).

The worst one for me was "IT", god that film gave me nightmares for years.

The Sixth Sense gets me when the ghosts come in.

The shinning (the twins scene)

The ring got to me a bit

House on Haunted Hill (again, the ghost scenes!)

OP posts:
expatinscotland · 19/08/2008 21:01

Last House on the Left

Mother's Day

Henry, Portrait of a Serial Killer

The Shining

Pet Semetary

The Others

Texas Chainsaw Massacre

cyteen · 19/08/2008 21:03

I actually had a proper claustrophobic wake-up-in-tears-not-knowing-where-I-was nightmare after watching Cube for the first time...mind you, I was stoned off my box when I watched it, which probably didn't help.

Ring (the original Japanese version) properly fucked me up, and my best mate too. We rented it for a bit of Friday night pizza+beer style horror cheese and were cussing the previous renters for not winding the tape back...20 minutes in we realised they had probably not managed to watch it all. We had to turn it off and watch it the next day, in the blinding sunshine, and we both still absolutely cacked ourselves

Jbck · 19/08/2008 21:06

There's a Kevin Bacon film, Stir of Echoes that's quite good but one bit in it (not sure exactly how it goes, I may have blanked it out) with a child appearing on the sofa beside him saying 'Talk to the boy' OMG nearly pee'd myself & DH sometimes does it to freak me out.

southeastastra · 19/08/2008 21:09

lady vengeance really plays on my mind. don't ever watch it unless you want to be haunted forever

crispyduck · 19/08/2008 21:12

Normally I am ok with most horrors but watching the ring late at night on my own scared me

notnowbernard · 19/08/2008 21:13

The Shining

Every time

PestoMonster · 19/08/2008 21:14

The Wizard of Oz

ilovemydog · 19/08/2008 21:15

bambi - it's actually quite a dark movie....

constancereader · 19/08/2008 21:16

The Ring scared me rigid.
I dreamed that the well was in the corner of my bedroom and she was climbing up to get me. I woke up as I ran screaming through the house, I couldn't speak the next day .

onceinalifetime · 19/08/2008 21:16

The Shining

and Jaws when swimming in the sea - I still hear the music. God, I feel so pathetic admitting that.

onceinalifetime · 19/08/2008 21:17

When I was a teenager I found some of the Tales of the Unexpected quite scary!

LaVieEnRose · 19/08/2008 21:34

Event Horizon

Watcher in the Woods (the one with Bette Davis)

Jurassic Park. I'm really, really scared of dinosaurs. Yes I realise they're extinct but still.....

muppetgirl · 19/08/2008 21:35

The hand

branflake81 · 20/08/2008 17:39

The Witches. Especially the Grand High Witch.

falcon · 21/08/2008 20:52

The Shining. The part where you see RED Rum in the mirror and realise it says murder backwards, always gives me a shiver.

The Omen,particuarly the new one, the mirror scene and the priest running through the storm.

Candyman.The entire movie.

Mississippi Burning.Perhaps the most disturbing movie I've ever seen.

And any movie that shows someone who is on fire. I have a phobia of fire.

lovecat · 21/08/2008 23:00

Books tend to give me nightmares rather than films, but ones that have disturbed me are

The Wickerman (original one - just horrific!)

The Fly

Salem's Lot (yes, the scraping at the window)

Jason and the Argonauts - the bit with the statue, Talos - when they're all running around down below with the treasure and it turns its head to look at them and they don't even notice... gives me the shudders!

The trailer to the Ring gave me nightmares - I've never actually watched it

And I've never seen any part of the Blair Witch Project, just been told the end of it by a mate in a pub and it STILL gave me nightmares!

TenaciousG · 21/08/2008 23:13

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

cyteen · 22/08/2008 09:15

Haha, TenaciousG I felt exactly the same about Event Horizon - went to see it at the cinema and was well scared, but at the same time so annoyed that such a crap film could have such an effect on me

Thankfully I watched a bit of it on tv not long after and found that the scariness had gone, leaving only the crapness behind.

wuzzlefraggle · 22/08/2008 09:32

The Grudge (I've seen it once and I am too scared to watch it again lol)

The Exorcist (I know it's old now, but I don't even like thinking about that film. scares the b-jesus out of me! the book is terrifying too!)


13 Ghosts.

I'm CRAP with supernatural horrors but watch them anyway...doesn't make sense. I KNOW that they will scare the shite out of me but I always think "IIII'll watch tha"...

TheDevilWearsPrimark · 22/08/2008 11:39

The original Ring film.

Nightmare on Elm Street.


The worst ever, and I still hate my friend whose house I watched this at was 'Irreversible'. There's a hideous rape scene in a subway, that goes on forever, I had to leave the room and refuse to go through underpasses still.

Jbck · 22/08/2008 14:39

Was waiting on DD1 coming out of school ysterday to hear one little boy (prob P5 or so) say to his friend ' Have you seen The Grudge? It's quite scary but really good' WTF I won't even attempt it, not even the Buffy version but 9 year olds are watching it.

He may even trip trap along later to post on this thread.

Janos · 23/08/2008 16:40

The Ring

The Eye

Dark Water

Event Horizon

I love being scared!

MindingMum · 23/08/2008 16:58

The 'Saw' films

I loved Saw and Saw 2 but then it took me three weeks to get over Saw 3 and am too frightened to see Saw 4 despite my horror film loving hubby telling me it is brilliant

scorpio1 · 23/08/2008 16:59

The Exorcism of Emily Rose

I didn't sleep for days

JulesJules · 23/08/2008 17:15

I am really pathetic about horror films, so I try to avoid them - otherwise I have to sleep with the light on and am too scared to walk across the landing in the dark...but sometimes the title is really misleading - Angel Heart anyone?? Had to "sleep" (ha) with the light on for about a week after I'd seen that...

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