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Films that gave you nightmares

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MrsSnape · 17/08/2008 09:04

Or just really scared you (sorry if its been done before).

The worst one for me was "IT", god that film gave me nightmares for years.

The Sixth Sense gets me when the ghosts come in.

The shinning (the twins scene)

The ring got to me a bit

House on Haunted Hill (again, the ghost scenes!)

OP posts:
JonesTheSteam · 18/08/2008 10:32

28 Weeks Later - zombies are NOT supposed to run like that.. I could only manage the beginning and it scared me for weeks.

When I was younger ITV used to show a 'Murder, Mystery & Suspense' film. Does anyone remember those? There was one where this woman was buried alive and was shouting for help under the ground. Really horrible.

4andnotout · 18/08/2008 10:33

IT is the scariest film for me, although the zombie baby in dawn of the dead, perhaps as i was pregnant at the time.

SlartyBartFast · 18/08/2008 10:34

that reminds me of the baby in trainspotters. really shocking

sherbetdipdab · 18/08/2008 10:35

The Watcher in the Woods, its a Disney film but so scarey, I get the creeps thinking about it now.

And someone else mentioned Event Horizon, terrifying, when his wife who killed herself keeps appearing and saying "I'M WAITING!" I stood at the top of the stairs last week when DH was coming up to bed in the dark and said it, LOL it was too funny he was petrified! But if he had done that to me I would have gone off my head though

olympicsnotfederer · 18/08/2008 10:39

oh yes, the window-scratching in Salems Lot

30 Days of Night I saw recently (on my own, biiiig mistake)-scared the shit outta me

lazaroulovespastries · 18/08/2008 10:41

Poltergeist when the tree comes through the window

Poltergeist 2 I think, all the scenes with the scary man singing 'god is in his holy temple' and when the dad drinks the evil worm

Haveb't seen it for a while so there's probably loads more bits

Raiders of the lost ark, I think, when the guys face starts melting off at the end

That bit in lord of the rings when the hobbit wants to hold the ring and his face goes all scary for a few seconds

Apparently there's a bit in devils advocate when the woman looks in the mirror and her face is all scary. Can't look at that though

HeadFairy · 18/08/2008 10:45

madcol - the descent is grim, not so much the flesh eating creatures but the bleakest ending I've seen in a film for a long while. They fool you in to thinking it'll all be ok and then - Wham! Darker than dark.

Flamesparrow · 18/08/2008 10:48

I can't do anything dream/nightmare based, so the first 30 mins of nightmare on elm street (refused to watch any more), some dream thing with timothy spall....

Oh, and as a kid, a miss marple episode There was a house, and the woman stayed there as a child or something....

lazaroulovespastries · 18/08/2008 10:53

Rosemary's baby. I haven't ever seen the ending. Do we actually get to see the baby?

HeadFairy · 18/08/2008 10:58

you do, but it's a bit cheesey... normal baby with red devil eyes. You don't see the hooves and tail she refers to iirc (phew!)

lazaroulovespastries · 18/08/2008 11:00

Ah, I might watch it properly then.

HeadFairy · 18/08/2008 11:10

the thing I found creepier with Rosemary's baby is when she's desperately trying to get away from the devil worshipers and she turns up at her new doctors office. The doc gets her to lie down and rest a bit, and then her husband comes in to take her away.... nooooooooo!

cremolafoam · 18/08/2008 11:12

also one of the omen films
where at the end Damien thorn turns rounds and looks at the camera

still gives me the creeps

Also The shining in general is awful

electra · 18/08/2008 11:17

American Psycho really bothered me when I was about 20. But I was a bit unbalanced at the time.....don't know how it would affect me now.

Lauriefairycake · 18/08/2008 11:23

I don't watch horror films now but when a teenager I saw Hellraiser and it scared me half to death.

And a hammer house of horror one when I was 9 or 10 about an indian artefact that kept appearing where people were killed........and the other hammer one where the pipes bled blood and the whole house filled with it when the girl in the house reached puberty

solidgoldbrass · 18/08/2008 11:30

Oooh yes, Hellraiser is pant-shittingly awful.
My scariest: Poltergeist 1 and 2 (that awful preacher man, and his followers starving to death in that cave..)
The Ring (only saw the Hollywood version and that was scary enough: I had to stay at my friend's house because I was too frightened to go home and she was too frightened to be alone...)
Candyman ("Heeeeellllleeeeeeennnnnn")

Actually I remember going shriekingly bananas in the cinema over the last section of a rather silly horror-comedy called Creepshow, where all these cockroaches explode out of a dead body, and my date hissing furiously in my ear 'DOn't be sick, this is my last clean shirt!'

Dior · 18/08/2008 11:34

Message withdrawn

annaje · 18/08/2008 11:40

The grudge is horrible too - something about those japanese films - they are so cold and creepy.

spugs · 18/08/2008 13:37

poltergist didnt bother me but i was in my 20s when i dared to watch that! i watched 28 days later but was a bit pissed and cos the film is quite dark and you dont see anyone actually getting eaten i wasnt that scared! amazingly.

Films i will never watch include hostel or any of the saw films, i saw an advert for saw 3 once and it made me feel ill! something to do with a key and an eye [sick emoticon]

i screamed in the cinema when the face appeared in the window in the grudge.

never seen the film IT, read the book and that gave me enough bad dreams (im such a wimp!!!)

SheSellsSeashellsByTheSeashore · 18/08/2008 13:44

hostel isnt scary just sock and gory. ewww.

i think the ring scared me the most though any japenese horror would do it. apart from that stupid giant lizard one i saw not long ago.

it is only creepy if you are a kid. the 'hills have eyes 2' is creepy i couldnt sit on the loo for weeks without checking if there was a zombie down there.

spugs · 18/08/2008 13:47

ooo hills have eyes can be added to my list of never watch
i get my friends to tell me about the scary films but thats as far as i go and zombies and babies are a definite no no!

Amethyst86 · 19/08/2008 20:48

28 days later but worst of all was an old 80's film called "Henry, Portrait of a Serial Killer". I watched that at about 10.00 pm one night and then stayed up all night until 6.00 am when my partner at the time came in from his night shift. I was literally too terrified to sleep.

ByTheSea · 19/08/2008 20:52

"Backdraft" gave me horrible fire nightmares.

pattymc · 19/08/2008 20:57

nightmare on elm street
jaws (in swimming pools)

SlapAndTickle · 19/08/2008 20:57

The Blair Witch Project &
The Cat & The Canary - a very old b/w Bob Hope film (its the bit when the hand comes out of the wall whilst she's sleeping that petrified me)

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