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Anyone else think WALL-E was crap?

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paperchain · 26/07/2008 18:47

so we had a 'family trip' to the cinema. The DSs and DH chose walle.

What a load of rubbish

OP posts:
kslatts · 27/07/2008 11:49

I didn't like it and found it boring, couldn't wait for it to end. DD1 was the only one that enjoyed it.

Pruners · 27/07/2008 12:04

Message withdrawn

weblette · 27/07/2008 12:05

Animation was stunning but found it waaay too long.

pointydog · 27/07/2008 12:22

Prince Caspian was plotless. Good effects

Janos · 27/07/2008 18:43

I really liked it but thought it was very bleak for something that's meant to be a childrens film. Mind you, DS loved it.

Excellent animation.

notasheep · 27/07/2008 18:47

Very dull and grey.
dd and ds werent impressed

paperchain · 27/07/2008 21:25

mixed reviews then...

OP posts:
MaryAnnSingleton · 28/07/2008 20:47

just been to see it, medh and ds (11) and all liked it - very sweet and sad,beautiful animation...dh thought the beginning very slow and the ending too fast. Was a refreshing change,esp compared to the dire clips of fortcoming films (Igor/High School Shite 3/and one that looks not dissimilar to Ratatouille)

Twinkie1 · 28/07/2008 20:47

It was complete bollocks but then so was Mama Mia!

zaphod · 02/08/2008 20:29

Wish I'd seen this thread before we went to the cinema. Absolute rubbish, and my standards are not high. The only worse disney movie I've seen was Dinosaurs, and dd and I walked out halfway through. The best parts of the movie were the 3 loo trips I made with the kids. What a waste of a rare treat for us all.

tiredemma · 02/08/2008 20:30

I thought it was crap.

cant wait for HSM 3

MaryAnnSingleton · 02/08/2008 20:31

HSM3 looked a complete pile of shiteing bollocks - WAall E far superior

zaphod · 02/08/2008 20:31

Yes, saw the trailer for HSM3 it does look good.

MaryAnnSingleton · 02/08/2008 20:32

are you mad ?

MaryAnnSingleton · 02/08/2008 20:44

sorry, not mad,but really, you like the look of HSM3 ?

tiredemma · 02/08/2008 20:46

Not mad at all (hope not anyway!)

I really love the HSM films, boys love them and we enjoy watching them.

Also have a weird sexual thing about Troy. which is wrong but something makes me want to watch him 'shoot hoops' again.

findtheriver · 04/08/2008 19:02

Stunning animation and lovely film. Best thing by Pixar imo

mummyflood · 05/08/2008 21:16

We went today. All thought it was rubbish. Couldnt work out who it was aimed at - the message was quite political & IMO for perhaps 12+, the story was not very funny according to our DC's, very monotonous. Definitely a Disney bomb.

streakybacon · 06/08/2008 09:21

Clever animation does not a great movie make. It looked fab but the story was dire. We thought it was rubbish.

midnightexpress · 06/08/2008 09:27

Great message, yes, were it not for the mounds of Wall-E merchandising tat that is now being shoved down everyone's necks.


Whizzz · 06/08/2008 09:29

well me & DS quite liked it, so there

OrmIrian · 06/08/2008 09:30

Loved it! DS#1 went back to see it again with his friends.

OrmIrian · 06/08/2008 09:31

I don't think the 'message' was aimed at any age in particular. And even my 5 yr old got the point.

bobblehat · 06/08/2008 09:36

How would anyone compare it to kung fu panda - didn't enjoy that at all

OrmIrian · 06/08/2008 09:46

We liked Kung Fu Panda too. Perhaps we're too easily pleased. Only problem with that was that I wanted a bowl of noodles the whole time the film was on. And we had to make do with Pizza Hut

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