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Horror films suitable for 13/14 year old

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pharmachameleon · 21/10/2023 19:12

Any recommendations for a horror film we can watch tonight that would be suitable for my DS to watch too? He's 13 but v mature and would be fine with a 15 certificate I think. I hate horror films so can't think of any but he's really up for watching one tonight in the lead up to Halloween.

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Hatty65 · 21/10/2023 19:15

Perhaps an older one from the 80s? I hate horror films, but I liked them at about 14 or so - but they were nowhere near as graphic as today's special effects. What about something like Poltergeist or the original Halloween?

(Disclaimer - I don't remember anything much about them, so can't say if they are 'suitable')

gamerchick · 21/10/2023 19:18

Nightmare on elm street maybe.

loseweightpleasegod · 21/10/2023 19:19

All the Final Destinations we love them.

Pewpewbarneymcgrew · 21/10/2023 19:20

Something 80’s like The Lost Boys (not really horror I know)

Hatty65 · 21/10/2023 19:24

Ooh, The Lost Boys! I might have to watch that again, to be honest. 😊

pharmachameleon · 21/10/2023 19:26

Thanks all. I do love older films but my DS finds them really slow compared with modern movies

OP posts:
Cheesecake53 · 21/10/2023 19:30

Freighteners was a film I liked at that age. It is not as bad as the cover suggests and has some scary but also pretty funny bits.

The Frighteners (1996) ⭐ 7.1 | Comedy, Fantasy, Horror

1h 50m | 15

ReturnOfTheRainMac · 21/10/2023 19:31

The conjuring series
Paranormal activity
Documentaries about ghost stories
Haunting of hill house which is a series
The purge

All films I have watched with my mature slightly younger daughter.

Cotswoldmama · 21/10/2023 19:31

I've just watched The Others, The sixth sense and both The quiet place films with my son, he's a bit younger than yours. We also watched a series on BBC iplayer called Crazy fun park

eandz13 · 21/10/2023 19:31

Lost Boys is a great shout.

Some I've watched with my eldest recently:
The Others
Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark
Sixth Sense

TooManyAnimals94 · 21/10/2023 19:32

Woman in Black

blackbirdsinginginthenight · 21/10/2023 19:33

The woman in black- nothing tooo scary but some good fun make you jump moments

TwigTheWonderKid · 21/10/2023 19:51

Just watched Totally Killer on Amazon with 14 yo. Scary enough but not too scary.

cannaecookrisotto · 21/10/2023 19:53

The Others with Nicole Kidman.

I used to love that as a teen.

Its5656 · 21/10/2023 19:55

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre
80s Poltergeist
The Exorcist
The Exorcism of Emily Rose
The Hills have Eyes
The Conjuring

xyz111 · 21/10/2023 20:08

I remember liking the Scream films at that age.

3luckystars · 21/10/2023 20:09

The Frighteners with Michael J Fox is brill.

Cotswoldmama · 22/10/2023 08:13

How could I have forgotten Carrie, might have to see if my son will watch it with me today!

SiouxsieSiouxStiletto · 22/10/2023 14:29

I can rennet reading that when I was about 16. Not sure i would have enjoyed watching it at 13 though.

loseweightpleasegod · 23/10/2023 14:14

Lost Boys is timeless.

I watched Cocaine Bear over the weekend ideal opportunity to educate him on the perils of drugs too.

It was naff but I had to watch it til the end.

Funkyslippers · 23/10/2023 18:57


MariaVT65 · 23/10/2023 19:05

xyz111 · 21/10/2023 20:08

I remember liking the Scream films at that age.

Same! Deffo Scream!

The Ring made me shit myself at that age.

moggerhanger · 23/10/2023 19:07

Might he enjoy a Hammer or Amicus classic? Theatre Of Blood is a hoot.

moggerhanger · 23/10/2023 19:17

Oh yes, and my all-time favourite - Dog Soldiers.

Acornsoup · 23/10/2023 19:21

Shaun of the dead

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