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Sweeney Todd - just seen it - and it is...

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bigmouthstrikesagain · 08/01/2008 22:45

Fabulous! Tim Burton is totally on form Jonny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter sing amazingly well (and HBC has the most difficult songs!) and so does Alan Rickman

It does take a bit of adjustment as the film is based on the stage musical (Sondheim) so the spoken dialogue is quite minimal - but this is unlike any other musical - as it is also a very decent horror (in the classic hammer style) so there is mucho blood spurting from slit throats etc. Contrasts beautifully with the mainly monochrome look to the film.

Jonny Depp does sing like a young David Bowie (or David Essex) - concious of sounding 'cockernee' - but he is very convincing (despite looking like Edward Scissorhands older evil brother)and makes Sweeney Todd sympathetic, and HBC is Mrs Lovett the 'special' meat pie maker who has an unrequited love for Todd.

There are some great songs as well (but they need to be heard in the context of the film to be understood).

You all must go and see it when it comes out.

OP posts:
Heathcliffscathy · 08/01/2008 22:47

will do promise.

bigmouthstrikesagain · 08/01/2008 22:50

You will not be disappointed Sophable.

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MissingMyHeels · 08/01/2008 22:50

I can't wait for it to come out!!! I am SOO excited.

How come you have already seen it?

MrsKittylette · 08/01/2008 22:51

Mmmmmmmm ... evil Johnny,

will definatly go see

bigmouthstrikesagain · 08/01/2008 22:53

It is worth the wait MMH.

My sis had a spare ticket for the Warner Bro press screening.

OP posts:
MissingMyHeels · 08/01/2008 22:55

Very lucky indeed! I have downloaded the soundtrack on to my ipod and really impressed by the soundtrack and was surprised at just how good HBC sounds, she has a cracking voice.

bigmouthstrikesagain · 08/01/2008 23:01

She does doesn't she - everyone sang their parts really well the important thing was getting the meaning of the song across - not technical brilliance and they were aided by perfect orchestration. That said I don't think any of the film cast (with a couple of exceptions) would be able to manage stage productions of Sweeney Todd, as here they had the luxury of a studio to record their singing parts iyswim.

OP posts:
Twinklemegan · 08/01/2008 23:06

I can't wait for this one either.

bigmouthstrikesagain · 08/01/2008 23:19

wet your appetite here!

OP posts:
ZippiBabes · 18/01/2008 14:21

I have just booked to see this tomorrow as something to do on a sat night

i thought he looked like edward scissorhands

i don't actually like musicals so i have an open mind at the mo

but it is only a fiver so can't go wrong for that really

ghosty · 20/01/2008 12:40

i just saw this advertised (coming soon in Aus) and I have say:
Sweeney Todd x Johnny Depp + singing = ghosty has died and gone to heaven

I daren't go and see it in case I embarrass myself by trying to jump into the big screen in front of lots of people

Blandmum · 20/01/2008 12:41

I can't stand Sondheim. makes me come out singing the adverts......

jura · 21/01/2008 00:21

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MrsJC · 21/01/2008 02:07

blimey if you approve Jura it MUST be good
I know I like the music because I've played in a production of it

can't wait to go and see it now. love Johnny, love Tim Burton, love batty HBC. out next week here

MrsJC · 21/01/2008 02:08

OMG have jsut viewed the trailer and JD in that gothicky makeup is REALLY doing it for me

expatinscotland · 21/01/2008 02:10

i am SO going to see this!

expatinscotland · 21/01/2008 02:10

i am SO going to see this!

jura · 21/01/2008 10:39

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

wilbur · 21/01/2008 10:41

Oh yes, I can't wait. Dh doesn't want to see it so it will just be me, Johnny and a huge bag of chocolate raisins. Bliss.

marina · 21/01/2008 10:43

That's good to hear jura because I love this musical so much and was a bit disappointed that HBC was cast as Mrs Lovett. I am sure Johnny Depp's been in a band so I was not so worried about him.
Blub, anyone remember the original London flop production with the awesome Denis Quilley and Julia Mackenzie?
Cannot wait to see this, am normally slinging new releases straight on to LoveFilm but this merits a trip to the flicks

wilbur · 21/01/2008 10:46

Oh yes, Marina - that's the production i saw and fell in love with the show completely. Had the boxed set of tapes (tapes!) and played them until they wore out. Poor Dennis Q - he died too young.

chrissnow · 21/01/2008 10:48

he he. My DH is dying to take me to see it. I didn't know it was a musical (wonder if he does!!)

marina · 21/01/2008 10:50

We even saw La Cage aux Folles with Denis in wilbur
Loved his work, agree we lost him much too young

wilbur · 21/01/2008 10:55

I saw that La Cage too! I think we are theatre twins, Marina!

marina · 21/01/2008 10:59

Booked to see Douglas Hodge and Philip Quast at the Menier yet then

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