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The Batman

32 replies

AlviarinAesSedai · 05/03/2022 13:35

Anyone seen yet? Did you enjoy?

OP posts:
MatildaJayne · 05/03/2022 19:28

Yes, saw it with my DS today. Dark and brooding, and a bit overlong. Not sure whether it needs rebooting yet again, but DS enjoyed it.

IsThisNameTaken · 05/03/2022 19:30

DS (15) saw it yesterday and it was 'ok' and 'a bit too long'. He's normally a big fan of everything DC.

BulletTrain · 06/03/2022 14:10

Loved it! But yes, too long by maybe 20 minutes.

AlviarinAesSedai · 06/03/2022 16:24

I’m excited now, going tomorrow afternoon.

OP posts:
PatriciaHolm · 06/03/2022 18:26

Yes! All of us (me and two teens) enjoyed it. Actually didn't feel too long to us. Some fantastic visuals.

Oblomov22 · 06/03/2022 18:32

Went tonight. Ds1 booked tickets. I didn't know it was a 15. And didn't check. But Ds2 didn't have id and he was refused. Gutted. And feel stupid. Drove me and Ds2 home. Will have to go and pick up Ds1 later. Was really looking forward to it.

PatriciaHolm · 06/03/2022 20:55


Went tonight. Ds1 booked tickets. I didn't know it was a 15. And didn't check. But Ds2 didn't have id and he was refused. Gutted. And feel stupid. Drove me and Ds2 home. Will have to go and pick up Ds1 later. Was really looking forward to it.

Ah - I noticed that our Odeon actually had warnings up that they were checking, which I've not seen before - so maybe they are being more observant for this as they know lots of under 15s will be interested in watching.
jay55 · 07/03/2022 07:27

Thought it was far too long. Batman too emo.
Just a bit boring.

I did love catwoman though.

AlviarinAesSedai · 07/03/2022 19:04

I enjoyed it. Was very dark, by dark I mean the action on screen. Colin Farrell unrecognisable! The middle dragged a bit but on the whole a solid 8 out 10 for me.

OP posts:
skgnome · 07/03/2022 19:09

Watched it.
It’s long, but enjoyable…nothing that should have been cut, it flows nicely, just feels as if they could not decide what to take out and just left all the ideas in
Bruce Wayne as an Emo kid, best way to describe it, but it’s all about Batman anyway
Cat woman is amazing
And I still cannot believe the transformation of Collin Farrell.

BulletTrain · 07/03/2022 19:15

I had NO idea it was him. All the way through I was thinking hmm, big role to give to an unknown actor.

Pieceofpurplesky · 08/03/2022 23:45

I thought it was brilliant. Loved the young Bruce Wayne and how he was still in so much pain. He's a young Batman, only two years in. It will be a brilliant character arc. Robert Pattinson was fantastic

Valhalla17 · 08/03/2022 23:48

Fantastic movie! Really loved it and the casting was perfect. Might go again! Grin

Sturmundcalm · 11/03/2022 19:26

really didn't love it... was too long (and i was checking my watch at times!), the idea that a 30yo billionaire is lurching about like a teenage emo seemed vaguely ridiculous and while i really liked john turturro i though colin farrel was kind of wasted. i kind of liked the detective/serial killer thing but the finale of that just seemed a bit chaotic at the convention centre and was confusing/stretching suspension of disbelief at time.

also WHAT were those shots of robert pattinson's shoulder blades about?!? bleurgh

JonSnowedUnder · 13/03/2022 20:02

I didn't love it, music was great, sets were high quality and good acting but it just missed the mark. All the riddles were too easily solved, the breakdown of corruption within Gotham isn't exciting enough to carry a whole movie and Bruce Wayne was a bit wet.

Plus people were laughing in the cinema when cat woman put a cat in the box on the back of her motorbike - would surely have been petrified?! They also really over-played BM/BW looking at the mayors son. Yes clearly there was a link to his childhood but it just felt clumsy and amateur, plus how unsettling for the boy, probably thought BM was going to come back and get him!

Kanaloa · 13/03/2022 22:08


also WHAT were those shots of robert pattinson's shoulder blades about?!? bleurgh

We haven’t seen it yet, hopefully going to soon, but wtf 😂 is it repeated so often that it grated on you? What a weird thing to remember of a whole movie, how many times does he have his shoulder blades out specifically?

Kanaloa · 13/03/2022 22:11

Although we are normally a marvel family, but would like to see this as there’s been a lot of buzz around it. I do wonder if they needed yet another Batman movie with another new Batman. It feels as well like quite often they’re very repetitive because they’re just telling the same Batman story again. I did say that about the second lot of Spider-Man movies too - we already know this story! The new ones are a bit different as they were not as much of a direct remake of the Spider-Man origin story so I’m interested to see how the new Batman handles that.

Sturmundcalm · 14/03/2022 12:54

@Kanaloa - no, but they did a shot twice of him topless and coming up from behind and IMO (and that of my DS) it was weird and made him look kind of deformed until he straightened up a bit/the camera got up level with his shoulders.

we're a Marvel family - DD and DH liked this one a lot but DS and I both felt it was too long. TBF, this is a bit like the latest Spiderman ones where it's not really an origin story. so while i didn't love it (and I liked the Chris Nolan Batmans well enough) it's not as though you've seen it all before.

Hollywills41 · 16/03/2022 22:54

My son said he loved it and he is only 12

SirSidneyRuffDiamond · 17/03/2022 07:10

@Hollywills41 how did he get in to see it? It's a 15 and all the cinemas round us were checking IDs. In fact several advertised in advance that they would not let anyone in without a valid ID.

LetsGoFlyAKiteee · 19/03/2022 22:33

Quite like it. Good cast but it was a bit too long!

Ozanj · 19/03/2022 22:43

It had some amazing bits and some mediocre ones. Zoe Kravitz stole every scene she was in. You can totally believe she’s cat woman. Colin Farrell was great too. But I do think Batman / Bruce Wayne was where it all fell down which is strange because that’s where Batman films usually do well. Robert Pattinson wasn’t bad but he was def let down by characterisation that was more style over substance.

SoItWas · 23/03/2022 10:02

"They also really over-played BM/BW looking at the mayors son"

Could that kid be Robin?

ITSupport · 23/03/2022 10:04

Walked out after an hour and a half

A lot of the filming was done in the wet and the drops on the camera made everything blurred and frankly played havoc with my glasses.

It was dire apart from that - I’d have lived with the blur had it been any good

tellmewhentheLangshiplandscoz · 30/03/2022 20:51

I thought it was ok, as others have said a bit long in the middle, but I liked RP as Batman but also found him a bit of a wet lettuce as BW.

Really liked the new Alfred although do we know if he was ok?!

Zoe Kravitz was excellent.

Did anyone else notice wherever BM came on to kick the baddies butts the music was reminiscent of Darth Vader's music, that DU DU DU . Grin

The Riddler was rubbish though. I really can't be scared by a villain who looks like he hasn't shaved yet and his supposed to be demonic laugh was just irritating. When he was masked up I thought( he looked and sounded like a Pound Shop Bain. Oh and blowing the river walls was too much like when Bain blew the bridges in Dark Knight Rises.

Can you tell I love the Christopher Nolan films?! Christian Bale as BM was pretty hot. But I also think he did the arrogant BW well too, made him quite unlikeable. But he'd still totally get it Grin

As a side note, I've never been a Marvel Fan but there were several trailers before our film for yet more Marvel Churned Out shite. Depressing. Although I know I'm in the minority with that view.

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