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Sopranos Fans - Many Saints of Newark

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BeaucoupFish · 21/09/2021 19:04

released tomorrow I can’t wait
The prequel to the Sopranos with Michael Gandolfini (son of James) playing Tony at the same age coming up in New Jersey

trailer here

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grannyjacob · 21/09/2021 19:10

Going tomorrow, really looking forward to it, first time at the cinema this year. Read today that there’s already talk of there being a sequel.

BeaucoupFish · 21/09/2021 19:17

I saw the Steve Van Zandt/Silvio on the trailer such good casting and Pussy Bompensera

I can’t wait to see it !
Have you been listening to the talking sopranos podcasts - brilliant as well with Michael Imperioli and Steven Shirippa

please come back and let me know what you thought of the film

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BeaucoupFish · 21/09/2021 19:44

Sorry should have ‘atted’ you

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TokyoTammy · 21/09/2021 19:51

Rest in Peace James G.

Can't wait to see it.

Thatswhatmamasaid · 21/09/2021 19:59

I'm really looking forward to this too.

Thatswhatmamasaid · 21/09/2021 20:01

I've been listening to the podcast too. Apparently, Michael Imperioli will be doing a voiceover in the movie as Christopher!

BeaucoupFish · 21/09/2021 20:09

Don’t you mean ‘Cristaffa’

Though I must say he has a lovely speaking voice when he isn’t in character, Steven is a bit hard work, but he does calm down after the first few, what a deep dive that podcast Is though !
I love it

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Thelikelylass · 21/09/2021 20:11

Me too! I'm gutted I cannot go tomorrow as have visitors but by God I will be taking some cannoli with me to the cinema as soon as is humanly possible!

Thelikelylass · 21/09/2021 20:12

And going to see some of the cast next year when they're in the UK.

Babymamamama · 21/09/2021 20:15

God I loved James Gandolfini. I wasn’t right for about a week after he passed.

BeaucoupFish · 21/09/2021 20:15


Me too! I'm gutted I cannot go tomorrow as have visitors but by God I will be taking some cannoli with me to the cinema as soon as is humanly possible!

“Dont forget The Cannoli”

OP posts:
BeaucoupFish · 21/09/2021 20:19

Most hated character in sopranos ?
For me
Ralph Cifaretto
RIchie Aprile - ‘The `Jaaaacket’
Janice - (or Parvati )😂😂😂

OP posts:
BeaucoupFish · 21/09/2021 20:20

Wow ! Where ?

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grannyjacob · 21/09/2021 20:25

I’ve only very recently started listening to the podcasts. Totally agree that Michael has a lovely voice and it’s very easy to listen to him. Steve is a whole different ball-game. Have heard myself telling him to stop interrupting and shut the fuck up more than once. I’ll take your word for it that he does calm down.
It’s my ex son-in-law that I’m going to see it with, every year on our two b’days, we have in-depth prolonged text conversations about the series and James G. My daughter never got into the series and used to get so cheesed off listening to the two of us dissecting each episode as it showed 😀
I’ve got the box-set, watch it every couple of years. IMO, The Sopranos and The West Wing are the two greatest tv series ever, and James G’s performance is unbeatable.

Thelikelylass · 21/09/2021 20:34
Slagertha · 21/09/2021 20:35

Got my tickets booked for tomorrow!! So excited x

BeaucoupFish · 21/09/2021 20:35

I genuinely laughed out loud at your STFU comment 😂😂 so true and some of the reviews say the same so it’s not just us - do have a soft spot for him I love his character in Blue Bloods and he does get himself in check after a few episodes maybe he read the reviews? 😂
Michael is just class isn’t he ? considered and very intelligent and has lived a really full and interesting life - I will never get bored with listening to him on that as everything he says is worth hearing, but I guess he needs somebody to bounce off
Do you remember when Tony said ‘stop leaning on my car you fat fuck or you’re going to tip it over’
I felt so sorry for Bobby he was a nice person - was so upset for him when Janice got her claws in

OP posts:
Thelikelylass · 21/09/2021 20:36

Don't get me started on how much I love this, nor how attractive Tony is despite...well,everything.
Can you imagine Carmela on Mumsnet in the relationships section?
Greatest Television Series of All Time!

BeaucoupFish · 21/09/2021 20:36

Bournemouth Pavillion 😂😂😂😂
Thank you

OP posts:
BeaucoupFish · 21/09/2021 20:38

Or Olivia ?

OP posts:
Thelikelylass · 21/09/2021 20:38

[quote BeaucoupFish]@Thelikelylass
Bournemouth Pavillion 😂😂😂😂
Thank you[/quote]
Yeah I can only imagine these characters walking round some of the places in that list, that would make a series in itself.

BeaucoupFish · 21/09/2021 20:39

We have a good beach but not a boardwalk with ghosts

OP posts:
TokyoTammy · 21/09/2021 20:40

Most hated definitely

Ralph Cifaretto, so glad when he ended up in the bath tub!
Father Phil Intintola, he was just ewwww.
Phil Leotardo - for what he did to Vito in the motel room

BeaucoupFish · 21/09/2021 20:42


Talking of attractive what about Jackie Aprile Jr? meadows ex and a total idiot as it turned out (robbing the card game)
He was the child in Suzanne Vegas ‘Luca’ video
Don’t think I have ever seen such a handsome lad

OP posts:
BeaucoupFish · 21/09/2021 20:45

Completely forgot about the cocklodger priest !
Love how Carmela saw through him quite soon
Oh yes and Philly Leotardo was horrendous (really tiny forehead)
That was the pool cue moment yes ?

I felt a bit sad for Feech La Manna when they set him up but he also wasn’t loveable

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