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How old was your child on your first trip to the cinema?

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chicca · 12/11/2007 21:15

Quite fancy taking DS1 (3) but not sure if he is quite ready. I've heard that all kids wonder around the cinema here (Spain) so that is a bonus (as he will probably too). Don't really know what is the most toddler friendly around at the moment

OP posts:
ambercat · 12/11/2007 21:20

I took ds2 aged 2.8 to see ratatouille with his big brother and sister and he was fine, sat on my knee and stuffed his face with sweets!. Don't think he watched the film at all!

Hulababy · 12/11/2007 21:22

DD was 3 or 4 I think. Went to see Chicken Little. She sat in her seat or on my knee throughout. No running about and no loud chatting.

SlubberGiverOfCakesToChippy · 12/11/2007 21:22

Took dd1 (3.5) to see ratatouille. She was fine. Was very engaged by the flip up and down seats for the last 15mins though.

belgo · 12/11/2007 21:23

My dd was 3 and a half. It was a film premiere of a Shark's Tale. Her auntie took her; They had to leave half way through as my dd1 couldn't sit still for that long.

lionheart · 12/11/2007 21:31

Took DS1 and about 3.5 and we left after about fifteen minutes because the sound was hurting his ears (on the plus side, the usher noticed us leaving, asked us why and gave a full refund).

hazlinh · 20/11/2007 10:42

dd aged 3, we watched shrek 3. she was transfixed the entire time. and munched through entire small bag of popcorn...

pukkapatch · 03/12/2007 23:27

ds aged two. we went to see atar wars episode one. was fantastic.

piximon · 03/12/2007 23:56

Many moons ago we took DSD when she was almost 3. She gave everyone a running commentary on what she could see but had no idea what the plot was. DD1 is 3 and would love Enchanted from what I've seen of the trailer.

RosaLuxMundi · 04/12/2007 00:01

DD3 was 3. She decided she liked the ladies toilets more than the film so I spent most of the film ducking under the screen as we undertook yet another unnecessary excursion to the loo. (She wasn't wrong because the film was the egregiously pointless Tigger Movie) When she was not promenading to the public conveniences she was engaged in happily but annoyingly flipping her seat up and down.
After a good hour of this I snappd and spent the last 20 minutes of the film sitting on the foyer steps banging my head against my knees and chanting never again while she demanded popcorn with menaces.
We didn't go to see another film for about a year.

MommalovesHerSpanglyXmasName · 04/12/2007 00:08

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

Bomper · 04/12/2007 22:43

I recently took dd2 on her first cinema trip at 3 and a half, we went to see Ratatouille. Armed with a drink and a large bag of Maltesers, she was fine!! Took to the dark surroundings and loud music like a pro. I had left it as long as I could as she is a bit of a nightmare usually (took dd2 at about 2!!) but I am glad I took the plunge as she loved it!! Next big milestone is her first panto in a couple of weeks time!!!!!

Bomper · 04/12/2007 22:45

Meant took dd1 at around 2 obv!!!

FAWKEOFFwiththetinsel · 04/12/2007 22:49

DD had her first trip to the cinema recently and she is 4, she did really well and sat through ratatouille

PortAndLemonaid · 04/12/2007 22:58

Took DS to a couple of things when he was around 2.0 - 2.3 (it was DH's idea), but that was in a virtually empty cinema so less potential to disturb people. He didn't really have the attention span for it, TBH -- didn't disrupt anything but wasn't really interested after the first hour.

Took him again to Ratatouille at 2.8 (crowded cinema) and he was fine -- one loo break required and a couple of hissed questions of "What's gonna happen, Mummy?" at the tense moments, but he was gripped throughout.

pinkteddy · 04/12/2007 23:00

I haven't been brave enough to take dd (4) to cinema yet as she gets scared quite easily but have been encouraged by your experiences - anything good on over xmas that I could take her to that is not too scary? (Bearing in mind that she found the cat in Disney's Cinderella scary?!)

MrsFlora · 04/12/2007 23:04

well, mine was 3 months old... the film was for mummy in one of those cool London chain that has mum and baby screenings!

Can't wait to go the cinema when she's a bit older!

gigglewitchyouamerryxmas · 04/12/2007 23:06

3 weeks

ja9 · 04/12/2007 23:07

funny, i came on to ask this same question. ds is 3.3 yrs.. not sat through an entire film before... tempted to give ratatouille a go.

gigglewitchyouamerryxmas · 04/12/2007 23:11

took DS2 when he was 3.5 to see 'cars' film, he fell asleep cos it was warm and dark. this is the kid who fell asleep in the planetarium too -well it was like night wasn't it....
he was so mortified at missing half an hour in the middle of "cars" (we shook and poked him but he was well zzzzed) we bought him the DVD when it came out!

paulaplumpbottom · 04/12/2007 23:12


southeastastra · 04/12/2007 23:14

about 6 to see the pokemon movie that nearly put me off forever

ilovewashingnappies · 04/12/2007 23:26

12 weeks and it was brilliant! There was only about 5 people in the cinema and little one just fed and slept. Though she did stand on my lap and watch for a few minutes - she was in awe of the lights and deep bassy sounds.

procrastinatingparent · 04/12/2007 23:41

DS 1 - 6 weeks, slept all the way through, brilliant.

DD - 8 weeks, went to see Oceans 11, sat down in cinema, asked to leave just before film started because it was rated 12 and no one under 12 was allowed in cinema.

But we could have taken her to see Lord of the Rings because that was only PG...

Actually to answer your question in the way you intended, sometime between 3 and 4 years old.

Waswondering · 05/12/2007 21:29

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

LIZS · 05/12/2007 21:35

ds was about 18 months , dd about 4 (not allowed in Swiss cinemas under 5 or 6).

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