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Murder on the Orient Express

93 replies

NikiBabe · 14/10/2017 19:25

Advance tickets now available. Anyone else planning to see it?

Trailer looks fabulous.

OP posts:
JustDanceAddict · 12/11/2017 16:50

Not a patch on David Suchet! I thought the cinematography was amazing, but it was only ok. I’ve definitely seen it before but couldn’t remember the plot at all!!

HollyandBrambles · 12/11/2017 18:47

I’m going tonight! I’ve never seen it and done even know the story alert from the obvious!

StripySocksAndDocs · 12/11/2017 21:18

I'm just out of it. I really loved it (lot of mention here about there being no glamour - I'm wondering if I dislike glamour as I didn't think it was needed!!)

Loved the fact that none of the actors where 'stars'. The cinematography is superb.

Also appreciated that Kenneth is a different Poirot to David. He's more socially able and self aware.

(I'm quite a die hard Christie fan I have to confess)

janaus · 12/11/2017 21:21

Great movie. It was very well done. I had conveniently forgotten most of the old story. Great cast.

StripySocksAndDocs · 12/11/2017 21:22

Book Poirot's tash is enormous. It varies but is big and notable.

MirandaWest · 12/11/2017 21:24

DH and I went this afternoon and really enjoyed it. Not sure I'd ever seen it before - definitely didn't know the plot. And excellent moustache I thought (is it real or not I wonder)

LadyGagarden · 12/11/2017 21:27

I found this so boring!! Thought Johnny Depp was best character and shame he got killed off so soon. Nice scenery but rest of it was really dull. Shame as I’ve seen other Agatha Christie stuff and loved it. I actually preferred the Jigsaw film I saw the other week!

corythatwas · 12/11/2017 22:40

Was that a joke, Stripey, about none of the actors being stars? Isn't this the film that's got Johnny Depp, Penelope Cruz, Derek Jacobi, Judi Dench, Michelle Pfeifer, and Kenneth Branagh in it? Or did you mean that they keep a low profile?

StripySocksAndDocs · 12/11/2017 22:55

Low profile - there were a lot of big names but none where the Main Attraction screen time wise

HollyandBrambles · 12/11/2017 23:01

Well I really liked it, great easy viewing for a Sunday evening and fantastic to look at too.

scrabble1 · 16/11/2017 13:23

Just seen it. Amazing!

whataconundrum · 16/11/2017 13:47

Wasn't a big fan..really disappointed in Kenneth Branagh's acting too

gabsdot · 17/11/2017 13:32

I enjoyed it but it was more of a Sunday night TV movie. It did look amazing, lots of amazing scenes of the train speeding though the alps.
KB was an ok Poirot but he was not really "funny little Belgian man" as he is in the books.
Good cast and good acting by all, particularly JD and Michelle Pffeifer was incredible. She looked like a actress from the golden period of Holywood.
DH didn't know woodunit but he figured it out.

Liliywil · 17/11/2017 17:16

Haven't watched this one. Would like to watch it if its good. Muppets on Orient Express gives second thoughts though!!Grin

scrabbler3 · 19/11/2017 21:27

I loved the cinematography but was indifferent to Action-Poirot, who was not the pernickety retired policeman of the books. I think that the ending would have had more oomph if it had wrapped at the long table scene, but instead there was five more minutes of Kenneth. Some of the characterisation was weak, with very good actors underused. It was ok but not brilliant.

LaGattaNera · 20/11/2017 08:32

I saw it Saturday and really enjoyed it. totally agree with StripySocks review

Davros · 21/11/2017 22:57

Saw it today and found it reasonably enjoyable but a bit dull but was expecting spectacular. The first part reminded me of the Spielberg Tintin film. I agree that Poirot was far too physical and active. Thank god it wasn’t 2+ hours as I feared.

CoolCarrie · 25/11/2017 17:57

Saw it last night, and watched the Albert Finney version today, much preferred Finney! Too much Ken, and that ridiculous moustache and not enough of the other characters, Depp wasn't as chilling, as Rchard Witmark, Judi Dench wasn't as commanding as Wendy Hiller, too much action, still prefer David Suchet, his moustache is much better.

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