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Murder on the Orient Express

93 replies

NikiBabe · 14/10/2017 19:25

Advance tickets now available. Anyone else planning to see it?

Trailer looks fabulous.

OP posts:
NikiBabe · 29/10/2017 23:30

Anymore unnecessary than any other remake Confused

OP posts:
ContessaBonessa · 29/10/2017 23:33

Not sure what the little confused face is for. Just seems to me that 50% of Hollywood's output these days is remakes.

I hope that isn't too confusing for you.

Best wishes,

PhilODox · 29/10/2017 23:34

Muppets on the Orient Express would be marvellous!

lizzieoak · 29/10/2017 23:35

The moustache is very wrong.

I’d like to see it (because I cannot resist a costume drama) but the Suchet version was so good, very sombre.

WestleyAndButtockUp · 29/10/2017 23:52

My understanding is that the moustache is very right.

Can book readers confirm that Poirot's moustache is actually quite large and his pride and joy?

lizzieoak · 30/10/2017 00:28

I read the books decades ago, but while it was his pride and joy I thought it would be precise to match his nature. Branagh’s moustache looks like a broom.

CoolCarrie · 30/10/2017 11:44

Don't read the book, go and see the film first, it is one of Christie's best mysteries. .

CoolCarrie · 30/10/2017 11:46

I think Hollywood are running out of stories and money to take chances on new writers, although there are wonderful books out there, just waited to be adapted.

NamasteNiki · 03/11/2017 17:52

Visually beautiful. But dull as shit.

PolkaDottyRose · 03/11/2017 18:24

Really? what a great shame, but not a complete surprise.

Snailo · 03/11/2017 18:44

I enjoyed it. I thought the start was a bit Hmm but it grew on me once they boarded the OE, because of the visuals - agree that was definitely its strength. I knew the story from reading the book and from the Albert Finney film version, but I still enjoyed it. Kenneth Branagh's accent did make me laugh a couple of times though! I don't think you can take these things too seriously, and it did seem a bit tongue in cheek at times.

19lottie82 · 04/11/2017 19:59

I went to see it and agree with Niki

QueenNefertitty · 04/11/2017 20:01

Oh I'm taking DS and DM to the baby screening next week (usually empty but for me and one other mother).... bit disappointed to hear it's dull!

Branleuse · 04/11/2017 20:47

I enjoyed it

moutonfou · 04/11/2017 22:14

I'm expecting it to be awful (for me David Suchet is Poirot and Johnny Depp gives me the willies) - but as an Agatha Christie addict I still have to see it Grin

RemusLupinsBiggestGroupie · 04/11/2017 22:17

I really liked it. It's definitely a bit tongue in cheek and the moustache probably needed its own dressing room. I thought the beginning was a bit confusing. Scenery shots are absolutely incredible.

19lottie82 · 04/11/2017 22:21

Although I didn’t enjoy it, my friend saw it too and really enjoyed it. She is a fan of the original though, and I’ve never seen it, don’t know if that made the difference?

PrivateParkin · 04/11/2017 22:53

I noticed at the end that Poirot got a message about a "Death on the Nile" - maybe KB is planning a franchise?? I agree with whoever said David Suchet was the best Poirot. KB is such a great actor that although he looks nothing like my mental image of Poirot, he was still excellent IMHO.

PrincessoftheSea · 04/11/2017 22:58

I loved the film. It took me 2 minutes to accept Kenny B and his moustace. I thought this was a darker and more vulnerable Poirot. I will see it again I think. What a star cast!

corythatwas · 04/11/2017 22:59

It's not the size of the moustache that's wrong: it's its general look of untidiness. Which I suspect is going to be what's wrong with the whole of Branagh's Poirot: he's a great actor but he hasn't got that complete neatness and ability to suppress his own personality that the part requires. That's why Suchet was perfect: he really can do that.

Brokenbiscuit · 04/11/2017 22:59

I enjoyed it. Wasn't convinced that I could accept Branagh as Poirot, but actually, I really liked him in the role.

DD didn't know the ending and was delighted with the way the plot unfolded!Grin

Brokenbiscuit · 04/11/2017 23:01

I will always love Suchet as Poirot, though. It's hard to compete with that!

PrivateParkin · 04/11/2017 23:05

Cory yes I know what you mean. There was a scene where KB was sort of lumbering along the corridor and I thought Poirot would never have lumbered! He'd have sort of glided (glid?! Neither of those looks right).

ZooeyAndFranny · 04/11/2017 23:19

The new film is beautiful and arresting and I loved the music.
But it lacks something.

The thing that ruined it to me was Poitot’s mispronunciation of “œufs”. Sorry to be pedantic, but it really bugged me.

For me Peter Ustinov will always be The Poirot.

tobee · 05/11/2017 15:50

Hmm, what it lack? Tension? Characters you cared about?

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