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War for the Planet of the Apes.

28 replies

NikiBabe · 14/07/2017 14:36

I am planning on seeing this.

Has anyone seen it?

It looks fabulous although overly long.

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sakura06 · 14/07/2017 20:35

I'm excited to see this too, butI cancelled my trip to view it this week as I was too tired and it's so long!

NikiBabe · 14/07/2017 21:29

Yeah I am put off by the 2.5 hour run time.

OP posts:
bimbobaggins · 16/07/2017 23:14

I'm looking forward to seeing it too , just watched parts 1&2 for a refresher

NurseButtercup · 18/07/2017 09:09

Did any of you watch? I saw it Sunday night, it was so sad I actually cried four times I never expected to cry!! Still a good film

bimbobaggins · 18/07/2017 13:18

Oh no nurse, was it that sad? I haven't seen it yet, going to wait until I come back my holiday

ew1990 · 18/07/2017 13:24

Watched it the other night, excellent film, welled up a few times too but that just might be pregnancy hormones

NikiBabe · 18/07/2017 16:41

Cool. I will see it this week!

OP posts:
sonlypuppyfat · 18/07/2017 16:44

I enjoyed it I found it very exciting

Tanaqui · 18/07/2017 17:00

It didn't feel that long, and it was good, but it was incredibly male - no real adult female characters at all. 😢

Gothbaby · 20/07/2017 11:37

soooo worth going to see! I hadnt seen the others so over the 3 weeks before it came out me and my hubby watched RISE and DAWN. The time isnt bad as its engaging throughout!! .... it was the 30 minutes of ads that drained me haha! its powerful, beautifully done and yeah... cried alot x

LIZS · 20/07/2017 11:49

Ds and dh saw it last weekend . Apparently there wasn't much that dragged although they felt the symbolism was rather overplayed.

NikiBabe · 23/07/2017 20:46

2.5 hours of my life that I will never get back.


Never have I seen a film so long where so little happens.

OP posts:
WhatToDoAboutThis2017 · 23/07/2017 20:48

Oh it was such an amazing film! I cried buckets at the end and I've never done that in the cinema before.

NikiBabe · 23/07/2017 21:00

Well people have different opinions.
A load of shit throwing apes with silly mannerisms.

The people around me were all laughing at the sheer stupidity.

OP posts:
WhatToDoAboutThis2017 · 23/07/2017 21:02

There's no need to be so nasty about it Confused

VeryButchyRestingFace · 23/07/2017 21:04

2.5 hours of my life that I will never get back

Any worse than The lost city of Z or A quiet passion??

Having suffered through both and made it out alive (barely).

ceecee32 · 23/07/2017 21:07

I thought it was crap. All violence with no undercurrent of light relief apart from one very small moment.
No real story apart from violence, violence and more violence

LetsGoFlyAKiteee · 23/07/2017 21:16

I liked it. Didn't feel that long and did get teary at a few parts but no surprise for me. Really liked the music as well

Nancy91 · 23/07/2017 21:18

I loved it, of course it was going to be violent, the clue is in the name.

Ridingthegravytrain · 23/07/2017 21:19

Oh god yeah the lost city of zzzzzzzzz.

Haven't seen this yet, gonna wait for DVD I think as it's so long

EnormousDormouse · 23/07/2017 21:26

I thought it was too long and had gaping plot holes (....lack of secure perimeter/guards at the California border, no-one noticing holes appearing, fuel storage tank locations Hmm ) but it wasn't as bad as I expected. The lady snoring in the seat next to me was obviously less impressed.

NikiBabe · 23/07/2017 21:34

The big plot expose was so underwhelming.

All done in dialogue and crap dialogue at that. Then it makes you realise oh yeah, that's like in the original. But the original planet of the apes worked because it was creepy and shocking. How about a sinister scene like where charlton Heston sees what humans have become, nope just crap dialogue.

I couldn't cry for apes deaths as i didnt care. The apes surviving means the destruction of the human race once and for all. I wanted the apes to be defeated.

OP posts:
NikiBabe · 23/07/2017 21:35

No one was nasty to you what to do. You are particularly touchy on most threads.

OP posts:
NikiBabe · 23/07/2017 21:37

Any worse than The lost city of Z or A quiet passion??

Haven't seen either.

Lala land and moonlight were abysmal in my opinion too and they were both contenders for best film and one got it.

Lala Land had no story and in Moonlight the character stood around not speaking for 90% of the film.

OP posts:
WhatToDoAboutThis2017 · 23/07/2017 22:02

No one was nasty to you what to do.

I didn't say you were nasty to me. I just thought your attitude was rather nasty; it's only a film after all.

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