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Notting Hill is not very accurate is it?

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SouthWestmom · 06/09/2015 22:35

I mean, in the book shop and they think about how exciting it would be to see a celebrity. And Anna going into some random's house. And then kissing him - I can't get on board with this.

OP posts:
StormCoat · 07/09/2015 00:06

Well, all American film stars long to leave their lonely, sterile, glossy lives and mingle with Real English People. Real English people live with Comedy Welshmen and have wheelchairs and burnt guinea-fowl and say self-deprecating things. Oh, and they're all glued to Captain fecking Corelli's Mandolin.

ARichVernacular · 07/09/2015 00:06

LovelyFriend 'floppy charmer' sounds like HG's pet name for his nob Grin

Cinnamoncookie · 07/09/2015 00:07

The bit that really annoys me (apart from all of the above, natch) is when they are driving at top speed through London to get to her press conference before she leaves. They have been at the Ritz (on Piccadilly), then drive down Haymarket (so far so good), then turn down Suffolk Place, which is a one-way street the wrong way, and then taa-daah, they're at Admiralty Arch, completely the other side of Trafalgar Square, clearly exploiting some sort of space/time wormhole, and then they're on Pall Mall East, having gone back through the wormhole, and finally jump right across to the Savoy, off the Strand

SouthWestmom · 07/09/2015 00:09

At least they don't have to worry about the congestion charge.
Accuracy in geography is very important, well spotted.

OP posts:
LovelyFriend · 07/09/2015 00:10

Rich :) indeed.

Oh yes, when he get on the 52 bus outside the Ritz to go to NH, but he catches the bus on the wrong side of the road - cause its a better shot.

Fuck me I just saw the "I'm engaged - by the way its you" dinner speech. Cringe cringe cringe!

LovelyFriend · 07/09/2015 00:12

blink blink, mumble, stammer blink blink
How the fuck did he become a superstar?

TinklyLittleLaugh · 07/09/2015 00:14

Richard Curtis films have to feature a charming, brave disabled person though; it is the law.

LovelyFriend · 07/09/2015 00:15

Would a random visitor to a film set ever get given a head set to listen in on the lead actors?

LovelyFriend · 07/09/2015 00:16

I did meet RC once - forgot to put that on the claim to fame thread.

BertieBotts · 07/09/2015 00:17

Oh yes! I've been carried up stairs too and it is indeed fucking terrifying. The weight distribution is all wrong so the balance is totally off and you're on STAIRS. WTF. Buy a stairlift, you fool!

SouthWestmom · 07/09/2015 00:31

I shall ask Dh to try it tomorrow so that he can feel all romantic. Will need to ensure cat is nowhere to be seen, and all children are absent to avoid disaster/copycat attempts.

OP posts:
SouthWestmom · 07/09/2015 00:32

Lovelyfriend- can you answer your own question? We're you on set and did he give you a headset?

OP posts:
LovelyFriend · 07/09/2015 00:38

no not on set. I knew his nanny Grin

YonicScrewdriver · 07/09/2015 00:51

Wait, Richard Curtis isn't a gritty documentary maker?



LovelyFriend · 07/09/2015 01:02

no thats Richard Blackwood.


PerspicaciaTick · 07/09/2015 02:08

I like the fact there is no snogging in the end.

Doublebubblebubble · 07/09/2015 02:36

Its not accurate (I love rl Notting hill) or good in my opinion. Mind you I hate Richard Curtis films in general. They are just so very vanilla and safe.

Bogeyface · 07/09/2015 02:51

It makes FourWeddings and a Funeral look like Citizen Kane.

Best critique ever :o:o

I like Love Actually but only for the Emma Thompson/Alan Rickman and Bill Nighy/Gregor Fisher bits ("Thank you Ant or Dec") the rest can go hang.

Notting Hill is terrible. So many plot holes, so many reasons why they a) wouldnt meet and b) wouldnt get together. Just awful.

AbbyCadabra · 07/09/2015 04:27

I hate romcoms with a passion, especially if Hugh Grant is in them or if it's some American actress hurtling towards middle age but acting like a teenager. (Looks hard at Jennifer Anniston).

But - you'd have to have a heart of stone not to well up at the Emma Thompson bit where she gets the CD for Christmas in Love, Actually.

Egosumquisum · 07/09/2015 06:30

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

SouthWestmom · 07/09/2015 06:50

No snogging is good.
Possibly the doorknocking near a general election?

OP posts:
TittyBiskwits · 07/09/2015 07:08

stormcoat that's a brilliant review Grin Everyone is so blinded by Anna's fame, that they don't seem to realise she's a total fucking bitch.

And the Spike character makes me feel physically sick. He's repulsive.

NotCitrus · 07/09/2015 07:19

Watched Love Actually in the cinema in Wandsworth.
PM: Take me to Wandsworth. The dodgy end!
Emerges from taxi by the Tonsleys.
Entire audience of 500+ people: That's not the dodgy end!

Never watched all of Notting Hill...

FruSirkaOla · 07/09/2015 07:19

"Thank you Ant or Dec" - are you me Bogey?! That has to be the funniest line in LA. Whenever I try to explain it to anyone else, they just look at me blankly. I also like "just in cases" from Aurelia.

There's also something odd about some of the time-lines in RC's films, which don't really add up.

I'm strangely addicted to watching them though Blush

StormCoat · 07/09/2015 10:01

I have a sneaking, half-ashamed liking for romcoms purely because you know no one is going to be shot in slow-motion close-up in them. And there are no sodding car chases, apart from slightly shambolic ones involving Comedy Welshmen and Plucky, Likeable Wheelchair Users conveying Hugh Grant to be winsome at press conferences.

It's the romanticisation of middle- and upper-middle-class smuggery of RC films that gets to me, though. It makes me want to go and watch Ken Loaches back to back.

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