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What is your go to giggles film, that movie you watch because it is guaranteed to make you snort/hoot/guffaw?

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AlwaysOutnumberedNevrOutgunned · 02/08/2015 10:33

Happy Gilmore

is mine, I totally love it - beyond cheesy but great soundtrack and always makes me belly laugh even though I probably know every line in it by now. I think I have conditioned myself to giggle snort every time the golf ball makes the awesome whizz sound.

This bit where Happy hits the golf ball for the first time

never fails to put a smile on my face and tears in my eyes and then it just gets funnier and funnier - a quick mood improver if ever there was!

What movie makes you laugh?
OP posts:
southeastastra · 04/08/2015 07:59

spinal tap def!

mrsdavidbowie · 04/08/2015 08:00

Hot fuzz
Life of brian

weaselwords · 04/08/2015 08:01


shizzlesandglitz · 05/08/2015 20:58

How can no-one have said The Full Monty?!

"Put down and piss off!"

"Alright? What kind of chuffin' SOS call is that?!"


YouTheCat · 05/08/2015 20:59

All the Monty Pythons

Scary Movie 2

Hot Fuzz... crusty jugglers. Grin

RokensWife · 05/08/2015 21:11

Clerks 2!

The Lord of the Rings v Starwats scene is one of the funniest things I've ever seen

AlwaysOutnumberedNevrOutgunned · 05/08/2015 22:52


so funny

OP posts:
AlwaysOutnumberedNevrOutgunned · 05/08/2015 22:53

oops linky !

OP posts:
Lulabellarama · 05/08/2015 22:55

Napoleon Dynamite
Always has me howling

Gooseysgirl · 05/08/2015 22:59

This is Spinal Tap
Little Miss Sunshine

OccamsLadyshave · 05/08/2015 23:02

Blazing saddles every time

AlwaysOutnumberedNevrOutgunned · 05/08/2015 23:02

Trading Places

OP posts:
hashtagwhatever · 05/08/2015 23:04


hashtagwhatever · 05/08/2015 23:04

Or coming to America

YouGetNOTHING · 05/08/2015 23:12

Because I watch mostly children's films at the moment, Madagascar makes me laugh.

annandale · 05/08/2015 23:13

Blazing saddles
Some like it hot
Blades of glory

LadyPeterWimsey · 05/08/2015 23:16

Music and Lyrics, even though Drew Barrymore is so deeply deeply annoying. It's the 80s music video which makes me snort with laughter.

And pretty much anything that Fat Amy says in Pitch Perfect.

Dfg15 · 05/08/2015 23:17

A really old one but The Court Jester with Danny Kaye is always guaranteed to make me laugh

YouTheCat · 05/08/2015 23:59

I love that film. Grin

Willow33 · 06/08/2015 19:27

Blades of Glory!

AlwaysOutnumberedNevrOutgunned · 06/08/2015 19:30

Ferris Beuller's Day Off

OP posts:
AlwaysOutnumberedNevrOutgunned · 06/08/2015 19:36


OP posts:
warmfuzzyfeeling · 07/08/2015 16:40

Wow, you all love the same films I do!

I will just add the Marx Brothers :)

AlfieandAnnieRose · 07/08/2015 16:43

Death at a funeral, the British one.

PiperChapstick · 09/08/2015 21:28

Liar liar - Jim Carey at his best

She's the man - not too well known but has Channing Tatum and Amanda Bynes in and is hilarious!

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