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What is your go to giggles film, that movie you watch because it is guaranteed to make you snort/hoot/guffaw?

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AlwaysOutnumberedNevrOutgunned · 02/08/2015 10:33

Happy Gilmore

is mine, I totally love it - beyond cheesy but great soundtrack and always makes me belly laugh even though I probably know every line in it by now. I think I have conditioned myself to giggle snort every time the golf ball makes the awesome whizz sound.

This bit where Happy hits the golf ball for the first time

never fails to put a smile on my face and tears in my eyes and then it just gets funnier and funnier - a quick mood improver if ever there was!

What movie makes you laugh?
OP posts:
DorynownotFloundering · 09/04/2016 12:42

The Birdcage
Robin Williams & Nathan Lane as a couple who own a successful drag acts cabaret bar trying to act straight when their son is engaged to the daughter of a very right wing politician.

DorynownotFloundering · 09/04/2016 12:43

Sorry link fail 😃

iloveredwine · 09/04/2016 12:49

Clue with Tim curry it makes me laugh so much!!!Grin

iklboo · 09/04/2016 12:54

Naked Gun
Life of Brian
The Holy Grail

weareahappyfamily · 12/04/2016 13:52


shobby · 15/04/2016 11:27

Agree What we do in the shadows, unexpectedly hilarious! Also:
The Wedding Singer: the only Adam Sandler film I like really.
Wedding Crashers: hysterical in bits.
Life of Brian and MP and the holy grail, I'm sad I can quote verbatim.
Also like White Chicks, Terry Crews is a dancing legend.
Bowfinger........mad film. Steve Martin's best, and Eddie Murphy is so funny playing a confused movie star....the plot is just brilliant!

TheReluctantIncubator · 15/04/2016 13:25

40 year old virgin
Forgetting Sarah Marshall
Horrible Bosses 1&2 - was quite surprised at how funny 1 was, having never heard of it and just randomly watching it on Sky, 2 is good as well
Man, I forgot how much I love Bowfinger - the dog in heels in the car park Grin

TheReluctantIncubator · 15/04/2016 13:26

Oh and Tropic Thunder GrinGrinGrin

Onedaftmonkey · 15/04/2016 13:41

Happy Gilmore - defiantly
Trading places - absolutely
50 first dates - love it
Airplane - classic
You don't mess with the Zohan - so bad it's good
And a few hundred more but can't think now.

Janey50 · 15/04/2016 14:46

Johnny English reborn. I nearly wet myself laughingGrin.

CattyMcCatface · 15/04/2016 19:06

Elf = Cotton headed ninny muggins!

HyacinthBouquetNo1 · 17/05/2016 18:58

Dumb and dumber

BagelGoesWalking · 19/05/2016 10:09

We're the Millers
Marx Brothers
Danny Kaye (many a rainy afternoon spent watching films on BBC2)
She's The Man (gotta lifetime a knowledge)
The Birdcage - haven't seen for years but remember it fondly

Still need to watch What We do in the Shadows, after being recommended so much here

Hated Million Ways to Die in the West with a vengeance. Thought it was the most stupid and UNfunny film I'd ever seen!

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