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Good Spine Chillers/Suspensers

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spacemonkey · 27/03/2004 11:14

I'm in the mood for a right good spine chiller at the moment.

Watched The Ring this week and I loved it. Also loved Silence of the Lambs and - dare I say it - Identity.

Any recommendations?

OP posts:
spacemonkey · 27/03/2004 11:18

Have to confess I'm a big girl's blouse really - have never been able to watch The Shining all the way through. Maybe I should have another go?

OP posts:
ks · 27/03/2004 11:49

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

wilbur · 27/03/2004 11:57

ks - the Shining not scary???? Holy Cow, you're a braver woman than me, I think it's terrifying!!! I think it's the kid on the trike coming across those ghostly twins that does it for me! (But then I am spectacularly easy to scare - had to double check all doors and windows for days after seeing 28 Days Later). Spacemonkey, try 28 days Later if you don't mind a bit of gore, I found it quite upsetting, but other scary movie fans loved it. Sixth Sense also good. If you're off to the flicks in the next few weeks, I saw a trailer for Gothika which is coming out soon adn that looked pretty spine tingly.

wilbur · 27/03/2004 11:58

And Blair Witch Project is scary if you're afraid of the dark, like me.

spacemonkey · 27/03/2004 12:02

oo i love Blair Witch Project, it's one of my faves. Have got sixth sense on the shelf - thanks for reminding me wilbur, i'll probably watch that one. Enjoyed 28 days later and dog soldiers, forgot about those

OP posts:
lou33 · 27/03/2004 12:02

Just posted I liked Identity on the films to avoid thread sm!

Davros · 27/03/2004 12:05

"Old" films being my interest, I'd recommend Night of the Demon (called Curse of the Demon in USA) or The Wicker Man, I've got them both on DVD (Amazon?)

spacemonkey · 27/03/2004 12:06

What about Night of the Hunter with Robert Mitchum? I've not seen it but my mum says it's v scary!

OP posts:
spacemonkey · 27/03/2004 12:07

I haven't seen The Others yet - is it any good?

OP posts:
marthamoo · 27/03/2004 12:11

The Shining has to be one of THE scariest movies of all time. The Sixth Sense, for being scary and intelligent and having Bruce Willis! Silence of the Lambs is in my top 10, I never get bored of watching it. Blair Witch was scary, but not as scary as I thought it would be.

Chitty Chitty Bang bang is terrifying - the child catcher How about that, sm?

lou33 · 27/03/2004 12:12

The others is not bad, but predictable ending I thought.

spacemonkey · 27/03/2004 12:12


i still find the child catcher terrifying

OP posts:
spacemonkey · 27/03/2004 12:12

Don't Look Now?

OP posts:
lou33 · 27/03/2004 12:13

DLN, one of the scariest films ever.

spacemonkey · 27/03/2004 12:19

Cape Fear is good (not seen the original but love the remake)

OP posts:
ks · 27/03/2004 12:24

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

collision · 27/03/2004 12:39

Havent seen it but Hannibal is supposed to be v scary

wobblyknicks · 27/03/2004 12:42

sm - glad you liked The Ring, think its one of the best chillers I've seen so far. Love the twist near the end!

If you liked Silence of the Lambs, don't watch Hannibal. Its nowhere near as good and at times it seems like a spoof because there's a barely any story and the 'scary' bits are so ridiculous.

wilbur · 27/03/2004 13:19

If you like Silence of the Lambs, what about Manhunter? It's original Hannibal Lecter film, made way before SofL and very tense, with Brian Cox playing Hannibal (I think Red Dragon is the remake, sort of, haven't seen that though). Don't Look Now - yes, terrifying, but now I have children I'm not sure I could get through it, I get very emotional when it comes to films! Deliverance has a lot of tension too,alhough not a scary movie as such.

Tinker · 27/03/2004 13:26

Oh, tried to watch Manhunter once and got distracted by this awful heavy metalish guitar soundtrack. Didn't think it was a patch on SOTL. The Others I found creepy - those photos were horrible. Saw The Shining when I was about 16 or 17 and was so pleased at having sneaked into an X that I don't think I really concentrated on the film - certainly wasn't disturbed by it. Similarly, The Exorcist makes me laugh out loud it is so bad.

Tinker · 27/03/2004 13:29

A great suspense one is Assault on Precinct 13 - just for the soundtrack.

Davros · 28/03/2004 14:29

Mmm, agree with the original Cape Fear, really creepy! You can't go wrong with a drop of Hitchcock. Vertigo is OK but over-rated imho. Look for Frenzy which is excellent, Rope, Rear Window, The Birds is actually very good and you can't beat North by Northwest for just being an excellent film although not quite in the scary league!

lou33 · 28/03/2004 14:37

Tinker I did exactly the same with the Exorcist!

MrsGrump · 28/03/2004 15:18

28 Days Later -- I kept having to walk out of the room I couldn't hack it at all! I only agreed to see it thinking it was more action than scarey! Absolute whoosss I am about scarey movies, though.

lou33 · 28/03/2004 15:21

Worth watching for the lead actor alone though, mrs grump, drool.

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