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Is wfh a feminist issue?

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thevery · 17/05/2023 19:57

I'm reading an interesting book atm called In Her nature by Rachel Hewitt. It is a sort of mix of memoir and history, about women's relationship with the outdoors and particularly with outdoor pursuits like mountaineering, running etc. Its fascinating and talks about how women have been excluded from these activities and made to feel uncomfortable outdoors- Hewitt makes the point that sexual harassment of women outdoors increased during the pandemic etc.

It made he think about wfh and how, whilst it had many advantages, is it another way in which women are sort of retreating from public life and could it be a step backwards for women. I know many women who have switched to wfh since covid, more than I do men, although i know many men wfh too. But the advantages women describe are things like, being able to do the school run, being able to stick some washing in at lunchtime etc. I wonder/worry if this will result in women not advancing in the work place and feeling further pressure to do both domestic work and paid work.

I'm not sure more wfh is good for women.

OP posts:
Ponderingwindow · 18/05/2023 17:49

At my workplace, the men are also doing the school runs, the laundry, and dealing with household repair people.

lieselotte · 24/05/2023 10:45

Yes WFH is a feminist issue because it's always well-off middle aged men (presumably with a wife to do the wife work) who say it doesn't work and want everyone back to the office.

It's usually women (mums and carers) and people with disabilities who prefer to WFH.

So it's a wider issue of equality as well.

I don't agree that you fall off the radar if you work from home. Anyway nobody is saying that you have to WFH every day, some people are happy to go into the office some or even most of the time but having the option helps them.

DojaPhat · 28/05/2023 23:10

I'm yet to meet a Black woman for whom WFH hasn't been anything but short of brilliant.

LoobyDop · 02/06/2023 15:48

BiologicalKitty · 18/05/2023 07:49

I actually feel like the pushback against wfh is because it is an equaliser, and benefits women and disabled people.

I agree with this, and I think a lot of the pushback is from men who succeeded in the old world, and who don’t like that wfh, flexible working and the focus on work/life balance are taking away the advantage they got from their willingness to perpetuate presenteeism and that kind of macho culture.

Sundance03 · 30/06/2023 18:41

@FloorWipes i totally agree with you, I've found majority of low earners cannot wfh.... Therefore have to pay more in childcare as can't get kids from school. Have to pay out on travel to work etc etc etc.... My job means I can't ever wfh.... To me it seems such a luxury and don't know why people complain about it.

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