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Feminism: chat

Why do men do this?

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Snaarff · 14/12/2021 15:14

Facebook news page. Talking about a missing person. Man suggests something terrible may have happened (basically saying missing person is pretty much gone already in very nasty circumstances)

I say it's probably best not to speculate as family might be monitoring FB articles for news about their lived one.

He doesn't reply.

But PMs me this...

I mean why?!

I've only recently just put my profile pic back as me because the first thing people call me when they do shit like this is fat 🙄

I didn't reply to his PM but screen shot it and replied on the public news article. He immediately deleted his comment and blocked me.

Why do men do this?
OP posts:
Snaarff · 14/12/2021 16:51

It's not a group. It's a page. So there's nowhere really to post it apart from under the article itself and I don't want to upset the family of the missing person.

OP posts:
UltraVividLament · 14/12/2021 17:28

That's just pure unadulterated misogyny. Any man who can say "shut your whore mouth" to an unknown stranger online for expressing a different view to theirs is truly a nasty piece of work. I'd fear for any women or girls in his life.

Block and delete and think no more about him. Don't let it put you off posting your thoughts on other posts in future. That's what men like this want, to undermine women's confidence.

PineappleCakes · 14/12/2021 17:43

How locked down is his FB? Can you see his friends?

I would be tempted to post that screenshot of his message to you, with his name and info fully visible, on your own timeline. Tagging as many of his contacts as possible, to highlight his incoherent rage and misogyny. Name and shame.

It's not you, he just can't believe you dared to express a different opinion from him.

Snaarff · 14/12/2021 17:45

Unfortunately not a single friend available to see.

I'm guessing he does this shit alot...

OP posts:
Snaarff · 14/12/2021 17:46

Believe me if I could call him out on it I would, but I can't see any way to.

OP posts:
Feelingoktoday · 14/12/2021 17:48

Block block and report. What a nasty human being. You don’t need him in your life.

thetinsoldier · 14/12/2021 17:50

Believe me, it's nothing to do with you and everything to do with him. He must be a real mess of curdling hate inside to post that. What a revolting specimen.

Well done on your weight loss! I bet you look great.

deydododatdodontdeydo · 14/12/2021 18:02

If he's got his profile locked down that tightly, he's probably just a troll. Probably isn't even his real name.
Some people get a kick out of being awful to others online, anonymously, where they wouldn't in real life.

Redshoeblueshoe · 14/12/2021 18:04

Some men really hate women. I follow a celebrity on Twitter, he has millions of followers. He retweeted a comment I'd made. It was all innocent and amusing. A bloke responded - you only tweeted that because you want to what him. FFS.
I'm cutting back on the amount of time I spend on Twitter.

Redshoeblueshoe · 14/12/2021 18:05

And autocorrect doesn't like me to say Shag !

grafittiartist · 14/12/2021 18:06

Anyone watch the David Baddiel program last night?
It was taking about social media and this very issue.
People will say anything online- faceless.

NeedsCharging · 14/12/2021 18:18

How many followers on Twitter does he have OP?

Snaarff · 14/12/2021 18:22


How many followers on Twitter does he have OP?

Quite a few...
Why do men do this?
OP posts:
NeedsCharging · 14/12/2021 18:25

Can you @ somebody on Twitter or # them even if not following?
If so I would do that with a picture of the screenshot you have.
Fuck the sexist twat.

ManchesterTartwithCustard · 14/12/2021 18:27

Because he resents that women have opinions. He is an angry man. Probably blames all his problems on women. He probably blames a woman for him having a very small penis.

ManchesterTartwithCustard · 14/12/2021 18:31

Sorry, I have reduced myself to his level but I couldn't resist

Snaarff · 14/12/2021 18:52

A couple of my mates messaged him and he said

" so she allowed to give me crap? No"

This is the 'crap' I gave him that apparently warrented that reaction...

Why do men do this?
OP posts:
NeedsCharging · 14/12/2021 18:56

Yeah I mean we have already established he's a dick. Any further comments he makes will just confirm it.

He could have disagreed with you which is fine. Instead he chose to make personal derogatory comments to you then block you like a coward.
Preserving his manly feels is not the job of a women. This is what some men don't grasp.

Snaarff · 14/12/2021 19:17
OP posts:
NeedsCharging · 14/12/2021 19:22

Well done OP.
It may not go very far but hey what that twat said is now on the Internet for ever Grin

I am banned yet again from Twitter but will screen that for when I get a burner phone later.

CheeseMmmm · 16/12/2021 03:34

Men who do this it's because they cannot deal with a woman or girl criticising / disagreeing with them.

And they're worse if they think she might have a point.

They are out of line by even saying it. If they Right? Outrageous.

CakesOfVersailles · 16/12/2021 03:43


I've actually lost 4 stone so it hurt even more as its the first 'selfie' I've taken in years that I thought I actually looked quite nice. What a prick.

Don't worry about how you look, OP, it's not based on your appearance at all.

One of my friends was called a "fat whore" as a stick thin fourteen year old. The insults were because she was a girl, not because of any other personal attribute.

As for why men do it, I don't think there's any good justification. Anger, entitlement, pettiness, feeling emasculated - who knows? Don't let it prevent you from engaging in public discussions, you're not the one in the wrong.
Chocaholic9 · 16/12/2021 04:55

You should not have edited out his real name. He deserves to be named and shamed.

BirdyBirdyTweetTweet · 16/12/2021 06:56

Did you report it?

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