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Feminism: chat

Why do men do this?

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Snaarff · 14/12/2021 15:14

Facebook news page. Talking about a missing person. Man suggests something terrible may have happened (basically saying missing person is pretty much gone already in very nasty circumstances)

I say it's probably best not to speculate as family might be monitoring FB articles for news about their lived one.

He doesn't reply.

But PMs me this...

I mean why?!

I've only recently just put my profile pic back as me because the first thing people call me when they do shit like this is fat 🙄

I didn't reply to his PM but screen shot it and replied on the public news article. He immediately deleted his comment and blocked me.

Why do men do this?
OP posts:
CandyLeBonBon · 14/12/2021 15:15

Because they hate women.

Snaarff · 14/12/2021 15:15

I've gotten so many messages like this over the years on Facebook, always from men, angry that I have an opinion on something or dare to questions there's during ou lic debate. It's so bloody pathetic

OP posts:
gamerchick · 14/12/2021 15:18

Good on you for posting it.

Fwiw, men usually always call a woman fat unless they're really slim and then it's skinny. It's their go to. It's pathetic, they think women are beneath them when they to to insults.

Snaarff · 14/12/2021 15:20

I've actually lost 4 stone so it hurt even more as its the first 'selfie' I've taken in years that I thought I actually looked quite nice. What a prick.

OP posts:
LividLaVidaLoca · 14/12/2021 15:30

Believe me, it’s nothing to do with your weight.

I’m sorry you’ve had to put up with that. What sort of society are we that he’s grown up and still found that an acceptable thing to do?

MrMrsJones · 14/12/2021 15:34

I would copy and paste his comments back on the group, so people can see how nasty he is.

WizbitsLeftEye · 14/12/2021 15:35

He's the asshole. His comment was very insensitive and his PM was unwarranted and rude.

WizbitsLeftEye · 14/12/2021 15:35

Oh and well done on the weight loss

VanGoghsDog · 14/12/2021 15:37

They're cunts.

I had one the other day message and ask to speak to me on the phone. I said no, so he sent me in writing the tirade of abuse he was presumably going to yell at me. All because I dared have an opinion on the gender pay gap.

MrsTerryPratchett · 14/12/2021 15:37

They can't stand women challenging them. Because we aren't fully formed people to them at all, just bit players.

So being absolutely vile is the only thing left. Good for you. And regardless of your weight, it's not about that, it's about your temerity to question his god-like opinion.

NeedsCharging · 14/12/2021 15:38

I had a bloke being abusive towards me on a station platform because I had the cheek to ask him to step back from the doors so I could get off the train with my pram (he was trying to get on)
The first thing he said to me was "fuck off you fat cow". At the time I was a size 10 and I am 5 9 he on the other hand was maybe 5 7 and at least 20 stone. I just laughed at him very loudly while looking him up and down. He went purple with either rage or embarrassment. I couldn't tell.

Abusive men believe a woman being fat/called fat is the ultimate put down. Rarely do the abusers resemble male models.

Well done you for showing the post so publicly. Hes a tosser.

Ohsugarhoneyicetea · 14/12/2021 15:41

Projection, they are empty and pointless and lashing out because they have nothing and no one. No doubt back to his bedsit for an evening of xbox, wanking to porn and a microwave ready meal after attacking women online. Ah the life!

Itsalmostanaccessory · 14/12/2021 15:44

They're awful.
A huge number of men just hate women. They dont even really know that they do. Theyll have wives and girlfriends and daughters and mums and sisters. They wouldnt say, "I hate women" but if a woman corrects them, gets promoted instead of them, dares to stand infront of them, they respond in that sort of message. They sont do that to other men. But it's because in their lizard brain, they see us as less than. And they hate us when we step out of our "place". Even though they would all deny it.

I hope you got some supportive comments once you posted his message.

Thegreencup · 14/12/2021 15:45

Because they're arseholes.

They think fat is an insult, like its some kind of moral failing. I'm fat, I have a mirror so know I am fat. It doesn't invalidate my existence as a human being. Or my ability to spot arseholes.

Itsalmostanaccessory · 14/12/2021 15:48

If you can track down his employer (if he displays it on his facebook page) then I would send them that message. They all have social media policies. If you have your employer identified on your page and then send messages like that to strangers, they can sack you.

Snaarff · 14/12/2021 15:51

The screenshot was deleted when he deleted his original comment, as it was a reply to that. So I don't think anyone saw it.

Also his FB page is very locked down. I found his twitter but that is too.

OP posts:
PermanentTemporary · 14/12/2021 15:53

People are their worst possible selves on FB and twitter. I've had to give upon twitter as I was becoming part of the problem: FB I just don't engage. Cowardly it may be but if you're the sort of man that calls complete strangers hurtful names because they dare to say something about some crap they've posted, they're not going to magically think 'hmm I need to straighten up'.

Changemaname1 · 14/12/2021 15:53

It’s nothing to do with your size and all to do with him being a woman hating arsehole . Iv been called fat at a size 10 in anger by a man , don’t let it upset you

HorsdoeuvresInTheGarage · 14/12/2021 15:58

“Women have very little idea of how much men hate them,” Germaine Greer wasn't wrong when she wrote that. When the Internet was new I got so much abuse from men for challenging their opinions/having a different opinion on various discussion boards. When I changed my user name to a male gendered or non-gendered one the abuse stopped. Don't give the twat any more thought - he's not worth your time.

ironorchids · 14/12/2021 16:00


Because they hate women.

^ This
MintJulia · 14/12/2021 16:09

I don't think that has anything to do with your size.

That's an arrogant prat lacking in any kind of empathy, and not able to cope with being asked to show a bit of compassion.

Rude, ignorant and thoroughly unpleasant. Think of it this way - would you rather be you, or him !!

FreeBritnee · 14/12/2021 16:11

Because the violence is just under the surface, thinly disguised. Good for you for posting that publicly .

MsTSwift · 14/12/2021 16:17

It’s not personal or weight related I have always been slim and have incidents of rage directed at me always men. The most recent was I was unable to park in only space in a very small car park this idiot waiting to park yelling and shouting misogynistic abuse. I gave up in the end and let him have the space and yep youve guessed it he couldn’t park in it either! He drove off in a huff.

334bu · 14/12/2021 16:23

Lots of men really hate women!Sad

CSJobseeker · 14/12/2021 16:25


I would copy and paste his comments back on the group, so people can see how nasty he is.

I'd do this - then block him so he can't see it.
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