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21 babies by surrogates

10 replies

ImAnOmelette · 24/10/2021 12:36

Tell me this couldn't happen in the U.K. 😰🤬

OP posts:

Changethetoner · 24/10/2021 13:13

Some millionaires buy fast cars, this one buys babies.


Monsterpumpkins · 24/10/2021 13:45

2 of them have the same name!


Viviennemary · 24/10/2021 13:49

Its like these weird people on hoarders progrsmmes who have 20 cats. Its nothing short of child abuse and human trafficking. Horrific.


Atmywitsend29 · 24/10/2021 14:01

Probably going to get flamed for this, but I disagree with surrogacy.
It's very exploitive for a rich person/couple/whatever to rent the womb of a poorer woman, many of whom wouldn't be doing it if they themselves were in a better position.
And that's not me being ignorant, I know there are women who are well off and do it because they want to and enjoy it. But so many accounts written by women who've been surrogates have only done it because they're desperate.


Vanishun · 24/10/2021 15:55

I am also 100% against surrogacy (and say that as a woman who tried and failed to have children). It is not okay to take a baby away from their birth mother. We don't do it if at all possible under any other circumstances.


OhHolyJesus · 24/10/2021 17:05

This couples live in Georgia don't they?

Surrogacy in Georgia - Channel 4 investigation


ImAnOmelette · 25/10/2021 06:47

Yes Georgia too.

The 24-year-oldd_, from Batumi, Georgia, and millionaire businessman husband Galip, 57, have paid £142,000 (€168,000) to surrogates between March last year and July this y.

Apparently they're all genetically their children too. Let's hope there's no genetic disease in the family.

OP posts:

OhHolyJesus · 25/10/2021 14:28

Ah! I found an old thread with some background on the family.

To think there is something wrong - 11 kids at 23 and wants surrogates to grow the rest

I calculated the salaries of the women who looking after their growing brood. (There are 16 nannies, no new nannies have been hired despite 10 more children being born since Feb.) They spend close to £70k per year on childcare, divided by 16 makes £4,200, about $5,700....for each nanny per YEAR. A low salary in Georgia apparently is $18k. The nannies live in their building, from reading about this family they have several floors, but as the children wake at 6am and got to sleep at 8pm, they obviously work before and after these hours, preparing food, taking out the nappies etc and must get very little sleep, no breaks or holiday.


OhHolyJesus · 25/10/2021 14:32

I'm a bit worried about ovarian hyper stimulation syndrome for Christina, her young body has been stimulated many times now and it hasn't been mentioned how many eggs have been harvested and how many years will be knocked of her age of fertility. Even the drugs involved are risky and I understand there are links to reproductive cancers.

The father is exiled I understand due to his criminal history. Should anything happen to these parents the nannies would probably stay but assets could be frozen and the father's other adult children might seek their inheritance? It's a worry as they are all so young, though I can't imagine having 21 teenagers in the house will be much fun.


Dougt · 02/11/2021 20:48

Good grief! This is horrific and so horribly sad. “Making” all those babies to order.

Although it makes me think, men have been doing this forever, to grow their empires and have as many offspring as possible - previously they would have raped and pillaged. Now if they have the money they can just do extreme surrogacy.

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