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Kabul vs the burka: a tale of two Ronnies?

8 replies

Plimsouls · 17/08/2021 17:21

Something about the portrayal of these two situations really irritated me but I can't articulate it. Over to the wise mumsnetters for help.

Situation 1: young man travels to kabul for the excitement of living on the edge despite essential travel warnings. He then has to be evacuated and it is a happy ending story. To me this grossly overlooked the fact he spent tax payers money to get his adrenaline kick...

Situation 2: woman promoted book by dressing up in burka in the name of diversity. she is virtue signalling at the wrong time in history. She is duly called out and torn to shreds.

Thing is though, of the two of them, it really does seem like she made the honest mistake but she's treated much worse than the bloke who had disregard for his own safety, the safety of those who then had to rescue him and the funds needed to get him out of the pickle he put himself into for fun...

Is this a BBC thing? Media in general? Am I reading too much into this? It's niggling at me... I think she's being treated unfairly in the press and he's got off scott free and the only reason for that was their sex. I think if the sexes had been reversed, she would still be told off (for putting herself in danger) and he would be treated like a smart alec comedian...

OP posts:

KimikosNightmare · 18/08/2021 09:00

They are both idiots. He was torn to shreds on the Times below the line comments.

As for Lily Cole- setting aside the many longstanding objections to the requirement to cover up which are ever present, putting a picture of herself "dressing up" in such a symbol of oppression at a time like this is rank stupidity.


katemuff · 18/08/2021 13:15

Lily Cole is an idiot with a degree from Cambridge. There's no excuse for either of them. I just hope the press don't pay the idiot man for his 'story'


PhoenixFreesias · 18/08/2021 13:18

I think there are bigger fish to fry in this situation


Dervel · 18/08/2021 20:09

I don’t care, either of them are entitled to make their own bad decisions. I wouldn’t wish to see him dead from his stupidity, nor her to suffer the no doubt torrent of misogynistic abuse that will come because she’s made herself a legitimate and safe target for woke men to get take their simmering hatred of women out on for the current news cycle.

Neither of these ill-advised mistakes mean either of them can’t perfectly nice and decent people. It’s all so tediously predictable.


AICM · 18/08/2021 20:13

That man has been utterly slaughtered on several websites today.

The woman was insensitive.


teezletangler · 18/08/2021 20:41

I think the Lily Cole story is bigger simply because she is famous. And supposedly educated- though doesn't even give a passing glance to the news apparently.


Plimsouls · 18/08/2021 21:32

I agree they were both idiotic.
Maybe it was because both stories came up in quick succession for me.

The one of the holiday in Afghanistan just plain irritated me. I was annoyed he didn't get more flak than that on the BBC. I just got more irritated when I saw the next article and thought that just isn't fair.
Sounds like they've both now been duly admonished. I'll park my frustrations elsewhere.

OP posts:

heartshapedmuffin · 18/08/2021 22:06

Both are idiots. My commented was deleted on the time about that twit though: I personally cannot believe some people are so utterly utterly selfish. Made me sad tbh:
Lily Cole, I can't even begin to comprehend why on Earth that even occurred. I don't know anyone who would even have access to a Burka. It's all about their selfish desires being met in the end isn't it.

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