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TryingHarderToday · 15/08/2021 19:44

I wasn't sure where to put this thread but this seemed like a good place due to the involvement of religious-based organisations in women's rights issues.

I have been musing on the topic of religious involvement within social justice issues, and whether there is a place for it. Think Christian missions and things like that. My instinct is to be repulsed, if I'm honest: sanctimonious privileged youth being sent to 'help' poorer, oppressed people for a 'limited' period, preaching to them the whole time, and then feeling altruistic about themselves for the rest of their lives just doesn't sit well with me. It feels like the oppressed/under-privileged are being used to prop up someone's ego. But I was wondering if other people had any different views on this to try and balance how I am feeling and perhaps come to a more rounded conclusion. Is this position unfair? Is the trade-off worth it for the issues involved? Or does it depend on the degree of preaching/potential conversion vs amount of help provided?

To make it more specific to this board, this seems to be pretty common with Evangelicals in America, with missions to 'help' prostituted women, third world pregnancies etc. Other religions and issues also applicable. There is a long history of this, of course. Technically America was founded on this sort of thing.

Any personal experiences, or any links to decent papers or articles on this topic would also be appreciated.

Thank you

OP posts:
NiceGerbil · 23/08/2021 03:19

Depends on the group surely?

And what they're pushing?

Pick your charity. Pick the religion.

Ensure it's about help at ground level in a way that is just helpful.

I mean how do you define any of this?

You could say that 'the West' have been on a mission to export their preferred political views via war. All over the place.

The British empire had a view that bringing civilisation to the uncivilised was a pretty good thing.

Both of those are excuses for getting wealth/ power/ getting rid of those who disagree with them and not feeling guilty about it. In the end.

I think that 'the West' has caused so much massive damage. Through history.

Religion. I'm RC by background and fucking hell the immeasurable harm caused and still happening.

In the end I think that financial support to local small/ smallish orgs is the thing to do.

Two links I'll find...

NiceGerbil · 23/08/2021 03:28

USA missionary upset that Nairobi had supermarkets and there weren't children everywhere she looked

NiceGerbil · 23/08/2021 03:28

Google band aid harm v interesting.

NiceGerbil · 23/08/2021 03:30

I think that in the end it's the people who live there who really understand what's needed.

If people want to help those in poverty etc then certainly in USA and UK there's plenty to do at home. So yes. Why go? Send cash. To small decent orgs. Way better.

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