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Government Consultation on Women's Health

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CCPforPM · 17/05/2021 11:48

Hope the link works (Originally from the wonderful Caroline Criado Perez's newsletter - sign up, it's brilliant and hilarious!)

Government Consultation on Women's Health.

OP posts:
NormanSicily · 17/05/2021 11:55

Ha, just came on to see if this had been posted, well done! (you're not an archaeologist by ay chance @CCPforPM?)

CCPforPM · 17/05/2021 18:08

No not an archaeologist but I'm currently binge watching The Detectorists, does that count?!

OP posts:
IJustWantSomeBees · 17/05/2021 20:04

Thank you for sharing, they never advertise these things very well.

334bu · 18/05/2021 07:17

Very important consultation. Hope they do one in Scotland too.

MrsSlocombesPussy · 18/05/2021 07:43

I'll have a look at this later. Hopefully there'll be an opportunity to mention erasing of the word women from health information.
I spotted a headline on the Telegraph today, which says that 'researchers' say that invitations to smear tests should not refer to women as it discourages trans men and non binary people from having their tests.
I don't have a subscription, so I only saw part of the article on the newspaper section of the BBC news app

334bu · 18/05/2021 08:01

What about all the women who might ignore invitations b cause they don't understand that a person with a cervix refers to them?

chillied · 18/05/2021 08:13

That was quite a refreshing read to see Matt Hancock and Nadine dorries use the word woman so frequently and as far as I could tell on a quick read, meaning females each time they used the word.

FindTheTruth · 31/05/2021 05:44

There are 5 threads on FWR on the Government Consultation on Women's Health. And several threads such as Autism and Menopause and other women's health issues. It's all connected. I hope FWRs share their experiences with this consultation so that all women and girls get the information and healthcare they need to live longer, happier lives.

FindTheTruth · 31/05/2021 07:20

Holly Smale @HolSmale
Depression, anxiety, PTSD, eating disorders, self-harm - mental health problems among undiagnosed autistic girls and women is insanely high. More awareness is paramount. Broken heart

WhyDoIFeelAwful · 31/05/2021 08:15


FindTheTruth · 31/05/2021 10:31


I did mine too

Here's hoping a trickle turns into a flood. Come on! women and girls need us to speak up

FindTheTruth · 01/06/2021 15:12

are you pissed off about the findings in Invisible Women - Caroline Criado Perez? The lack of autism diagnosis in girls? the lack of menopause healthcare? women's health services can get better with your feedback.

This government women's health consultation closes at 11:45pm on 13 June 2021.

Open consultation
Women's Health Strategy: Call for Evidence

Executive summary
We are seeking your views to help inform the development of the government’s Women’s Health Strategy.

This call for evidence is seeking to collect views on women’s health. It will run for a period of 14 weeks and is open to everyone aged 16 and over.

The easiest way to participate in the call for evidence as an individual is by completing the public survey.

FindTheTruth · 06/06/2021 14:35


ChattyLion · 06/06/2021 18:25

This closes in just a week- I wish we could have sticky note up to remind FWR posters to please respond. It doesn’t take long, helps set priorities and has free text boxes. Government will respond formally to it- what we say in our responses will be read.

FindTheTruth · 07/06/2021 11:29


FindTheTruth · 08/06/2021 12:42


EversoDelighted · 08/06/2021 12:48

I did it yesterday, mainly talking about menopause and autism.

GreatBritishBummertime · 08/06/2021 12:49

Really interesting that this post is full of references to the trans lobby and not woeful provision for endo, PCOS and postnatal care. The DM will be thrilled.

FindTheTruth · 09/06/2021 13:52


FindTheTruth · 09/06/2021 13:53

"the first Women’s Health Strategy for England, with the ambition of improving health and wellbeing of women across the country."

"We are launching this call for evidence to listen to women’s priorities."

FindTheTruth · 09/06/2021 13:54

The Women’s Health Strategy
The Women’s Health Strategy for England will set out an ambitious and positive new agenda on women’s health, with women’s voices at the centre. We are launching this call for evidence to inform the priorities, content and actions within the Women’s Health Strategy. This exercise will ensure that the strategy is evidence-based and reflects what women identify as priorities.

FindTheTruth · 09/06/2021 13:55

"There is some evidence that female-specific health conditions such as heavy menstrual bleeding, endometriosis, pregnancy-related issues and the menopause can affect women’s workforce participation, productivity and outcomes. There is very little evidence on other health conditions, although we do know that common conditions which lead to sickness absence and leaving the workforce are more prevalent in women, for example mental health conditions, and musculoskeletal conditions."

FindTheTruth · 09/06/2021 13:57
  1. Placing women’s voices at the centre of their health and care

In recent years, it has become clear that more could be done in terms of listening to women’s voices. We know that women can face damaging taboos when wanting to start conversations about their health, which can make it more difficult to speak to healthcare professionals, family members, friends and employers. Embarrassment or stigma should not be a barrier to women seeking the help and care they need.

We also know that, when women do seek help for health problems, they do not always feel listened to or their concerns taken seriously. We are determined to place women’s voices at the centre of their health and care, both at the level of individual patient–clinician interactions, and at the system level.

We want to understand more about women’s experiences of having conversations about their health and where changes can be made to ensure they are heard.
FindTheTruth · 09/06/2021 13:57
  1. Improving the quality and accessibility of information and education on women’s health
    High-quality information and education is essential for supporting women to stay healthy throughout their life, and to be empowered in making decisions about their health – for example, on treatment options for a health condition. It is also essential that healthcare practitioners can access the necessary information to meet the needs of the women they provide care for.

    However, there is some evidence that many women struggle to access reliable information about many aspects of women’s health
FindTheTruth · 09/06/2021 13:58
  1. Ensuring the health and care system understands and is responsive to women’s health and care needs across the life course
    A life course approach focuses on understanding women’s changing health and care needs across their lives, and how specific life events or stages of life can influence future health. For example, we know that women who have high blood pressure or pre-eclampsia during pregnancy are at greater risk of heart attack and stroke in the future
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