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Yoga With Adriene - calendar recommendations?

Sturmundcalm · 14/03/2021 13:38

I've been doing the YWA videos since the start of lockdown last year (was that or become an alcoholic...). I was originally doing just random videos, generally the shorter ones and mainly bedtime type.

Then I did the December and January calendars, doing yoga every day. I liked the December one but didn't love January's even though it was one of the specially created ones - was a bit too hippy dippy/gentle for me. Have been doing the Revolution one from a few years ago and like it although find some of it VERY challenging! I'd still rather have a few points where I think not for me but overall feel challenged though.

Anyone got any particular calendar recommendations for her? I find the calendar keeps me focused on doing yoga every day (I print out and tick off) and I like the fact Revolution has improved my balance over the month.

I do a lot of walking/hiking so something that complements that or focuses on core/abs/upper body would be good.

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