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Recumbent Bike Recommendatiions

bloodysqueakyeggs · 26/04/2020 16:54

Hi all,

I have a couple of medical issues which mean I've basically mean I'm banned from exercise for now except walking, swimming and cycling on a static bike with a proper seat not saddle. Very low impact basically. So I'm looking for one to buy for home, as there is no point in paying for a gym membership if I can only use 1 thing in it, plus, lockdown!

I am quite overweight (I need to lose 4 stone really) and I am walking lots but I want to do some proper exercise for decent periods which I can do at home.

Can anyone recommend anywhere that I can look to order a decent bike or a specific bike? It doesn't need to be mega complicated I'm no athlete. Happy to spend up to about £500.

Many thanks!

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