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Long term back/hip pain...ideas?

wonderrotunda · 23/04/2020 11:42

Hi...I’m 57, very slightly overweight. I have had a problem in my right hip/back since puberty. I have a very slight scoliosis. MRI’s show very small bump in the hip socket but the consultant is convinced it is too small to be the issue...they think it’s my back. Back MRI shows lumbar disc degeneration but not to a massive degree. Steroid injection under x-ray resulted in being unable to walk for ten days.
I have seen numerous and varied specialists. Physios, osteopaths (this helps for a few days) physios say it’s not a labral tear. Several people think it’s to do with the illiosophas pulling tight but stretches haven’t relieved it for long. When I lay on my back the hip feels slightly raised on that side, as though I can’t relax into the bed flat.
I am unable to drop my knees open when laying down, only managing a V angle, no wider. Pilates has not helped.
It hurts when I walk, when I go up or down stairs, and if I try to lift that leg (to pull a shoe on at the back for example). I briefly tried balancing with a Rolfer and although she was lovely and kind, I was in so much pain afterwards I just cried. I just thought someone here might have other’s getting harder to motivate myself, just tidying the house is painful but sitting still won’t help in the long term! I thought there may be an obscure therapy ive never heard of?! My posture is good and years of this has taught me how to sit, lay out my work space etc...
Thank you for any avenues I can explore!

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