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30 day ab challenge app

mammycb · 24/09/2017 17:08

I had my little boy just under 5 months ago. I used to have a flat belly with abs to some extent. I'm in my size 8 jeans again which are getting too baggy (I used to be a size six pre baby). I really want to feel confident in my stomach again, I look down in the shower and I hate it. I don't mind the stretch marks, I'm proud of them because I grew my baby but the pregnancy pouch is horrible. It's just so wrinkly and flabby and I hate it. Not even fat just literally skin. I used to do the 30 day ab challenge every day before getting pregnant and I loved it. I'm not worried about actually doing it, although I have found it hard to do sit ups without it really hurting yet.
But because I had a flat belly before, I never really took notice of the results of the challenge as I was really doing it too maintain my stomach, not change it.

I was just wondering if anyone could let me know if they've done it and seen actual results? I've googled reviews but I'm always wary that they aren't real.
Thanks x

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